A Letter from the Director

Dear all,

The sun has set on the UK and the grounds of Pembroke College, Oxford are marvellously calm and stunningly quiet.

What a contrast to earlier today, as the air was full with the tromping of deliberate feet, the clanking of suitcases, and the laughter and the sobbing of now-fast friends cherishing their remaining hours and minutes together in the Oxford Tradition.

Then they left, all now at home (or to those with a longer journey or later start, en route) to you. They arrive changed by their time here, perhaps a bit more smart, a lot more intellectually curious, undoubtedly more independent, maybe more socially comfortable, and certainly more culturally aware.

They have spent the past week immersed in the culminating activities of their courses of study and fully and actively supporting their fellow students by watching raptly or cheering wildly for them in a plethora of projects, presentations, exhibitions and events. This was all capped by the the final loud and delicious closing banquet, the stirring closing ceremony (with a long ovation for their collective faculty), and the stay-up-late (and all-night for many) closing formal event, done up in proper Oxford style with lighted grounds, big marquee, and a Hall of delights. I know you wish you were there ..and you can be, virtually, with one last look at this Blog.

As this four-week institution now dissipates like the morning mist, I invite you to direct any questions to the New York office of Oxbridge Academic Programs, as we, like your children, segue back into “reality”, with the promise that, as so passionately framed by Oxbridge’s Former Director in his address Friday evening to the students, the real world too can be just like this. I know it can for, as I related to the students last night, for at least this moment they were grounded in the tangible, the present, the real, here in Oxford, at Pembroke College, sharing experiences with their mentors and friends– and since it was tangible, present and real, it will be in their minds and in their hearts with them always.

Thank you for lending us your children for four weeks –they are remarkably interesting, delightfully fun, and extraordinarily kind.

With the hope for much joy in your lives,


Larry Klein
Program director
the Oxford Tradition

OxTrad Ball!

As the final party for our students after the Program’s closing ceremony, the Activities Directors organised an Oxford style ball!

Among the attractions on offer yesterday night were a marquee hosting a disco and silent disco; a ball pit; movies and a slideshow of photos from the Program; a photo booth; and in indoor carnival with candyfloss, popcorn and a chocolate fountain.

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OxTrad 2019 Closing Ceremony

The Sheldonian Theatre was the venue for the closing ceremony of OxTrad 2019. As the venue that had hosted our opening ceremony, using the venue for our send-off added a nice bookend to the Program.

Once again inside the incredibly historic Oxford degree theatre, the ceremony began with awards from the OxTrad faculty, followed by speeches from Oxbridge’s Former Director and Program Director Larry Klein. A moving send-off came from a few students at the end, playing their peers and members of staff out with guitar and singing!

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Attached is the programme of events at the Sheldonian for your perusal!

Closing Ceremony Program 2019

Students of Oxtrad | 4

This is Mac from Brisbane, Australia, on check out day. He studied film making as his major and social psychology as his minor.
“I wish I had another month here. I was just starting to get to know these people and make great friendships and I don’t get to be around them for any longer. I’m grateful for the time I was here. I am excited to be able to travel and see my friends in the future. I was really proud to get the film award and it was cool to be able to narrate the films and collaborate with students from all over the globe!”
Thanks Mac! You will be missed.

OxTrad 2019 Formal Banquet

On the closing night of OxTrad 2019 our students the chance to experience a full formal dinner at Oxford. Pembroke College played host to us in their great hall and everyone made a real effort with their formal dress raising the class of the whole night! The sun was out for the evening, casting plenty of summer light into the chapel quad, the perfect send-off weather. Thanks are due to the chef and serving teams who ensured the food service for the event ran smoothly, and to the Activities Directors who organised the outdoor marquee for some al fresco snacks!

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Final Projects: Filmmaking

OxTrad’s filmmakers put on an unforgettable show on Thursday night, rolling out the red carpet for an open premiere of their work. Many genres were represented and the audience were thrilled with the opportunity to watch!

The below slideshow takes you through the different parts of the evening: a reception in the lobby, a red carpet entrance, stills from the films themselves and the certificates in the award ceremony! All well deserved and a great night for all involved.

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Human Rights and Speech and Debate at the Oxford Union

The historic building of the Oxford Union played host to OxTrad today as our minor classes of Speech and Debate and Human Rights took to the despatch box. The Oxford Union is not, as name might suggest, a student union, but a club for debating at the University which regularly hosts very famous and distinguished speakers as well as regular debates on prominent contemporary topics.

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