CamTrad Storms London! and dances Salsa to celebrate

Yesterday, our entire program descend upon London, with teachers taking their classes to museums in the morning, and program staff accompanying students to Covent Garden, Southbank and The National Gallery in the afternoon. A great deal of walking, a few trips on the Tube, and many, many bridges later, our students safely returned to Jesus after a day jam-packed with the sights, shops, and buzz of the great city.

Today, the day started with breakfast at hall. After the morning classes, students attended a talk delivered by Douglas Brand OBE, who talked about how technology has been developed to solve crime scenes, and how law works in space!! (among many other things).

After the talk, some of the students went to a local scape room to try their luck at solving two mysteries: Armageddon and Egyptian Tomb. The Armageddon team beat the average time, while the Egyptian’s Tomb shouts of success could be heard from the street! As you can see in the pictures, they had a fantastic time.

After a trip to the local bakery Fitzbillies and dinner at hall, our students attended a salsa lesson where they showed everyone their best moves!

Ice skating and teenage swans

Today our students spent the morning ice skating at the university’s very own ice rink, the Gattiker-Cambridge Ice Arena! They were all amazing skaters (with some learning how to skate backwards) despite the occasional multi-person collision. It was definitely a day to remember!

In the afternoon, students returned to Grantchester to visit the Orchard Tea Rooms. They enjoyed their cream tea with scones and a hot drink, and saw some teenage swans swimming around the river Cam with their mom. So cute!

After playing some rainy tennis and having Sunday Roast in hall, our students attended a guided tour of all of the cool statues that populate the grounds of Jesus College, delivered by CamTrad director and history of art expert Greg. It was very interesting to find out so many interesting things about the statues we see every day. Thanks Greg!

There are so many hidden treasures when you live in a 600 year old college!

We are so excited to visit London tomorrow!

Ice-cream, Nature and a BOP Dance

Our Saturday morning started with exciting learning. Here our students are being introduced to the complex structure of DNA.

Then, we got to try Jack’s famous Gelato. We loved it!

Of course, our day included an outdoors adventure. We got the opportunity to pet Cambridge’s ‘wild’ cows…

To feed the ducks..

And to dip in the river!!

Our evening ended with a ‘British Stars’ themed BOP! In the first place, we have ‘Amy Winehouse’ ! And in the second place, we have the ‘Spice Girls’.

An Eggcellent Afternoon of Activities

Today our students flexed their aerospace expertise and blew off steam in a series of wet and wonderful games of ‘Human Foosball’!

Human Foosball highlights!

Prior to the football, students studied the effects of gravity on fragile chicken eggs, dropping them from heights and fashioning aircraft and protective layering to cushion the precious eggs’ impact. Their designs were remarkably successful – well done to all!

Eggs safely at rest after falling from orbit.

Later that evening, our students also proved extremely adept at pretending to be little plastic people that spin round on a board – wow! The rain (just about) held off, and a fabulous time was had by all – good stuff!

A busy day in Cambridge

Our students today had the opportunity to participate in a number of varied activities including the city view wheel, yoga classes, attending a guest talk and an outdoors movie.

Here are some photos of Cambridge from above!

Our outdoors student-led yoga class !

After dinner we had a special speaker:  Frances Ketteman talked about ’Life after Uni in the UK Civil Service’ and her experience of transitioning from academia to working in the UK Civil Service.

We ended the night with watching ‘Skyfall’ in our outdoors space!

classes, special speaker, origami and pancakes

Today students attended classes in the morning, and some classes happened outside and went to town to do activities and have coffee too.

In the afternoon Marina lead an origami class. See photos of the amazing creations of our students!

After dinner we had a special speaker:  Suzanne Lynch (EU correspondent for the Irish Times) she talked about ’The EU, Brexit, and Our Complicated World’. she covered many topic, including the special relations of the UK-US and her experience working in Washington, DC.

Later in the evening students cooked some pancakes and added different toppings, some were very creative!

A day of culture in Cambridge

Today after class, students – both quarantining and non-quarantining – had the opportunity to get into some painting and exercising their creative faculties. After that, Greg led a tour of the local Hockney Gallery, just a 5-minute walk from Cambridge. Though from Bradford, Yorkshire, David Hockney has been described as “the Most Californian of all British Painters”, owing to his range of poolside works…

Then, this evening, the winning CamQuest team redeemed their prize at Jack’s Gelato, an effective Cambridge institution…

A new session starts!

Today we kicked off session 2 of the Cambridge Tradition with an assembly introducing the CamTrad admin staff to our new students, as well as some exciting new faculty members!

For our second session, our students have the opportunity to take creative writing, genetics, and even espionage!

After a day of classes, our students took off on a virtual and in-person Cambridge quest, followed by an evening of music quizzes and a spelling bee presided over by our very own Greg. Congratulations (C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S) to Finley who come who came out on top!

Thank you to our amazing students for their enthusiasm both in class and during activities!!

Dbn Usbe hp up Cmfudimfz Qbsl!

Or, ‘Cam Trad go to Bletchley Park’!

Today, we took the 1h bus ride to Bletchley Park, a Manor House which served a vital purpose to British intelligence services during the Second World War. Here, Alan Turing and his associated “Boffins and Debs” famously cracked the German Enigma code.

Final presentations and Gaelic traditions

Students undertook their final projects on today, the last official day of CamTrad’s first session! We’re sad to see some of our amazing students head off tomorrow, but their presentations today were astonishing:

Architecture presented an exhibition of their sketches and designs, our criminology class had the Webb Library as their stage for a mock trial, and medicine students each took their turn to speak in a forum on different medical issues in various socio-economic and political settings across the globe.

After a barbecue dinner, CamTrad welcomed some Ceilidh performers, under whose instruction both staff and students learned this traditional Gaelic dance! It was so much fun, and a great way to spend the last evening of session 1 (the pizza afterwards might have helped, too…)