OxPrep Gets Into Full Swing

The abrupt awakening of the 7:30 am fire drill got the kids up bright and early allowing them to be ready for the full day ahead. We had major classes in the morning followed by an assembly in which we got to hear the first edition of the legendary Papa P’s Threes (reminders presented at every assembly in verse form). The winners of the Sunday’s OxQuest, where teams got a chance to explore some of the hidden mysteries of Oxford were announced, and received various prizes.


The Winning Team

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The end of the assembly gave way to the afternoon of fun, which was focused through a complete activities schedule.  Creative expression was catered for through the median of photo mug making and string art, whilst others choose to pursue certain sports for  the first time, with cricket and touch rugby.  This was followed by an evening games night, including the ever popular challenge to beat resident chess master, David Benedictus.

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Most aMazing Monday!

Hello OxPreppers!

What a first full day of teaching we’ve had!

A full day of Major and Minor classes, followed by an action-packed set of activities!

Dean Morgan (our resident paparazzo) managed to sneak into a few of our classes and has captured some of the excitement she saw in the images below.

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In the afternoon and evening, Chen and Robert (our brilliant Activities Directors) had prepared a packed schedule. Some students went on the trip to Merton College – the oldest college in Oxford. The most active of our students spent the afternoon doing zumba, others chose more leisurely walk through Christ Church Meadow, which finished with the scoop of G&Ds ice cream.

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Time to lace up! Skating excursion

Skating at the local rink has been a favourite past time of OxPreppers; some have impressive skills, others have never seen an ice rink before!

It is a fantastic experience for everyone as the Preppers show their helpful sides as the talented will aid the less-talented. There are always spills and squeals as they spin around the rink – all in all, they came off the ice grinning from ear to ear.

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Tuesday afternoon, Forever afternoon.

Tuesday was a continuation of the fantastic Monday, and though we already chatted a bit about the morning, we just had to share some photos from Medical Science as they were performing some tests and putting their skills to the test! They performed spirometry, which is a test that can help diagnose various lung conditions, most commonly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Spirometry is also used to monitor the severity of some other lung conditions, and their response to treatment. They also performed an EKG, which stands for electrocardiogram. An EKG or ECG is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. An EKG translates the heart‘s electrical activity into line tracings on paper.

The afternoon proved to be a rather impressive one.

Firstly – BREAKING NEWS! David Benedictus has been beaten! Alex W took down Mr. Ben in an amazing game of chess that lasted quite a while. This is the first loss handed to Mr. Ben in TEN YEARS by a student on the OxPrep. The victor, Alex, thus has the distinguished honour of beating Mr. Ben, but also the joy of winning a lovely prize from the Creative Writing teacher. Congratulations, Alex!

Other fantastic events in the afternoon included a second round of fencing, with one class offered for beginners and a repeat class for the more experienced.

A group went out to view Christ Church College – to see the famous Harry Potter staircase and walk the grounds where so many famous students before them had; John Locke (philosopher),  Albert Einstein (scientist and mathematician), William Penn (founder of Pennsylvania), and Lewis Carroll (author).

A small group headed to see General Sir Michael Rose speak about fighting insurgency wars in the 21st century.

Dr. Nigel Strudwick showed the students the scary, creepy, mysterious side of mummies and how they have been portrayed in popular media.

A small group also got the distinct privilege of going into the Modern Art Museum.

Our genetics teacher, Luka hosted a movie night – 2001; A Space Odyssey.

AND… the Drama class went and watched a production of King Lear staring Joseph Marcell (North Americans may know him as Geoffrey, the Butler on the TV show Fresh Prince of Bel Air) in the Bodleian Quad.


…Phew! What a day!

And we are going to do it all again on Wednesday!

Saturday night’s for DANCING – Neon Bop Style

Looking in on Oriel College Saturday night, one might have mistook the college for a proper club night straight out of the 1980ies (way before any of the OxPreppers were born). Students were all aglow in electric blues, construction oranges, hot pinks, glowing greens, and “yeow-my-eyes” yellow! For the first time in OxPrep history, the students were treated to not only a spectacular dance hall room, but a chill lounge where all their requests were playing, they could get refreshments, and paint their faces. The chill room was decked out with glowing string that looked like lasers and glow-sticks all over the walls. Bartenders served up chilled Shirley Temples and there was pick-n-mix bags of goodies for keeping the energy levels high.

In the bar, the tunes were bumping, fists were pumping, feet were jumping, and the Preppers were singing their hearts out! More glow sticks, refreshments, and bubble blowing utensils were in abundance as well!

It was well received by all Preppers and was one of best Bops in OxPrep, and I dare say, OxBridge history!

Can’t wait to have the next one!