Drama Production is Available!

Hello, OxPrep family!

Please find our 2017 edition of our drama production – William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night!

Twelfth Night is a tale of unrequited love – hilarious and heartbreaking. Twins are separated in a shipwreck, and forced to fend for themselves in a strange land. The first twin, Viola, falls in love with Orsino, who dotes on OIivia, who falls for Viola but is idolised by Malvolio. Enter Sebastian, who is the spitting image of his twin sister…


Closing Ceremonies – Banquet, Awards, and Dance

Our last function of the program is our closing ceremonies. The Preppers were looking tip-top, dressed to the nines, enjoying the company of their friends for one more evening.

We were served a lovely meal in hall, treated to a toast by Mr. Benedictus, and had lots of time to capture the memories.

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After the dinner, we headed over to the Oxford Town Hall for the awards ceremony.

The space was absolutely lovely and our teachers were eloquent in delivering their speeches and award winners.

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Here are our award winners


ARCHITECTURE Tom Whitecross /

Mihaela Mitrovic

Emma A
BIOTECHNOLOGY Celine Journot Nikki S
BUSINESS & FINANCE Alexandra Warkentin Miguel
COMP. SCI. & APP DESIGN Samson Chibuta Hlumelo N
CREATIVE WRITING David Benedictus Catherine D
CSI OXFORD Ciaran Gilbride Monray G
DRAMA Joy Forsythe Berenika L
EMPIRES Miles Unterreiner David W
ENGINEERING Yuanyuan Dai Gonzalo D
FILM STUDIES (Minor) Tes Noah Askfaw Gabriel M
GENETICS (Minor) Dr. Struan Murray Anna D
LAW & SOCIETY Paul Behan Emma S
LIT. & THE FANTASTIC Dr. Rebecca Varley-Winter Samantha T
MEDICAL SCIENCE Thomas Folliard (Vefa) Deniz U
MEDICAL SCIENCE Ben Cocanougher Viktoria S
MODERN MEDIA (Minor) Ashley Orr Magdalena S
PHILOSOPHY (Minor) Linda Eggert Emma C
PHOTOGRAPHY Rebecca Moyce Magda S
PHYSICS Sandy Adhitia Ekahana Agustin K
PSYCHOLOGY Kgaugelo Sebidi Maria Victoria T
SKILLS FOR SUCCESS (Minor) Julian Heckmatt May T
SPEECH & DEBATE Liam Hunt Stephany J
STUDIO ART Lia Marcoux Emma A & Xing C
WAR & WORLD HISTORY (Minor) Max Lau Delia B
ACTIVITIES AWARD Chen Chen & Cameron Eadie Clara H

After the awards, we crossed the hallway to the dance hall where the DJ was spinning the students’ favourite tunes, there was face painting, snacks and a photo booth (a prior post).

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Finally, once the dance wrapped up, it was back to the Third Quad for good byes and good nights.

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The Preppers really had “The Time of Their Lives”

Gathering together – Assembly Fun

Once more we gathered to disseminate information, celebrate birthdays, and congratulate winners of activities.
The best part of the assembly, aside from our usual “Poppa P’s Threes” poems, we had a special contribution from David W – which moved some students to tears!
Students have headed to lunch and will have a busy afternoon of packing and celebrating the fun they’ve had!

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Its a Major Deal – Final Major Classes

All the classes wrapped up for the last time: final presentations and It’s opportunities to be assembled as a group. Several classes headed out into town to hide away from the rainy weather and have a ‘cuppa’ tea.

  • The Law & Society class had their Moot Court
  • MedSci held a medical conference
  • Empires continued their game of world dominance (I think they should package it as an actual board game!)
  • CSI solved a final crime with secret messages written in black-light ink
  • Drama, Business & Finance, Studio Art, and several others found quiet spots around town.

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This afternoon the students will be packing up and preparing for their final night of fun: a banquet, award ceremonies, a dance, and final farewells.