The end to a fantastic summer in the city!

Today was our last day in NYC and it was an eventful one! Students started it off by going to their major and minor classes one last time. Everyone then enjoyed one last lunch on the Upper West Side, before heading back to Elliot to pack up.

At 5:30pm we got dressed up in our finest attire to take a group photo – our only photo with all students, staff, and faculty – before heading to the final banquet.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner, surrounded by fabulous company, and celebrated all of our accomplishments from this summer.

Everyone got into their pajamas, before heading to the final dance. Once everyone was tired out, we watched movies and reminisced the rest of the night.

It was truly a fantastic summer. Writers crafted masterful poems and actors created a beautiful musical theater exhibition. Future doctors watched a brain surgery on zoom and future business men and women visited the esteemed Citi Bank. Fashionistas explored stores and showrooms, future detectives solved a cold case, and future advertisers rebranded Sound Cloud. The faculty and staff are so proud of all of our students, and we are so excited to watch them grow and thrive.

And that’s a wrap on Oxbridge in New York, 2022!

A Wonderful Day Full of Exhibitions

Today was an extremely exciting day for the New York City Oxbridge students! Many exhibitions took place throughout the day, where the students were able to showcase what they’ve been learning and working on for the past four weeks. We are so proud of all of the hard work these students have shown this summer.

Here is an overview of all of the amazing presentations from today!

Advertising and Media – SoundCloud Rebranding 

Our class has been tasked with rebranding the company SoundCloud. The students are collaborating with the client to better understand the needs of the account and working to capture a 360 campaign — 3 print ads, a commercial storyboard, a guerilla marketing tactic, and a few other items. They are excited to showcase the campaign!  

Business and Finance – Step into the Shark Tank!   

Where risk-taking entrepreneurs seek money and expertise from the Sharks to expand their start-up businesses.  The Sharks could reject an offer or they could go into a feeding frenzy and bid up the value of a firm into the multi-millions of dollars.  Can you smell the blood in the water?  Don’t miss this opportunity to see these behemoth predators fight each other for the best investment opportunities! 

Psychology (Minor)  

Meet the newest psychology scientists and be a part of some fun experiments. The psychology students will use you as our guinea pigs, but don’t be scared, these experiments simply demonstrate the wonders of the cognitive and social mind.  

Fashion (Minor)  

The students in Oxbridge Program’s fashion minor course invite you to view their first fashion editorial—where couture is king, a self-produced fashion shoot styled and creative directed by them, in collaboration with the photography minor students. The shoot features two professional models signed to New York agencies with hair and makeup done by working artists from the industry. View the images and see the special fashion film which will feature behind the scenes footage of the process along with candid takes from the students on their inspiration. 

Photography (Minor)

Join us 86-stories above the crowded streets as we photograph New YorkCity from an entirely different perspective – from above! Utilizing Manhattan’s iconic gridded layout, we’ve found new and interesting ways to showcase scale, perspective, and energy from the vertigo-inducing observation deck of the iconic Empire State Building. 

Criminology –  You Be the Jury: Murder Mock Trial 

Consider this your jury duty summons in the criminal trial of a suspected murderer. The Oxbridge Criminology class has been hard on a case, investigating the 1995 murder of a young university dean. Now we’re ready to bring the prime suspect before a court of law. Will the evidence presented prove the accused’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? Will you settle a long-standing cold case? Or will the case remain unsolved? We need you to decide!  

Medical Science –  CO-VID 22 (COllaborative VIDeo Oxbridge 22) 

These aspiring physicians took inspiration from the “73 Questions by Vogue” where an interviewer follows a celebrity round and asks them questions. They will be answering questions regarding COVID and questions about their bodily functions and systems, highlighting the lessons learned here at Oxbridge this summer. Remember to wear your masks!  

Musical Theater

Be whisked into the dazzling world of Musical Theater with this revue of group numbers, duets, solos, scenes, and monologues performed by the Majors. Dear Evan Hansen, West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Something Rotten!, Hamilton, Spring Awakening, Tick, Tick…BOOM!, The Greatest Showman, and more! 

The New York Summit and Fashion Show!

We are nearing the final days of our program! Today, students climbed more than 1,400 feet to reach the top of the Summit, an observatory deck that awakens the senses, curiosity, and imagination in the heart of New York City. After a rainy afternoon, we were glad to have sunny views, and they were able to see the city through glass in all directions! Then, as we began our final class exhibitions, students prepared for a fashion show! They showcased glamour in looks that were creatively and effectively well-put together! We were impressed by their dedication to the craft. Final exhibitions will continue through the weekend, and we look forward to more to come!

The First of Many Exciting Class Presentations!

The students in the New York program had yet another exciting class day with multiple field trips during their classes! The Speech and Debate minor took a trip to Amorino, while the Business minor headed over to Haagen-Dazs. Perfect for such a hot and sunny day in the city! The Creative Writing students also went to the Whitney Museum of American Art this morning!

The large painting they are standing in front of is called “The Seasons” by the artist Lee Krasner. The year before its creation, her husband, fellow artist Jackson Pollock, died in a car accident. They speak in class about the modernist movement in literature here in NYC so it was very cool they got to see Krasner’s work in addition to learning about Pollock.

After classes, the Creative Writing and Debate students kicked off exhibitions with their Coffee House Presentation! All of the other students were able to come to support their friends while they showed off what they’ve been working on all summer.

Sunny Day in NYC

The students in the New York program were thankful for the fact that the weather redeemed itself by being warm and sunny all day today! The fashion class took an exciting trip to the PROJECT New York trade show where they got the chance to meet and chat with professionals in the industry. The Business class and Advertising and Media class took a trip to Citibank!

After classes, the students were able to take advantage of the warm weather and go explore Little Island on the Lower West Side! This is a beautiful island that NYC created where there are performances and stunning green scenery everywhere. Some of the musical theater students also went to see Come From Away on Broadway!

When it Rains, it Pours…

It sure was a rainy day in New York, today! Due to inclement weather, students were able to have fun indoors, and what could be greater than a dance class! They were able to learn the style of hip-hop led by none other than one of our amazing deans, Jordi! Then, they spent the evening together for a film showing of Mamma Mia, the beloved musical! Rain may change plans, but doesn’t take away from all types of fun!

Thrifting, AMNT, and a Fabulous Talent Show!

On our last Sunday in NYC, half of the students headed to Brooklyn with Activities Director Matt and Program Assistant McKenna for a thrifting adventure.

The rest of the program, led by Activities Directors Mona and Angelic, visited the American Museum of Natural History. NYC has a lot of famous museums, and this one was the last on our bucket list!

After a day exploring the city, we gathered as a program to cheer each other on in a truly fantastic talent show. We sang and danced, played the piano, and showed off our magic tricks and accents in front of our three fabulous faculty judges.

It was a tough competition, but after much debate it was finally decided. The winner is……..Eva! It was a wonderful night, and a great start to our final week in NYC.

Creative Writing & Smorgasburg

The Creative Writing major had a day full of adventures! First, they walked through Central Park to visit Albertine, an independent French and English bookstore located in the landmark Payne Whitney mansion. Then they went to the Guggenheim to see the Cecilia Vicuña exhibit! 

After classes, we headed to Brooklyn where we enjoyed lots of yummy food at Smorgasburg, the largest weekly open-air food market in America.

A small group ended the night going to the Guggenheim with Spiegs, our Business & Finance major and Global Economics minor teacher. It was so fun for students from other classes to get to know and spend time with him!

Stayed tuned tomorrow for another great weekend day in NYC.

Shopping in SoHo and Jazz in Bryant Park!

After their major and minor classes, students were able to spend some time in SoHo, a neighborhood known for its trendy shopping district. They entered boutiques, chain stores, and art galleries amidst its cast-iron-facades and cobblestone streets. After then, they went to Bryant Park, nestled right near Times Square and central to the city, for an evening of brilliant jazz music and dance! Nonetheless, a gorgeous sunset could be seen right between the city skyline!