Focus on Locusts

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In Zoology today, students were able to witness their science in action, as they analysed the flight of a locust. Cam Trad’s budding zoologists observed the penate structure of the locusts legs and the movement of its wings, which can beat 25 times per second!




Well, football may not be coming home (yet) but there was a sporting display worthy of the World Cup in our very own Jesus College. There was determination, athleticism and skill on show, and that was just the staff team. ‘The Outlaws’ eventually emerged victorious in what proved to be a fun day on the pitch for all.

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An Insight into University Opportunities

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The Cambridge Tradition is all about expanding horizons and in aid of that we had some representatives from top UK universities, including St Andrew’s, Warwick, Leeds, Imperial College London, Edinburgh and King’s College London. We also held a Q&A about Oxbridge universities with a number of our members of staff who have attended either university. We were pleased to see a lot of enthusiastic students at both events!

The World Since 1789 in the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum

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Today, the World Since 1789 minor class went on a trip to Cambridge’s own Archaeology and Anthropology Museum! The class truly lived up to its name, as the group inspected exhibits from all over the globe, including some artefacts discovered right here in Cambridge. While enjoying the various displays that the museum had to offer, the class considered the arguments for and against repatriation of such artefacts to their nations of origin and will present their conclusions next week!

Cows of Cambridge

‘The fellows of King’s College voted in 1772 to let sheep munch down the grassy yard by the chapel, to maintain its “good and ornamental condition,” according to an official history on its website.

But sheep lack the gravitas of cattle, and “today, the cows carry out a similar function in a rather more decorous manner,” the same history concludes.’

Read on through this link to learn more about the urban-rural hybridity of Cambridge’s city centre and why the city is so unique!

Behavioural Economics

The class deep in discussion.

The behavioural economics class went for class today in the Roost cafe but class was still very much in session. There was a discussion on research methodology necessary for Behavioural Economics research results to be meaningful and valid. Students considered the importance of recognizing the difference between psychological factors that are cultural and those that are universal or “hard-wired” into all humans, all over a cup of coffee!