A final message from our Program Director…

A final message from our Program Director, sent by email yesterday morning:

Dear Oxford Tradition Families,
Greetings from Oxford. It’s early on Saturday morning, and our students are now making their way back to you, or will be doing thus soon.
We had a splendid closing to the 2016 Oxford Tradition. Yesterday our students went to their final major classes, then packed up, and readied themselves for the celebration ahead. We held a banquet for them in the historic dining halls at Corpus Christi and Pembroke Colleges, followed by an awards ceremony at Oxford’s Town Hall. Afterward, we returned to Pembroke for our “Alice in Wonderland” Oxford Ball.
And then we said farewell. We wish our students fair winds as they go forth in the world, and bring a bit of Oxford with them. Should you need to reach us as we prepare to depart ourselves on August 1, please continue to use this email address, or if you need to phone us, then please call the Pembroke Office at ( international codes for England) + 1865+610912 or the Corpus Office at (international codes for England) + 1865 + 286295
All the best from our team in Oxford,
Michael McKinley
The Oxford Tradition

Our final celebrations…

Our final night was a magical Wonderland here in Oxford. Students moved from final banquets in both colleges, to a closing ceremony in Town Hall, to a Wonderland Ball in Pembroke. Our Activities Directors had created a Wonderland landscape round Pembroke College: from a projected swirling rabbit hole, to toadstools, giant tea cups, a giant chessboard, a wishing wall, fairy lights, contortionists, magicians and a walk-through-able looking glasss. It was an emotional evening for many, as tear-stained goodbyes in the early hours of the morning attested.



British History visit Blenheim Palace!

The British History (major) class spent an inspiring day at Blenheim Palace on Tuesday; the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and the home of the Duke of Marlborough. Located in Woodstock, a town close to Oxford, Bleinheim Palace also lies in stunning gardens designed by Capability Brown.

An Exhibition!

Yesterday the following classes had the opportunity to exhibit their work so that it might be admired by fellow students and other faculty: Architecture, Archaeology, Photography, Physics, Engineering, Studio Art, and Classical Civilisation.  The exhibition was well-attended, and provided a welcome opportunity for students to display what they have learned and accomplished. Stunning visual displays and animated intellectual explanation and discussion combined to produce a wonderful event!



Philosophy do meditation!

Last week our Philosophy class took a more unusual excursion to a nearby Buddhist temple here in Oxford. The aim of the trip was to experience meditation (especially rest meditation) and to learn about the lives of the monks who live and practise there. This was a unique experience for our students, and an interesting example of philosophy being applied to life.