Arrivals Day Part 2!

Hello OxPrep Parents,

We are about 75% returned from the airports and dropped off of at Oriel. They’ve been busy setting up their rooms, touring the town with our faculty, and quickly meeting and making new friends.

This evening is fairly straight forward for the students, we will have our first assembly at 5, with some light refreshments. After introductions to the staff and the schedule for the evening, the students will be seated for dinner. Once their tummies are full, they will be heading to their respective Dean meetings to get a quick snapshot of the general rules for the Prep and what is going to happen once they wake up on Sunday morning (have no fear, we are going to make some noise to help raise them).

But, the sun has begun to peak through and it looks like it is going to be a great start to the month, keeping it classy!

Letter to the Parents #1

Hi Oxpreppers!

Hope you are all getting really excited! Hopefully, your parents received an email from our director, John Pendergast (who you will probably end up calling Mr. P or as some OxPreppers have in the past, Papa P), today that gives a little bit of information about the campus and the program start up. Here it is below, should it not have gone through.

Dear Oxford Prep 2014 Parents,

 Greetings from sunny Oxford where we are excitedly preparing for your son or daughter’s arrival!  My name is John Pendergast and I will be serving as director of the Oxford Program for my tenth year.  I keep coming back to this magical place for many reasons, but the most compelling is always the anticipation of the wonderful group of kids we will soon meet.  Our goal every summer is to provide them with the most enriching and rewarding cultural and educational experience of their lives.  As a parent of five (yes, 5!), all of whom have attended several Oxbridge programs, my hope is that your kids will return home with the same life changing memories that my own have been blessed with.  Thank you in advance for entrusting your children to us for these next few weeks. 

As your child prepares to depart, please be sure he or she has the “Passport Control Letter” and the “Consent to Travel Form” provided by the Oxbridge Office within easy reach when they pass through UK Passport Control. The “Consent to Travel” form can be located in the OxPrep Final Mailing which can be found at If for some reason you have not received the “Passport Control Letter” please email the New York Office:  

For all other program inquiries please contact the OxPrep staff directly at the numbers listed below or email us at                                                         

In addition, if your child is among the handful of students who will be travelling as an unaccompanied minor on their flight, which means you have purchased a service from the airline to have a flight attendant escort your child off the plane and be signed over to us, please respond to this email and let us know, or reconfirm if you’ve already let the New York office know. In either case, please respond to this email and give us the FULL NAME of your son or daughter so that we can be sure our records are accurate. Since we will be greeting students individually at the airport, we want to be sure to meet your child as quickly as possible and put them at ease.

The program contact information is on the student’s passport letters and in the program Final Mailing but I have included it below for your reference.


Our office phone number when calling from the UK is: 01865 616753

 ​ ​

To call from outside the UK please dial +44 1865 16753.

Our address in Oxford is:  Oriel College, Oriel Square, Oxford, OX1 4EW

Thank You and We Can’t Wait to Meet Your Children!

– John J. Pendergast, Director – Oxford Prep Program