Last Friday Night!

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On Friday night we had our last night at Oxbridge in Paris Program. Just before the buffet we had an award ceremony where some students were rewarded for their serious, enthousiasm and participation to activities.

Then Students were able to enjoy several activities as Silence Disco, Movies marathon, Photo booth and a last karaoke!

Bravo Mikaela!
Good job Phoebe!
Well done Diego!
Bravo Jade!
Here we go Isabel!
Well done Peppa!
Bravo Wylie!
Bravo Laura!
Congrats Peppi!
Good job Anna-Sung!
Bravo Sacha!
Who won the ADs award?
Jo won the award of the best phone accident, it was the first PA’s award! Bravo Jo!

What a Buffet!

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A lot of students wrote letters to their teachers and admin members

Au revoir mes amis! It’s been a pleasure to meet you and we will be happy to see you next year!


Today, the French Major is working hard on the final project. The students are making their own guide of Paris, featuring the assignments they have written during the month, pictures, interviews and decorations.

The Histoire de l’art major took over the hallway to the winter garden.

The creative writing students all shared multiple pieces of their work. They gave a literary performance of their writing to their peers and Oxbridge faculty!

The medicine major had a demonstration on CPR and on how to take blood pressure. They also had several posters with a lot of information about general illnesses and medical conditions.

Our photography minor also showed us some of the best pictures they took this month.

Our International relations minor represented different historical events through drawings.

The fashion major put in place their own exhibition! The theme was paper skirts, they all were very creative and the result was amazing!

Finally the art history major set up their exhibition in the outdoor tent and in the dance studio. They curated an interactive exhibit and working art gallery to show the work of one of their guest speakers.

in the dance studio
little story about the artist
a little creative sheet where anyone could write a quote or draw.
In the outdoor tent

Only two days left!

On Wednesday, the cooking class had a Culture and Cuisine course on food photography with Flora Battesti, a food photographer/video producer based in Paris. Flora gave a presentation on her work as a food photographer to the students, explained some basic techniques on how to create a great photography to highlight any pastry, meal or simple ingredients. The students then had to take photos using those techniques and use their creativity.

On the same day, the International Relations class hosted the guest speaker Karolina Dema, an artist working on the topic of International Relations. They asked the students to establish a list of historical events in the 21st century, then showed them drawings by Karolina in relation to this month’s class. This was a perfect opportunity for the students to revisit the topics seen in class this month. Students were even asked to draw an international event that has happened during their life time. Karolina and the teacher were very impressed!

On Wednesday afternoon, some students went to Montmartre, a famous place known for the Sacré Coeur Basilica but also for being an artists’ district. While some had an ice cream at Bachir (a famous Lebanese place) others went shopping (the fastest did both as you can see on the pictures!)

First they went to the well-known Fragonard shop where they were able to buy fancy soaps, perfumes or pillows and nice pouches.

The ice cream looked pretty good: a nice encouragement before all the steps they will have to climb to go to the Sacré Coeur

Life needs ice cream!

Let’s climb!

The Quartier des peintres

To end the day, the ADs cooked some crepes just before karaoke night!

Enjoying our last moments!

With the Fashion Major class we visited the Azzedine Alaïa and Peter Lindberg exhibition showing the collaboration between the famous designer and photographer. Students looked at the photographies and admired the structure of the garments. 

Culture and cuisine last cooking class of the program! The students talked about the influences of the colonisation on the French food culture and got to learn about the different specialties around the world that got inspiration from the French gastronomie.
We then made a ratatouille with fresh vegetables from the Paris region and the students learned that this plate might be the most representative of the legacy of the Europeanization of the world.

Kermesse Party

For our last week, to celebrate friendship and the “French touch” the the ADs organized a Kermesse: a kind of French fair with 15 stands and a sweet buffet. After a close cometition, the winners got a box of 30 macarons from Ladurée. Everyone from the admin team, the teachers and the students had a really good time especially during the water balloon fight.

Last Tuesday!

Today the Fashion Minor class had a private visit of Le Bon Marché, a famous department store owned by LVMH, considered one of the first modern department stores built in 1838. Our guide showed them the different floors, taught about the history of the place and how Le Bon Marché played a role in creating “merchandising” as we know it now. A wonderful surprise was waiting for them at the end: a visit to the VIP area where important clients such as the HRH King of Morocco are received for fittings and private shopping. 

The Beginning French Major went to buy materials for the final project and practiced French at the café place Saint Sulpice. Nous avons passé un bon moment!

On the same day, the Art History Class worked on their final project, they are curating an exhibit. Work in progress…

The final Monday of the program…

As we begin our final week here in Paris, there were many exciting happenings in class today…

“Today with one group of French majors, we went to the Montparnasse cemetery where the students had to write imaginary biographies of people using the passé composé (past tense).” – Perrine Chambon, French teacher

“Following a really well delivered presentation about Autism Spectrum Disorders given by Ingrid in the Medicine Major, students did a group assignment on the difference between correlation and cause. Hard work in progress!” – Tijn van Widen

“Today Histoire de l’Art students visited the Palais de Tokyo, a temple of contemporary art in Paris! Surprising, amusing, inquisitive… for sure none of us left the same as when we entered!” – Caroline Hoepffner

Gallery RX Visit

Saturday, Histoire de l’Art students met their guest speaker Emmanuelle Pascual, director of exhibitions at the Gallery RX in Paris! They had a great time as Emmanuelle told them about her job and about how an art gallery works: relationships with artists, collectors, fairs…Students had pre-prepared questions for the visit, and enjoyed a rewarding conversation with Emmanuelle.  They even had the opportunity to visit the storage area, as well as witness how artworks are preserved. No pictures from this part of the visit, however, as this space is top secret!

The dog in this photo is fake, it is actually a sculpture!

Visit to the Yves Saint Laurent museum

French major students had the opportunity to visit the famous Yves Saint Laurent museum, in which they got to explore the various designers of fabric from Lyon (specifically silk). The students also got to discover the designs, creations and workshop of this famous designer who was a successor to the all-fabulous Christian Dior!