The Art History students Major and Minor

Another busy week for the Art History students Major and Minor dedicated to the discovery of museums set in former appartements and workshops of Eugène Delacroix (the author of La liberté guidant le peuple in the musée du Louvre) and two sculptors of the 20th century who lived and work nearby the school in the Montparnasse neighborhood: Antoine Bourdelle and Ossip Zadkine. The students also enjoyed an icecream break at Amorino’s.

Rungis Visit

This morning two major classes, Culture and Cuisine and Perfectionnement de la Langue francaise went to the biggest market in the world : Rungis.

Rungis in a nutschell

Turnover €7.864 billion
Number of companies 1204
Number of employes 11 683
Surface area 234 hectares developed
Incoming products 1,451,388 tons of foodstuffs
Market attendance 6,735,672 admissions
Population serves 18 million consumers
Rental occupancy 989 267 m² of premises occupied,
94.18% occupancy
New registered buyers 3 852 new purchasing passes created, e.g.+6,3% /20