A Day to Remember

The time has come…Oxford Tradition 2018 is coming to a close – but not before going out with a bang.

In the afternoon, students dressed up in their best attire to attend a formal dinner in the dining hall.  It was the last meal with everyone, and one that was filled with lots of smiles, laughter and delicious food.  There was also plenty of time before and after to snap lots of photos with friends.

After dinner, everyone headed over to the Sheldonian Theatre for a special closing ceremony.  The Sheldonian Theatre is where students had their introduction to the Oxford Tradition, and it is where the Oxford Tradition comes to an end.  All of the teachers had an opportunity to give a book prize to a student that had shown exceptional work and enthusiasm in class throughout the month.

The last day of Oxford Tradition was not to completely end with the closing ceremony, however.  No, the Oxtrad staff had something bigger and better in mind – the Oxtrad Ball.

This year’s theme was Carnival, and it included game stalls, a caricature artist, cotton candy, popcorn stand, chocolate fountain, ice cream, a dance floor, photo slideshow, and to top it all off: silent disco!

The fun has yet to end, with everyone together one last time, dancing the night away…

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Oxtrad Passport Event, Cont.

Here are some photos from more events happening during the the Oxtrad Passport Event!

Theresa’s Entrepreneurship Class held a “Dragon’s Den,” where Entrepreneurship students pitched their business ideas to a panel of three judges (Theresa from Entrepreneurship, Hendra from Business & Management, and Alex from Banking & Markets).


Neuropsychology students displayed their class projects as part of the Student Exhibition on Monday.


Earlier in the program, we held TRAD Talks for teachers, and now it was time for students to give their own talk!


To finish off the night, the Drama class gave their first performance of Macbeth – and they received a standing ovation!


Guest lecture in English Literature

Paula Bryne was a guest lecturer in the the English Literature class – and she brought her adorable dog with her too!

Bryne talked about Jane Austen and her interest in ‘footnote’ figures – i.e. ones that have only ever appeared as footnotes who she then wrote biographies on (Mary Robinson [Perdita] and Kick Kennedy) and her move into fiction writing.  She published her first novel , Look to Your Wife, in April!


Oxtrad Passport Event

At Oxford Tradition 2018 comes to a close, we still have big events planned – but shhhh, one’s a secret!

This week, we have an ongoing event called the Oxtrad Passport, an opportunity for students to attend different exhibitions of student work and games/activities held by the different teacher and their classes.  Students are required to get 7 stamps on their passport in order to attend a secret event at the end.


Some of the events included….

Espionage Games with the War in World History Class


An exhibition of student work, which included Neuropsychology, Studio Art, Architecture, Photography and Biology of Disease.





Alex and his Banking & Markets class hosted a Poker Night.