The End of a Chapter

Hey everyone! These last couple of days we have been really busy with our final festivities, departures and cleaning/rearranging the building 🥵 But one of your PAs is here to write you this year’s final blog post, yay!

On Monday, our students had a final morning class with their Major and Minor to say their last goodbyes and share their favorite memories of this month. 🥰

In the afternoon, they attended the Awards Ceremony where every teacher gave a prize to one of their Major class’ student! 🏆

Our teachers definitely had a hard time deciding which student they will reward since they all did such a great job this month!!

Congratulations to our winners, look how beautiful they are! 🤩

After the ceremony everyone was welcomed to join the Banquet outside, perfect occasion to be all reunited and to exchange around a nice dinner! 😋

Of course for this final day we had to throw a party 🥳 An all-night neon party with silent disco and a photo booth!! Taking off the headphones for a second and hearing all the footsteps and students singing was a lot of fun, we could feel they were enjoying their last night! 🥰

In the lobby, we installed a letter station where everyone could leave a note in each other’s envelope that will be taken the next day before going home. Students, Admin and Faculty had a pleasure spending minutes (even hours for some) writing nice letters and slipping them in the envelopes. 📝

Luggages running down the lobby, tears falling down the tired faces, jumps into the taxis and buses, this is definitely departure day! All good things come to an end 😢

From 4am to middle afternoon we’ve seen all our students leaving the building as the program came to an end. Some leaving early have been accompanied by others leaving later in the day who wanted to be with them until the very last moments in Sion, comforting each other. 💕

The Admin team has packed the office and cleaned up the building, it feels very empty not having students walking around the hallways, talking about their day or debating at check-ins with us, watching them playing sports in the gym, seeing them exclaiming when they see themselves in the attendance movie or even telling us how much they love Monoprix. 🥲
But every perfect summer’s got to take its flight…

We are really glad to have spent this month with these students, it’s been an absolute pleasure! We hope everyone has now great memories that they’ll remember forever because we certainly have a lot! Now everybody can go take some rest after the craziness that this month has been! 🤯

Thank you for spending all this time with us. We wish you the best for the next chapters of your life and hope we’ll cross paths one day! Take care of yourselves and keep slaying! ❤️

Sunday Chillin’ Day 😎

Calm is reigning this morning in Sion, wow!! 😌
The students came back late after Vaux-le-Vicomte last night and slept in this Sunday morning. 😴 It’s a nice day for them to have a last walk in Paris!
Having to say goodbye to the routine they had and starting to pack their suitcases is hard but we bet they’re also a bit excited to come back home! 😝

Cat Café

Some students took a little trip to the Cat Café, the perfect place to chill and take a sip with your new furry friends! 🐱

Apparently going to the Cat Café would turn you into a cat 👀

Last Assembly

This last Sunday also marks our last Assembly… 😢 The deans went through the organization of the two final days. 🧐 Important informations have been given to the students so they could have the best departure day possible but everyone has to put an extra effort in it!! 💪

After that, the ADs presented tomorrow’s menu: Awards Ceremony, Final Banquet and the Final All-Night Party!! 🥳
They also called the winning team of the Kermesse to come on stage: the Pro-teen team! Our winners got super t-shirts as a prize!! 👏
And as always everyone wished a happy birthday to this week’s birthday people with delicious pastries 😋

Trip to Vaux-Le-Vicomte 🏰

It’s not a regular Saturday in Sion! Of course our students have to attend their major but tonight they are going to Vaux-Le-Vicomte tonight – an outstanding castle rivalling Versailles! ✨

Creative writing

“This really happened. We gave ourselves a we-finished-our-literary-journal and a month-of-writing-every-day celebratory reading on the Champs-de-Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower. We ate delicious tartes and other bee-attracting patisseries. We drank fresh orange juice and grew warm and full under the Parisian sun. We sat in a circle and shared our favorite anecdotes (many involving veritable and “iconic” sprints back to Sion in order to make curfew) from our month at Oxbridge. It was a beautiful and unforgettable morning. One for, as we could most definitely attest to, the books.” 📚


“Today, Major Fashion students went to visit Le Bon Marché. The oldest French department stores. They discovered the different levels and took part in an exercise to create one look which they will have to present on Monday. Some of them could not resist shopping a few items which will be great souvenirs back home.” 🛍

Stranger Things Pop-Up Store

What do Chicago, Dallas and Paris have in common? These three cities are currently hosting a Stranger Things Pop-Up Strore! 🤩

It’s listed as one of the most popular thing to do in Paris this summer! Not only did our students enjoyed shopping there, but the they also had the opportunity to dive into the Upside Down 🙃


Welcome to nicolas fouquet’s masterpiece

All the students went to visit Vaux-Le-Vicomte tonight! This famous castle – once envied by Louis XIV – was designed by three illustrious figures of the time: Le Nôtre (gardens), Le Brun (paintings & decorations) and Le Vau (architect). 👑

They had a great time wandering in the castle and the gardens, taking beautiful pictures during the sunset and making fantastic memories! 🥰

And the best for the end: fireworks!!! 🎇 Everyone was sitting by the gardens, heads up and amazed by the spectacle that was presented, how wonderful! 🤗

The students had a hard time staying up on our way to the castle so you can imagine how they were on the way back! 😴

Special thanks to our wonderful Admin & Faculty team that went to Vaux with our students, such a successful night!! 💕

Vernissage Day!!!

Today is the day!! Our students are finalizing their project for the Vernissage this afternoon, this is so exciting! 🤩

Papers, pens, scissors, glue sticks, tapes and tons of other supplies are flying everywhere! The students are giving their best until the last minute!! 💪

“In Fashion class, we had the chance to learn about Runway today from ballroom phenom Kylee Ninja. Kylee, a specialist in the subcategory of ‘vogue fem’, demonstrated some techniques to help students get ready for their fashion presentation. We discovered how to pause and walk gracefully with the right attitude.” 💁‍♀️

Before show time the students had their final Minor class 😢

In French Language and Perfectionnement de la Langue classes, the students welcomed a guest speaker: Benjamin Torterat, a poet. They discovered his work and then had a poetry writing workshop! 💫

“The minor class culture and cuisine English had a chocolate tasting at the Chocolate Factory Plaq. They got to learn the different process of cocoa picking and chocolate making and then tried different kind of chocolates.” 🍫


L’heure tant attendue est arrivée!!! ⏱
Our students are ready to show everyone what they did in class this month, they are really proud of their final project!! 🥰 It’s time for everyone to walk into the hallways and spaces dedicated to the students’ work and admire what they created. 👀

All this hard work paid off because look at this! They did such a wonderful job!! Bravo les élèves!!! 🥳
The classes have put lots of time and effort into their project, they all provided beautiful creations thanks to their great creativity, they can be very proud of themselves! 💕

Fashion Show

Did you notice that there were no pictures of the Fashion class? Well it’s because they prepared an entire Fashion Show just for us!!!! 😎
Everything has been imagined, designed and presented by the students, supervised by our fabulous teacher Pierre-Antoine! ✨

Almost Ready For Show Time

One more day until the Vernissage (Final Show) and the Fashion Show!!! 😮 The pressure is on but the students know how to have a good time: they play lots of music throughout their class! 🎶 The teachers are also helping the students to maintain some sense of calm! 😌


“Fashion majors are busier than ever because the fashion show is just around the corner. Students made the decision to use leftover fabric and pattern paper to create a poster invitation. While the tardy workers finish their clothing, another group works on the music choices.” ✂️

French Language

The French Language Major students are into writing this morning, really invested for their final project. Can’t wait to see it!!! 🤩

Perfectionnement de la langue

Today the students of Perfectionnement de la langue class went to 🥁 … Montmartre! They had the opportunity to learn more about this lovely part of Paris which inspired so many artists at all times 👨🏻‍🎨

Creative writing

“For one of our final classes, we just had to partake of  a meditative morning along the Seine. Though we make look wistful, we were actually invoking our most imperative voices for our official unofficial “how-to” zine-guides to Paris. We are basically experts now.”

Culture and Cuisine & Art History

“Big day! This morning Art History major students and Culture and Cuisine major students met and did some food art!  Some of the students also met Histoire de l’art students to interview them about their final project. They are getting ready to curate the final show tomorrow!”

See, chefs can be artists and artists can be chefs!!! 😎


This afternoon the ADs prepared a Kermesse for the students!! Known as the schools’ last day party, this kind of fun fair is always appreciated by the kids, and for our students it was a LOT of fun!!! 🤪

They played so many fun games: Tug of War, Egg & Spoon Race, Twister, Ping Pong, Guess The Food, Chamboule-Tout….and our director’s personal favorite ‘Pin the Mask on Patricia’! They had a lot of opportunities to win points and the winning team will receive their prize at the last assembly so stay tuned! 👀

And of course to stay on top the students were offered snacks and drinks but most importantly a cotton candy stand was created!!! 😍

Crêpe Night

What’s a better way to spend an awesome evening with friends in Paris than eating crepes together? Personally we believe it’s the only way 🤩 The ADs made tons of crêpes and now there are no leftovers 🥺 Our students enjoyed their last crêpe night and it was a huge success 🥳

Work to Impress!

The Vernissage is coming soon and the students are working very hard on their final project.

International Relations

The International Relations (major) students are already working on their final project! Any chance they can give us clues about what we should expect from them on Friday? 👀

French Language

French Language class (Marjolaine) students played the French equivalent of Guess Who (Qui est-ce) to learn how to name clothes – a funny way to practice French!

Psychology & Medecine 🧠

“One happy bunch observing the brain and engaging in cognitive testing!”


“Today was a special day in the photography class. All the students went to visit Prof. Marianne’s grandmother, just on the other side of the Luxembourg garden.”

“She talked with the students about the history of this apartment, shared anecdotes about Paris and about her life, and showed them family archives. Students got to see an original Studio Harcourt portrait, and even took home some old postcards and photographs. Before leaving, we snapped a group photo and a few students made Marie-Francoise’s portrait, in her historic Parisian apartment.”

Art History

“Today the art History major students experienced different techniques and created a beautiful piece of art with the help of the guest artist Aliénor Bernardie.

It was amazing to see how shy they were the first 10 minutes and then how they got so into it after !

We are now a part of art history !”

“I think you can’t understand completely what art History is if you don’t make art yourself”, Stephen.


“Today, we visited the Musée Yves Saint Laurent with the Fashion Majors. This location shows the development of the eponymous designer, and we could watch the creation of clothing using a “prototype”. A part of YSL studio, complete with fabrics, patterns, jewelry, and buttons, was visible.”

“We visited the Galerie Dior, which is located next to the headquarters of the renowned French fashion house, with the fashion Minors. It was fascinating to learn about the brand’s history and how it changed with the successive creative directors, from Yves Saint Laurent through Maria Grazia Chiuri. Even better, we could witness while one of the artisans created a garment using a particular embroidery method.”

Culture & Cuisine

“Major culture and cuisine class had a chocolate tasting this morning followed by a visit to E.Dehillerin, the most famous cookware shop in the country and Sthorer, the oldest pastry shop in Paris.”

Dior exhibition

Chocolate tasting

Arc de Triomphe (part. 2)

Keep Up The Good Work!

Time flies soooooo fast here in Oxbridge 🥲 We’ve already seen the first early departures and we’re all starting to realize that the end is pretty soon… But the students keep up the good work and enjoy the time they have left!! 💪


“Photography students got inspired from the great today, looking at the work of Robert Frank and Duane Michaels, and worked on sequencing. They laid out their tirages de lecture and worked on creating a sequence. Some photographs that hadn’t grabbed their attention before ended up being driving forces, and themes and particular ways of seeing emerged. They made poetic, visually driven, and narrative sequences.” 🎞

Culture & Cuisine

“Major class culture and cuisine had a cooking class on southwestern French specialty with the Chicken basquaise, we then had a fois gras tasting, Basque cake and duck confit.” 😋

“Today, students in the Culture and Cuisine Immersion class made delicious financiers, topped with chocolate. Our guest, Paul Hervé, a sous-chef baker, taught them a recipe that they cook in the 5-star hotel he works.” ⭐️

French Language

“Today, Perrine’s French class went to see an exhibition of French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, in Le Marais. Some of the photos were displayed for the first time and the students had to choose a favorite to write about it. C’était très cool😎”

Catacombes de Paris

Is Halloween in July this year???? Oh wait, no it’s the Catacombes 😱 A great way to discover the city from another angle while staying fresh!! The students were very excited to explore under the busy streets of Paris and make friends with all these skulls and bones 🦴😝

Bingo Night

Another day, another bingo night!! 🥳 Presented by, what the students call her, our Bingo Queen Anna!

Lots of laughs, screams and excitement: the perfect recipe to spend a great evening together!! 🥰

And for the Bingo winners, our Bingo Queen decided to offer them some ice cream, what a nice note to finish on!! 🍦

The Beginning of the End…

First day of our fourth and last week 😢 Our students are working hard on their final project for the Vernissage while still enjoying new subjects the teachers propose to them. 🤓 They’re also pretty excited by the activities coming up this week that were presented at yesterday’s assembly! 🌟

Art History & Photography

“Students from the art history and photography classes collaborated to recreate paintings in Notre Dame de Sion ! Do you recognize the original painting ?” 🖼

Culture and Cuisine

“Today the students from the culture and cuisine immersion class tasted french cheeses. They discovered the textures, the cheese making process, the cheese specialties according to the french regions, and much more! They really enjoyed French cheese, which is very different from American cheese, but the Bleu d’auvergne was not their favorite!”

Creative writing

“The Creative Writing majors spent the morning in “revision lab” and then took a breather by venturing out to Leroy Merlin, the big chain hardware store of France, to pick up supplies for the upcoming vernissage. Is this what it means “to get down to brass tacks”? 😁”

“The Creative Writing minors enjoyed an afternoon of “spy-writing” from our bistro chairs at Quartier Vavin. We observed passers-by with the microscope of our iPhones to build character hypotheses. Sometimes getting to know a subject is a silent and remote activity.”

French Language

This morning, one of the French Language Major classes worked on presenting their family tree, en français of course! 🌳

“Today, Perrine’s French class stayed at school to practice written and spoken French. The students have been asked to interview a French person from the school, so they worked hard on their interview. Then they played a storytelling game and had a surprise cheese tasting with the Culture & Cuisine Class. Miam miam😋”

Relations Internationales

“The class of Relations internationales (en français) visited the French Senate (“Palais du Luxembourg”) today. 

They had a beautiful look at the hemicycle and the other marvels of this 1631 monument, while discussing politics. ” 🤵

Cupcake Contest

For Culture & Cuisine and Fashion Minor classes they decided to do a cupcake conquest! 🧁

The cupcakes were rated in terms of name, creativity, story-telling and aesthetic. Some students took inspiration from Versailles, the city of Paris and Le Jardin du Luxembourg!

Can you tell from the pictures which cupcakes won the contest? 👀

Congrats to Paris at night (3rd picture) 🥳

Musée Grévin

Some students went to the Musée Grévin – the French equivalent of Madame Tussauds! Time to strike a pose with French and international celebrities: Stromae, Queen Elizabeth II, Edith Piaf etc