5 days left…

Today represented a more typical British weather, with drizzles of rain. Corpus Christi, the college where we are staying, hosted graduation ceremonies for its Oxford students, so we got to watch students chat with graduates at this lovely college!

After our drizzles we were honored to have our Activities Director Matt Bradley, give us a talk about Philosophy! Oxprep2019mattbradleytalk2Oxprep2019mattbradleytalk

And to end this final Saturday, we had another silent disco! The students never wanted it to end, and thanks to our amazing Activities Directors for the magical night!


Stay tuned to see how our Fourth and final week will begin!


8 days left…

Today was another beautifully sweltering day in Oxford, and our Oxpreppers took full advantage of it! They’re gearing up for the very exciting trips to London tomorrow.

In our extra curricular activities, we accessed our inner zen with the help of a wonderful tai-chi instructor. Here are some photos of the students harmonising on our lawns.

taichi 3

Spirits also ran high in another round of football in the University Parks, with teams getting fiercely competitive. More photos to follow!
The Psychology class majors this morning are preparing their own research projects. We also got wind that the Engineering majors might be **SPOILER ALERT** building Robots for a Battle Royale against the Oxford Tradition Engineering majors at the end of the course.

psych 1
psych 2

Meanwhile, the Business and Finance majors took a trip to St Hughs.hughs trip
All our students have been reminded about the need for water and sunscreen tomorrow as we take part in an exciting piece of history- tomorrow will be the hottest recorded day for England ever!

Until tomorrow…

Major Mixer and Warm Weather

As temperatures soared in Oxford today, our students reached new heights in their Major classes. Our Business and Finance class started work on their investment portfolios and our Engineering class got to grips with the mechanics of designing their very own robots. Our Drama students continued to rehearse their roles for the upcoming performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, whilst our Literature and the Fantastic class ventured to Port Meadow to walk along the river where Lewis Carroll first told the story of Alice in Wonderland!

The centrepiece of today was the Major Mixer: an opportunity for our students to try different majors for a day. Reviews were stupendous – everyone loved it! Students doing Genetics and Biotechnology had the opportunity to extract DNA from kiwi fruit whilst students trying out Medical Science were given a crash course in CPR; those participating in the International Relations mixer received an introduction to issues affecting the international order today, and students participating in the Architecture mixer did perspective drawings of the magnificent Christ Church Cathedral.


Well done to everyone for their hard work today!

Building Bridges!

Our Engineering and Architecture Minor classes joined forces today to split into mixed teams and compare bridge-building techniques. The catch? The bridges were made from spaghetti and marshmallows!

All three teams qualified for examination by being capable of holding 300 g of mass. Our winners built a bridge which successfully held 850 g of rice! Congratulations! This was a great way to apply the knowledge learned in class, make new friends, and develop team-working skills.

Our Engineering students also tested out their gliders today.

Look how far they went!

Meanwhile, our Psychology Minor class was debating whether a schizophrenia diagnosis does more harm than good.

In the afternoon, some of our students went punting in the glorious summer weather.





Everyone is very excited for the Major Mixer! Tune in tomorrow for details and pictures!

Shark Tank!

Our Business and Finance class confronted the multi-million dollar Sharks (Matt, Amar and Ryan from our Admin Team and Faculty!) to pitch their business ideas to the investors. This allowed the students to apply the skills and knowledge learned in class to a practical situation, while developing their public speaking and team-working ability. Well done to all those who entered the Shark Tank!


Similarly, our Creative Writing Major engaged in an exciting discussion with their tutor, Dani, before making presentations to the rest of the class.

Creative Writing 1Creative Writing 2

Rehearsals for Julius Caesar are in full swing, and the Drama Major students are all working hard to make a great production.4

Our Studio Art class continued their wonderful work on still-life natura morte, with some spectacular results! Very well done to everyone in the class – your hard work is paying off!

Over in our Engineering class, revisions were being made to the glider designs. They are looking very impressive!

Finally, our Psychology class took a short break after a hard day of statistics and experiment planning to celebrate a classmate’s birthday!

What a lovely way to end a week of classes!

Into Week 2!

Can you believe that our OxPreppers are into their second week already? We certainly can’t, as they are as energetic and enthusiastic as when they first arrived!

Meanwhile, our Computer Science class was working on perfecting their coding skills, and our Creative Writing students were working hard on developing their technique.

A great start to the week!

Our Medical Science majors tried their hand at CPR (with the help of a very obliging dummy).

Some more photos from Rowing yesterday came flooding in:

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We were also very lucky to have our Guest Speaker Roxana Shaifee in Pembroke today, talking about the elusive and near invisible phytoplankton in our oceans in From the micro to the global scale – how do microorganisms control our climate?”. Roxana was attended by students from across the Majors- not just Med Sci and Genetics & Biotech but also Law & Society, and older students from our sister program the Oxford Tradition.


We are all looking forward to the trip to Salisbury and Stonehenge on Thursday. Stay tuned for photographs and updates!

Bring on the weekend!

Our classes this morning continued apace, with the Engineering class taking flight and the quadrangle of Corpus Christi. It seemed to be a smooth take-off!

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Once afternoon hit, the fun didn’t stop. Nearly 60 of our OxPreppers took to the ice in a skating session at the local rink. There were a variety of abilities on the rink, and it was really great to see how our students coached and helped each other!

iceskating 1307iceskating 1307 -2
Tennis fans were watching the women’s singles Wimbledon final, while other students enjoyed yoga with a professional instructor. Finally, the main event of the day took place – the BOP!

A BOP is a fancy-dress dance, and this week’s theme was ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ We’ve had some great costumes, including a troupe of leopard-print shirts, a few hula necklaces, and even a zebra onesie from one of our faculty!

A feast of football in the University Parks!

Yesterday evening’s football marathon was a rousing success, with a rematch swiftly scheduled for the next few days. Over 25 OxPreppers split into four teams to play a fiercely competitive round-robin tournament. Nuts were megged, goals were scored, and – most importantly – fun was had, over the course of 90 minutes of frantic football!

Over 20 other assorted spectators lounged around the Parks, offering encouragement and occasional criticism. One of our PA’s toiled in the evening heat, whilst young OxPreppers ran rings around him. Even our Director, Greg, displayed to all present why he’d played College-level football in the USA. Now, rumours are circling about a potential OxPrep 5-aside World Cup, whilst various Faculty members have been spotted racing over to the park after lessons to practice their skills… One thing’s for sure: there will be more football before the month is out!

The fun continues!

After several days on the Program our OxPreppers are well and truly settling in to Oxford life. Afternoons have been spent wandering beneath Oxford’s dreaming spires, whilst evenings have seen basketball games, movie nights, and increasing frenetic board-game sessions…

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Our classes – both Major and Minor – have been churning through course material at a fantastic rate, and each and every one of our Faculty has been blown away by the enthusiasm and erudition of our students. Here is our PA Matt (in character as a malingering young man seeking medication for a mysterious ‘back pain’) being quizzed on his medical history by our Medical Science class:

med sci 1

PA Matt being grilled by one of our budding doctors!

The engineering minor class have enjoyed working on their gliders in the sun, under the watchful eye of Kang! And Dani’s Creative Writing class have been digging through the Natural History Museum in Oxford, searching for artefacts to inspire their storytelling.

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The weather for the past week has been truly gorgeous. Today, whilst other members of staff have been listening intently to the Cricket World Cup, the heat has inspired Dean Ryan to engage in some arts and crafts, and reminisce about cooler climes.


A large 5-aside competition in the beautiful University Parks later this evening promises us all the opportunity to cool off in balmy evening air, and try out moves inspired by the likes of Megan Rapinoe, Tobin Heath, and England’s finest – Lucy Bronze! Competition is sure to be fierce – and there will be a blog post-cum-match-report breaking down the action tomorrow!