Until We Meet Again!

Today marks our very last day of CamPrep 2019 and we cannot believe a whole month has flown by! We wish you all the safest travels possible and hope you have enjoyed your time with us immensely. Part of the beauty of CamPrep and Oxbridge Programs is its ability to bring people from all over the world together, but sadly, this also means we must now say “au revoir” (literally translated as ‘to the seeing again’) which we think is a much more fitting way to express how we feel.

So, as our parting gift, here’s a little summary of our last few days together in glorious Cambridge.

On Tuesday, we had our final showcase which featured our moot court from this session’s law class. The question of the debate surrounded the topic of whether people who were environmentally affected by climate change could be considered refugees and therefore entitled to the protection granted by international refugee law. The teams were Australia and New Zealand who argued against their status as refugees and teams representing the Pacific Islands who supported this claim.

The moot court was of course judged by our esteemed panel pictured below in their fabulous white wigs.




Yesterday we of course ended our programme with an amazing Harry Potter-styled dinner in Peterhouse where everyone dressed to impress!



We ended the evening with our closing ceremony during which students were given the chance to talk about all the things they had done throughout the programme.

We also had our final dance featuring our popular silent disco and our activities directors went all out! The dance included an ice cream truck, a flower wall, a dance floor, a chocolate fountain, a photo booth and huge CamPrep letters!!



That’s all for this year! Keep in touch, we would love to hear from you – good luck with everything, and we wish you every success for the future.

All our love,

The CamPrep Admin Team xo


Last Chance For a Last Dance

Good evening esteemed readers and loyal fans,

We have had our final day today! As we write this blog post and the sun has set on our glorious evening, tears were shed and hugs were all given. Full details to come tomorrow, in the meantime please enjoy these photos of our final dinner and dances!

Wishing everyone safe travels tomorrow morning and we hope you’ve enjoyed your time here at CamPrep!

Admin team love xo



Out with a bang!

Today saw the second session of CamPrep 2019 come to an end with a spectacular showcase of our students’ talent. We had real-time psychological experiments, presentations on some challenging topics, business pitches, interactive readings, art displays, robot car races… the list goes on!

Please enjoy this insight into the amazing things on show this afternoon and evening!

Terrorism and Modern Politics

The terrorism class made and delivered presentations exploring potential options when responding to terrorist attacks, considering the impact on the public and weighing up the ethics of each option. For example, in response to a theatre hostage situation, students decided whether they would deploy armed officers, or place the city under martial law; all the way to the use of drone strikes to target ISIS leaders. They had to argue their perspective on the morality of potential civilian casualties in order to target high profile individuals.


Social Psychology

Social Psych ran a real-time psychology experiment, determining the effects of external stimuli on an individual’s ability to endure discomfort.

Global Politics

This class created profiles of political figures, collating facts and quotes and displaying them on a poster. They presented their work and responded to questions and started discussions with the audience.

Molecular Biology

Our biologists showcased one of the experiments that they had done in class, and after demonstrating the procedure, the audience were allowed to have a go at recreating their results! The experiment involved extracting the DNA of strawberries – what better place to be studying the nature of DNA and its importance to life than the city where its double helix structure was discovered.


Medical Sciences

The medics showed the skills they had learnt over the course of the session by taking people’s vitals. Everybody got a free medical check up today! They also showed their CPR skills.


The spies delivered a presentation showing what they got up to over the course of their classes, including their introduction to the work of intelligence and their field trips to Duxford and Scotland Yard.



The engineers raced their robot cars – programmed with Arduinos to take input from the sensors in order to steer around the track – and competed with each other to see whose car was the fastest.


Criminology put together an interactive quiz for everybody to take part in, highlighting some misconceptions and shocking statistics which surround the world of crime.


Creative Writing

The creative writing café hosted the “Ferocious Caterpillars” who delivered an interactive reading session, where audience members contributed to make up their own stories.


The programmers have spent their class time developing their own games in Python, and they were all on display for others to try! The games ranged from interactive mazes to old school space shooter games – some very impressive work from the students.


Global Business

The entrepreneurs have spent their time creating start-ups, and delivered business pitches to audience members. Each person was allowed to invest in one of the businesses, so their pitches had to stand out in order to win the capital from the fleet of investors!

Studio Art

The studio art exhibition showcased the students’ diverse collection of work which has grown throughout the session, ranging from portraits to sketches of museum exhibits.



To relax after an overwhelming display of intellectual talent, students enjoyed watching Grease at CamPrep’s very own outdoor cinema!

We hope you enjoyed seeing what our students have been up to, and the fantastic display of the culmination of their work at our final showcase. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, as there is even more to come tomorrow night!

Have a lovely evening,

CamPrep Admin Team xo

Summertime has returned!

After the rather disappointing weather that we have been experiencing for the past few days here in Cambridge, we can gladly say that the sun has finally returned for the beginning of our final week at Peterhouse.

With only four days of our program left, there is no time to waste and our students have been doing a whole host of activities both within and outside of their classes, ensuring that every last moment is taken advantage of.

Social psychology embraced the weather and took their learning outside of the classroom to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. This impressive display contained a number of old British Air Force aircraft, and took the opportunity to contextualise wartime periods with social-psychological theories. Aside from the complex subjects being discussed, the ex-aerodrome provides a wonderful backdrop for exploring.

As a break from a hard day studying, a number of our students were able to experience a traditional pub lunch at the Granta pub on the river Cam with their staircase mentors. The Granta is a wonderful local establishment that serves some of the finest pub grub in the city- all enjoyed it!


The Granta is so beautiful in the sun!

Studio Art also visited the Yoko Ono exhibit at The Heong Gallery in Downing College to muse over the wonderful nature themed exhibition. The class were drawing inspirations for their final showcase pieces, and what better a place to do so.


Alongside classes, several exciting activities were also organised, including the likes of a football tournament and bowling. Our students appeared to enjoy it thoroughly and took part in their masses.

We’re looking forward to our last day of classes tomorrow before our showcases and final works are revealed!

Admin team love xo

CGT: CamPrep’s Got Talent!!

Good morning/evening wherever you are in the world! We hope you’re having a lovely summery Sunday, and not a rainy one like ours in Cambridge.

We started off the day in recovery mode after yesterday’s wonderful celebrations by making pancakes and having a lovely brunch together. One group even decided to start an impromptu frisbee game.


As usual, and in typical Cambridge tradition, we had a little spot of punting.


In celebration of the newest release, we took a little cinema trip to watch the newest Lion King movie. We laughed, we cried and we sang – it was a wonderful time for all and we loved it! Can you feel the love tonight, we sure can!


We ended this fun Sunday with our favourite activity, the talent show!! Students sang and danced, some even said sentences backwards! Our top winners were a dynamic pair of dancers who lit up the stage with their lively dance moves.


Onto the next week! See you tomorrow for Monday’s post!


The CamPrep Admin Team xo

Classic English Weather

The rain has finally signalled the end of this dreadful heatwave, and whilst we complained through it all, we’ve already had enough of these showers. Thankfully, instead of complaining for the next 200 or so words, we’ve decided to resume normal classes this Saturday.

Today in highlights, we had the Criminology , Terrorism and Global Politics join their classes to have a very vibrant discussion the British justice system and how it deals with violent crimes.



This afternoon after class, students were also treated to an impressive game of football/soccer between Cambridge United and Ipswich Town. Students cheered and yelled in support of their teams yet alas the match resulted in a draw of 0-0.




As usual, we had our weekly bop with this week’s theme being A Night At the Movies! Students interpreted this in many different ways, with most sticking to Hollywood themed outfits, with others deciding that since they normally go to the cinema in hoodies, this would be their party attire for the evening.


Hope you’ve all had a lovely Saturday!
Camprep Admin Team love xo

London called and we came a runnin’

Welcome back! As promised, here’s a little taste of what we got up to on our London escapades.


The coding class began their day by jumping on a river boat from Westminster Pier down the Thames to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, a facility through which the Prime Meridian passes. They then watched the Time Ball on top of Flamsteed House drop at 1pm, a tradition since 1833. At the National Maritime Museum, the next destination, was an exhibit about the moon including not only literary and historical/astronomical references but also some history about the space race and the moon landings. The students ended their day with some inspiration and great ideas for their final showcase on Tuesday.




Creative Writing

Creative writing paid a little visit to the British museum to complete lots of engaging activities to stretch their creative potential. Students had to select an object and identify another spectator, then create a story imagining said person’s life. This encouraged the kids to not only look at artefacts but also to think about cross cultural perspectives. Following that, they visited St Dustan in the East, a public garden that was once a church, destroyed in WWII, which was the perfect backdrop in which to reflect and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The Criminology class took a trip to The Royal Courts of Justice and Supreme Court!


The engineering class set off for the best engineering and design museum in London to look at interesting designs and creations from some of the world’s leading inventors. They then moved onto Faraday Museum, an institution celebrating the achievements of Royal Institution members, including Michael Faraday’s preserved 1850s lab. They finished with a walk through Hyde Park. It’s safe to say that the kids left the day with tired feet and very fond memories.



Global Politics & Terrorism 

Global Politics and Terrorism teamed up together to head over to Scotland Yard. There they learnt about firearm response guns and response times. In addition, they looked at situations of knife conflicts and learnt how to disarm a potential attacker. Later in the day, they took a little trip to the Tower of London for some fun, bonding time!




Fun on the tube!


Molecular Biology, Science & The Future and Medical Science

These classes full of budding medics and scientists perused The Wellcome Collection which was filled to the brim with old medical techniques and a vast medical history. They looked at the importance of certain medicines and antibiotics, including the importance of anaesthesia and the alternative methods that were previously used in surgery and amputations in order to mitigate the procedure. In addition, students looked at the psychology of magicians and the scientific explanations behind popular magic tricks. Furthermore, this developed into a conversation about misdirection in social media, modern news and advertisement. It was an interesting and diverse day for all classes involved!



Espionage visited Scotland Yard and the Counterterrorism offices of London!


Sneaking a cheeky photo at Peterhouse!


Climbing all 193 steps at Covent Garden station might have been a terrible idea!


The Law Class visited the Natural History Museum as well as the Science Museum, both located in London’s South Kensington. They were doing research on climate change through history, investigating how the planet has coped with it in the past, and also how can this affect us in the future, as the moot court case they are to present next week deals with rising water levels and the emergence of environmental refugees in the South Pacific.


Exploring the history of Britain!


Social Psychology

This class visited the ever-popular Science Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The combination of both places meant that they were able to formulate engrossing and fascinating discussions about how identities are formed. Furthermore they could understand how we as a society can determine our sense of self from our physical bodies and the people around us.



Even the tube keeps people smiling!


Global Business 

This class visited a multitude of places including the British Museum, Canary Wharf, and The Museum of Docklands.


Phew! Regular blogposts to return as normal tomorrow. Sleep well, most loyal fans!

Lots of love,
The CamPrep Admin team xo

London’s Calling part 2

Good evening to all and our beloved fans,

It has been a scorcher of a day, but we are pleased to report that we are all healthy, happy albeit very, very hot. I am pleased to report that no one has been sunburnt and that water bottles were refilled an enormous number of times. More details to come tomorrow regarding specific class activities. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Peterhouse looking swell before we left for the magical capital this morning.



See you tomorrow!
Lots of love,

The CamPrep Admin Team xo

The Heatwave: Part 2

We have had yet another sweltering day in Cambridge, with temperatures soaring to 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit for our overseas readers) and our students have again taken this in their strides. Today has seen a multitude of different activities and classes being conducted outside of the classroom; taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings that we find ourselves in.

Our Terrorism Studies class again combined forces with Modern Politics to conduct study and debate in Peterhouse’s scholar’s garden; a stunning area within the college walls that allows our students to leave the classroom and to take in the environment whilst working.


What a fine day for studying

Outside of the planned lessons, our activities directors again made full use of the beautiful weather and had several fantastic activities available for our students to take part in.

A number of students today went to Fitzbillies for traditional Tea and Cakes; Fitzbillies is a Cambridge institution renowned for its storied history and its incredible edible goods. It appears everyone was fully immersed in the cultural experience and had a fantastic time trying out what was on offer!

As in accordance with Cambridge tradition, punting was once again on the agenda. With a city as beautiful as this that is accessible by water, it would be rude not to go punting as soon as the sun comes out!

Finally, in the evening we were treated to a very topical talk by Dr Joelle Grogan; Oxford Graduate and senior lecturer at Middlesex University London. The topics covered included the likes of the UK’s future in a post-brexit climate, the current state of Government and further political and legal implications that may arise from the Brexit process. Our students attended in large numbers and responded well to the complex topics.

We are now looking forward to our field trip to London tomorrow; with temperatures set to soar up to 38 celsius, we know we’re set for a busy and wonderful day in the capital.


All the best and admin love xo

Sunshine and Salsa!


Today, on this very summery and warm 23rd of July, img_1437.jpegwe soaked up the sun and chugged multiple bottles of water. As we sit here, writing another great blog post as the sun is setting on Peterhouse, we so wish you could all be here – and there’s a way you can! (Besides getting on a plane/train obviously) Follow our instagram account (@oxbridgeprograms) and have a look at our story from the day! There’s all sorts there, from the medical science class practising drawing blood and the coding class programming their games, you’ll feel like you’re getting a taster of all our classes! 

Before the sun even rose, students are still keeping up with lots of their training from home and are rising even before most of the admin!


One dedicated cyclist!

Our Science & The Future class decided to take a little field trip to the University Museum of Zoology to learn a little more about ancient skeletons and insects and to discuss their ideas more for their final project. Activities there also included lots of trivia quizzes and up close encounters with turtle skulls!


After we took our annual group photo (pics to come soon), we also had yet another amazing salsa class! Students were willing to shake their hips despite the rising temperatures, which just goes to show how much fun salsa can be!



In the evening students were treated to a multitude of hands-on activities like friendship bracelet making, tie-dye and perhaps most interestingly, a performance from Cambridge Voices, one of Britain’s premier chamber choirs and even watching a Shakespeare performance of Hamlet.






See you tomorrow for another successful day!

The CamPrep Admin Team xo