Final Night Ball!

Before we waved goodbye to our wonderful cohort of students, Jesus College put on a candlelit formal meal and our Activities Director’s organised a Cambridge-style Ball. The students put on their formal wear and congregated in Chapel Court for a pre-dinner reception.

At the Ball we had inflatables, dancing, crepes, chocolate fountains, candyfloss, henna tattoos, face painting, sparklers, and more… Take a look below:

The Cambridge Tradition 2016 Awards Ceremony

Yesterday evening, we had a heartfelt Awards Ceremony here in Cambridge. The evening celebrated the success of all our students over the month; they have thrown themselves  into an academically rigorous course, participated in countless activities, and formed part of a wonderful community of students and staff.

The following students were awarded prizes for their contributions, spirit and dedication to the program and their classes:

– Program Director, Greg Gonzalez, awarded the ‘Generosity of Spirit Award’ to Taylor Huie and Atabong Kumbah.
– Maya Letsker and Samual Fernadez won the Activity Director’s prizes.
– Emily Sussman had a special mention for her dedication to early morning swimming.
– Owen Cam, Ansel Yap and Tanya Syngle won the spelling prizes.
– Thomas Owen for Speech and Debate
– Borte Youne for Advertising, Marketing and Consumer Culture.
– Yana Tatgenhorst for Astronomy and Astrophysics
– Angelina Frances for Art History
– Anna Barraque for Engineering
– Khalil Chahine for Medical Science
– Caroline Lavallee for Creative Writing
– Isabel Salin for Architecture
– Judith Offenberg and Shreya Dharmalingam for Espionage
– Michael Morris for English Literature
– Jennifer Zhang for Finance
– All the class for Modern History
– Taisia Pirogova for Drama
– Avery Zhang for Zoology
– Mia Lewis and George Lloyd for Photojournalism
– Jennifer Reiss for Psychology
– Isabel Salin for Computer Science
– Tanya Goiporia for Economics
– All the class for International Relations
– Amy Ward for Medicine and the Brain
– Sabina Vicente for Global Business
– Noah Ritter for Criminology
– CiCi (Yanyu) Zhou for Studio Art
– Patricia Kongoasa for Law
– Esperanza Real and Julia Steward-Wood for Genetics Major, and all three students from the Minor
– Albert Tres for the Finance Minor
– Eric Johnson for Behavioral Economics


Twists of Love – : A Drama Showcase of Shakespearean Moments

Our Drama Major and Minor students performed for the final time on Thursday evening, to an excited audience in Wesley Church. The show was a medley of Shakespeare’s most dramatic and darkest love stories and was exhibited as a combination of film and live performance. Extracts included scenes from Coriolanus, Titus Andronicus, Hamlet, and All’s Well That Ends Well.

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Law Moot

Our Law students clashed in a battle of wits during the end of program moot. The appellants won out, but the debate was fought fiercely by both sides, with our judges leaving deeply impressed. The case was as follows:

Bridget Jones is appealing her conviction for murder on the basis that the trial judge in Regina v Bridget Jones (2014) did not advise the jury that the defence of diminished responsibility was available to her. Ms Jones claims that her responsibility was diminished by virtue of the years of emotional and physical abuse she has suffered at the hands of Mr. Darcy. If the defence is successful, Ms. Jones’ murder conviction is to be quashed and she is to be convicted of manslaughter instead…

IMG_7682 IMG_7689

CamTrad’s Got Talent

Yesterday evening students from the Cambridge Tradition participated in the hotly anticipated Cam Trad Talent show. Featuring an impressive range of performances, the show was won by Megan and Gabriella’s duet.

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The evening also featured another prestigious Cam Trad event – the final of the University Challenge! The two most successful teams from qualifying battled it out to win the top prize.

Death to the Trusses…

Our engineering students have been lovingly and dutifully carrying the trusses (that they made in the first week) around with them – everywhere. The trusses have been taken to London, to Canterbury, around Cambridge; a couple of them even have their own instagram accounts to document their day-to-day activities.

Today was the day that the trusses died. The class tested the strength of their babies/trusses by weighing them down with buckets of water. Sadly, they kept going until the trusses were torn to pieces…