Dissections and Diplomacy…

Hello Parents!

Once again, our major class teachers had some really exciting lessons planned. The Veterinary Science class dissected kidneys of pigs, sheep, and cows in their lesson – not one for the squeamish but they seemed to enjoy themselves!


The Creative Writing class took a trip to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology for an exercise in descriptive and imaginative writing, both describing objects and describing the world from the point of view of these ancient and exciting objects. They wrote about them at different times in the objects’ lives, such as when it was made, when it was rediscovered, or when it was put in the museum. They came up with some really great ideas through the session!

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Some artists from our program created and drew an installation in a tree in Peterhouse’s deer park, comprised of purchases made from charity shops around Cambridge the previous day.


The Engineering class took a trip to the Centre for Computing History, where they got the exciting chance to try out some virtual reality headsets! The class gave all the students a chance to get involved and they had a really fun time.


After classes, we had a guest talk from Bridget Kendall, the first female Master in Peterhouse’s 800 year history, who spoke to the students about her career at the BBC and the transition from this to becoming the Master just over a year ago. The students really enjoyed the opportunity to hear her speak about her experiences and asked her plenty of questions after the talk!

She spoke to us about what it means to be a Master, discussing issues with fellows of the college, and acting as a symbolic figure and global representative for the institution. She also spoke about how her skills as a journalist help her out in her role, and told us about some of the important figures she interviewed, such as Gorbachev and Putin during her time as BBC Moscow correspondent (1989-93).


Our Activities Directors had more fun planned for the afternoon and evening, with garden games occurring in the Peterhouse deer park. Doug, our Director, decided he wanted to get involved too, and took on the challenge of a race against some of the students! Take a look at the video below to see who won.


The fun is set to continue tomorrow, with more amazing classes, a punting trip along the River Cam, a screening of the day’s tennis matches at Wimbledon, and some outdoor theatre, with a trip to watch a production of Much Ado About Nothing in the gardens of St John’s College!

Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team