Final Dance Photos!

We hope everyone had smooth travels home yesterday. Here in Cambridge the office is packed up and the admin staff are getting ready to say goodbye to Peterhouse for another year!

We’ve made a slideshow of all the photos from the final dance photo booth and added a few more snaps from the formal dinner – enjoy!

Love from the admin team xxx


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The Final Day!

It was an emotional last day here at Cam Prep as students reflected on the memories they had made at Peterhouse over the course of the month. After their last classes, students and faculty dressed up to enjoy a formal three-course meal in Peterhouse’s dining hall.



After dinner, everyone went to the theatre for the Closing Ceremony in which program director, Doug, gave the final address and three students shared their favourite experiences from the summer. Afterwards, all of the teachers gave a short (but very emotional) speech about how their classes had progressed and awarded their class prizes to the best student in each subject – congratulations to all the winners!


Coding (Major) – Faiz Shoaib

Cosmology (Minor) – Graham Foote

Creative Writing (Minor) – Elizabeth Polubinski

Criminology (Minor) – Marisa Hirschfield

Drama (Major) – Marielle Dorsey

Engineering (Major) – Hombeline Duteil

Espionage (Minor) – Harris Malins

Filmmaking (Major) – Theo Bentley

Global Business (Major) – Sophia Monaco

Law (Major) – Clara Husum

Medical Science (Major) – Tamara Bino

Molecular Biology (Major) – Leilani Peter

Photography (Minor) – Campbell Al-Khafaji

Public Speaking (Minor) – Marika Stephanou

Science and the Future (Major) – Alexandra Glogoff

Social Psychology (Major) – Yasmin Liow

Studio Art (Minor) – Oscar Petrov

Best Model United Nations Delegate – Elias Bacon

Most Outstanding Participant in the Moot Court – Thomas Socorro

Student Activities Leader – Aiyannah Tasker-Lewis

Student Activities Leader – Grant Foley

The ceremony finished with a slideshow of highlights from the past four weeks and all the #CamPrepMoments that have been made.

After the ceremony, the students had their final dance before heading to bed ready for early starts to the airport the following morning.

Safe travels home and thank you all for an unforgettable summer, it’s been a pleasure!

Much love & until next year,

The Admin Team xxx

Showcase day!

Today we were able to see the final product of four weeks of inspiring classes and hard work from our students. After major classes in the morning, we had our showcase in the afternoon, where all the students displayed the projects they had been working on in their classes.

Global Business pitched their business plans to the visitors to their stalls, who then invested their ‘money’ into the business of their choice.

Science of the Future devised innovative methods of improving our water supply and management, including a water bottle made from algae and a way to purify the water in Lake Victoria.

Engineering raced the cars that they had built over the last few classes.


The Coding students had developed arcade games, which the other students were able to play and try out.

Social Psychology had conducted experiments among the staff and students, ranging from evaluating whether music choice impacted test scores to whether different personality types would answer the ‘trolley problem’ differently – and had made posters describing their scientific experiments.

Studio Art displayed the incredible works of art they had made.


Creative writing had a poetry corner, where students could stop to read the poetry they had written.

Medical Science had researched the pathology of different diseases.


In the theatre, we viewed the two amazing films the Film class had made, with a Q&A at the end.

The law major and minor classes put on a moot court which focused on international state responsibility, human rights and refugee status for women facing domestic and gender violence in developing countries.

In the evening, the Drama class put on an incredible production of Taming of the Shrew in the Wesley Church, which both the Cambridge Tradition and Prep went to watch.

It was wonderful to see what everyone had been working on throughout the program, and a great penultimate day.

The Cam Prep Admin Team 🙂

The final week begins…

Today normal service was resumed for our last few days of class before our program draws to a close. The end is in sight with planning for the final showcases throughout the week. Today, we were treated to our very first taste of final showcases- the Public Speaking minor today showcased their takes on TED X talks in the historic Cambridge Union debating society.


The Cambridge Union is the single oldest continuously operating free speech society in the world and it was an honour for our students to carry on the tradition by participating in its rich history.

Our students had prepared a number of extremely interesting talks for us to enjoy, ranging from topics covering society’s relationship with technology, how to improve our humanity and social media’s impact on the modern world.

All of our students were brilliant and well-prepared in their speeches. We managed to capture a snippet of Marika’s fantastic performance.

Congratulations to the Public Speaking minor!


All the best,

The Cam Prep Admin Team 🙂

The final weekend

Our students spent the last Sunday of the program relaxing and spending time with friends. As always, the day kicked off with brunch indoors due to a bit more drizzle than we’ve seen so far this summer.

In the afternoon, we had Professor Jim Basker, founder of Oxbridge Academic Programs and Professor of Literary History at Barnard College, deliver an engaging and eye-opening talk on writers who changed the world, with a particular focus on the history of abolition.

In the evening, Poker night made a return, back by popular demand. Everyone dressed up for a night at the Peterhouse Casino.

Tomorrow we have the first of our final projects – the speech and debate minor are delivering ‘TED’ style talks tomorrow night – before more final projects on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re looking forward to a great final week!

The Cam Prep Admin team 🙂


Super Saturday!

Yesterday evening, it was looking like there was potential for a storm in Cambridge, but luckily the sun has remained and we had another beautiful day!

In the morning, students had their majors as usual. The Coding class took a trip to the Centre for Computing History, a museum within Cambridge that houses a collection of over 1000 historical computers and games consoles, many of which can be used. The class had two hours to explore these old machines, play games from the past, and experience both using and coding hardware and software from the 1970’s through to the present.

Engineering have been busy building model cars, and they seem to be working spectacularly well now!
In Medical Science, students got some hands-on experience dissecting hearts and livers (and our Program Assistants have agreed that they coped much better than we would have!).
The Social Psychology class took a trip into town for ice cream, as a reward for all the hard work they have been putting into their final projects ahead of the showcase next week!
social psych 1.jpg
In the afternoon, a group of students headed out to see Mamma Mia 2, and have been singing ABBA songs all afternoon and evening since!
Finally, we wrapped up the day with our weekly dance – this week, the theme was ‘Glow’, and both the students and the room were bedecked in fluorescent colours. After all the dancing, students were exhausted and are very much looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow!

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Love from the CamPrep Team 🙂

A talent-filled Friday!

Our classes today quickly got into full swing, with drama working towards their final performance of Taming of the Shrew.


Photography shot nature, environment and landscape by the edge of the River Cam, and the fields and pastures behind Peterhouse. They focused on photographing birds, animals, insects, foliage and fauna, utilising natural light to experiment with composition, depth of field, shutter speeds and exposure.


In the afternoon, we had the Raptor Foundation come to Peterhouse with an amazing array of birds of prey – the students were able to handle birds from owls to falcons, and learn more about these incredible animals.


In the evening we hosted our own CamPrep talent show – the performers were amazing and everyone in the crowd had a great time.

We were treated to incredible talent all around, with Marielle being crowned the 2018 winner!

The Cam Prep Admin Team 🙂