On The Ball

Cam Trad ended for another year last night in the best way possible, with a fantastic final night ball that included giant swings, crazy golf, a chocolate fountain and henna artists. Our students were all dressed to impress for their final dinner and for the prize presentation. The night was rounded off with a classic Bop, with tune selections by our rival DJs, Manny and Shea Shea.

It’s been great to see everybody on the Cam Trad taking so much from their classes and forming such strong friendships over their time here. We hope all of our alumni will carry some strong and happy memories of their summer at Jesus.

So long for another year!

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Open Mic Night

Our Open Mic Night was one of the highlights of the program so far, as it highlighted the range of talented, funny and energetic people we have here at the Cam Trad (and that was just the staff performances). Students displayed their aptitude in a range of disciplines, from singing to poetry. It was amazing to see so many of the Cam Trad family there to support each other!20180801_210448

Art Showcase

Our Art Studio, Photography and Architecture were able to show off the fruits of their labour yesterday, as they hosted our Cambridge Tradition Exhibition! T

he event was well attended and well enjoyed by all who came to see the fabulous work our students have to offer. Although a high standard of work has come to be the norm over this summer, we were still stunned by the quality of the artworks that our students produced!

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The World since 1789

Our students in The World since 1789 delivered presentations on “The 2nd Republic and Spanish Civil War “ (Elena) ; “The Future of London,” (Bálint); “Hybrid Regimes” (Máté); “Black Ships and Japan” (Yuanxin); “The American Revolution (Liqiu); “The Partition of India” (Sheher); and “Weaponizing Time” (Cecily).

Every student dazzled and impressed instructor Harry and the assembled masses. Go History!

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Law Moot Court

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The Law class was brought to order yesterday in their own Moot Court. Our lawyers were able to put their work into practice in front  of our impartial jury. It was great to see that everybody has come so far and we hope everyone can take what they have learnt in Cam Trad into the future!

‘The Taming of Shrew’, Cam Trad style

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It was a dramatic evening at the Cam Trad yesterday, as we all sat down in anticipation to watch thespians display their work. Their production was Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ and suffice to say that the brilliant cast had us rolling in the aisles from the very beginning. This Congratulations on a job well done to our Cam Trad thespians and thanks for a great show!

Friendship Bracelet Finale

There are high ships, and there are low ships, but there are no ships like FRIENDship (bracelets). As we round the corner on our last week at Jesus College, we thought we could give everyone an opportunity to commemorate the close friendships formed this month. The event was well-attended and enjoyed by all!IMG_1655