Final Night!

The rumble of suitcases rolling across cobblestones has suddenly stopped as all of our students have departed. Now only the soughing wind and the plaintive chimes of the chapel can be heard in an eerily silent Jesus College. But if one listens closely, happy students and their emotional goodbyes to friends echo across college as they recall a special time in their lives.

Yesterday was just such a time. In their final classes, students made presentations in topics ranging from the wingspan radius of hoverfly insects to the relevance of social media in international relations. Creative Writing students had a final contest in composing sonnets about their hometowns:

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Then we enjoyed a formal dinner in Hall:


During the awards ceremony, teachers thanked and awarded their students for their hard work:

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CamTrad’s director Greg Gonzales and Oxbridge’s Former Director shared some of their own unforgettable memories from the CamTrad and encouraged students in their future endeavours.

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Finally, a spectacular ‘Alice in Wonderland’ ball had students laughing, crying, dancing, and singing: with two live bands, sweets and treats, mini golf, crepes, waffles, popcorn, a chocolate fountain, a bouncy castle, fireworks, a photo booth, face painting, midnight pizza, and of course a silent disco, it was a magical night that even Alice would be jealous of!

A massive thanks from the admin team goes to all of our students who have made this an  unforgettable summer for us, as well as to their parents for encouraging them to seek an adventure that rewards the mind and the spirit!


Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all CamTraders for having done a wonderful job during their classes this sessions! During our final awards ceremony, teachers thanked their students for their diligence, passion, hard work, curiosity, and engagement. Special thanks and prizes were awarded to these students by their teachers:

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Medicine and the Brain: Zara Ward

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Behavioral Economics: Haya Al Amin


Global Business: Sophie Kempf


Astronomy and Astrophysics: Luca Cevaer-Corey


Finance: Jackson Sandler-Bussey

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Zoology: Alexandra (Sasha) Kudriashov


Aerospace Engineering: Ada Teoman


Big Data: Bianca Layog


Architecture: Beidi (Betty) Zhu

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Computer Science: Ari Canto


Creative Writing: Kihana Wilson


Criminology: Sydney Ghobadian

IMG_2167.jpegEspionage: Audrey Bohlin

IMG_2175.jpegGenetics: Paige Sriubas and Elizabeth Fu


International Relations: Jackson Kresse and Marlena Broeker


Law: Chloe Victor


Medical Science: Sydney Porto

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Psychology: Julia Jezzi


Speech and Debate: Jesse Bowman and Thomas Reid


Teachers of the following classes awarded all of their students because they all worked extremely hard:

Economics, Engineering, Pop Culture as Knowledge, and Studio Art.


A special prize from the admin team for Generosity of Spirit went to Santiago Bernasconi. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm!

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Sneak peak from our grand finale!

Yesterday was CamTrad 2019’s grand finale and a truly magical day! Please bear with us while we clean up, ensure that all students catch their flights back home, wipe our tears, and select the best among the many amazing pictures we took throughout the packed day that we had yesterday. We promise we’ll be back with photos very soon, though here’s a sneak peak from last night, when our hard working Activities Directors took students on a journey through Alice’s Wonderland!

The Journals of Zoologists

We thought it was time to share a quick snap shot of the daily scribes of a Zoology student…my are they complex and well organised.  For the class, the students had to fill at least 15 pages of rather large format art books with what they had enjoyed most from the material taught by their teacher and by the guest speakers.

These are the snap shots displaying their amazing journals:

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Life Drawing and Intaglio Workshops

The Studio Art class have been experimenting with diverse art techniques. Last week the students had the opportunity to identify and express varying perspectives in the form of live model drawings.

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More recently, the class used a combination of tetra packs and the cardboard from milk cartons to design and carve drawings. After inking and rubbing the surface, they printed their drawings onto damp paper. This low cost technique allowed for a range of interesting marks and unexpected results. Take a look for yourself!

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A Day With F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Yesterday, in addition to participating in our rainy day activities of bowling and zumba dancing, students ended the day with an intriguing talk. Associate Professor of Film, Theatre and Television at the University of Reading, Dr Simone Knox, enlightened our students on why ‘Friends’ is popular (and problematic) a quarter of a century later. Look out for her book ‘Friends: A Reading of the Sitcom’ to be released in October this year.


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Pre-London class photo

On Friday, CamTrad went to London! Both our students and their teachers were so busy taking in the rich cultural and educational venues, activities, sights, and happenings of the city, that they forgot to document all the fun they were having. Luckily, the admin team is prescient and took some pre-departure group and class pictures! 🙂


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Med Sci students explore DNA and the beating heart in the famous Eagle

Med Sci students visited the Eagle today where they discussed DNA in the very place that James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA. In preparation for their dissection of pig hearts tomorrow, they also discussed other matters of the heart: they celebrated teacher Slobodan’s engagement to his inamorata Suncica, and one of the students fashioned a white rose out of a napkin for a favorite classmate of his. Real chemistry and biology in Med Sci!


CamTrad’s Got Talent!

Wow, CamTrad’s got some serious talent! A massive thanks to everyone who participated – we had a wonderful evening full of music, dancing, slam poetry as well as other performances. Our slick jury of ‘celebrity judges’ had a hard time deciding, but at the end the prizes went to Kihana for her slam poetry recitation, Stella for performing an original song, and Sophie for singing. Congratulations!

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