Wonderful, Wise, and Wicked – That is what Wednesday was.

Hello Hello OxPreppers and Parents,

Our Majors are reaching new heights and doing all kinds of amazing things! Here are some highlights:

  • Biotech had a guest speaker who taught them about cellular and genetic mutations
  • CSI learned how to dust and lift finger prints… having to identify prints left in their room to staff members
  • Medical science debated recent medical cases that have been in the media
  • Physics built balloon rockets
  • Law and Society discussed the legal responsibility of marketers and advertisers to the customers
  • Business and Finance learned about marketing of products
  • Photography practiced how to shoot photos that made them appear to be apparitions

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Wednesdays are also our BBQ day, so we were very lucky that the sunshine came back today!

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Activities were in full force as well: a tour to St. Mary’s Tower, rock climbing, and ballroom dancing! (Photos to come)

The evening programme also offered a guest speaker, Dr. April Pierce, who spoke about “Metaphor and Synesthesia in Literature”.

Dr. April Pierce is an academic whose research and teaching explores connections between T.S. Eliot and early 20th century philosophy of language.  She completed her doctorate in English Literature at the University of Oxford, where in 2014 she was a Rothermere American Institute Scholar.  Her interest in phenomenology has been active since her MA work at New York University, when she explored connections between metaphor, philosophy, and cognitive science. Outside of her research April writes poetry, fiction and criticism.

It was once again, a phenomenal day, and we have Stonehenge to look forward to tomorrow!

For Wednesday night on the Prep,