Our Oxpreppers are into the final stretch! Today was the last Minors class before our students depart on Thursday, and it’s been a hive of activity- students from all classes have been presenting some of their work from the last month (Quote from one of our students today: “A whole month?! Woah, time really does fly when you’re having fun, it feels like I’ve been here a week!” )

Our Studio Art minors displayed their creativity in both their still life paintings of fruit and a more contemporary pair of tennis shoes/sneakers/trainers (depending where in the world you hail from!)

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Our Architecture students meanwhile held an exhibition of a variety of technical drawings, 3D models of real London buildings and more abstract sculptures. 

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Our Computer Science and App Design class used SQL databases to create a recipe bank. SQL is supremely useful and its been amazing to see their skills come together!

Creative Writing have been working on short stories, turning them into e-books, creating illustrations to accompany them and today they performed them for a symposium in the Junior Common Room. Creative Writing 1Creative Writing 2

The Law & Society class held a Moot Court today, holding speeches from both sides of the oralists and including excellent rebuttals. Moot Court 1Moot Court 2

Our Business and Finance students finished up their course with a trip out for dinner and plenty of smiles- they’ve gone through macroeconomics and investment so choosing the right venue was a tactical decision!rhdr

Our Drama Minors enjoyed the delights of the Council Chamber in the Town Hall (more will be said about the fabulous Major play of Julius Caesar later on, performed in combined effort with our sister program the Oxford Tradition).

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The Psychology students took part in intense discussions regarding major questions in the field of psychology today.

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A huge thank you also to Leonie, the Psychology faculty member, for her efforts in compiling OxPrep’s first ever Scientific Journal! The OxBrain features some seriously impressive papers from each of our Psychology students, including sophisticated statistical analysis and hypothesis testing. Each student who is an author in the paper will have their own copy.


Our Speech and Debate minors enjoyed the end of their month of academic work by putting their debate skills to the test over more lighthearted topics, such as Queen v Justin Bieber, and where is definitively the best place to get lunch in town.

The Engineering minors got to present their Glider project!

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Genetics and Biotech have been looking at microogranisms and cells (we admit this is a bit beyond our bloggin admin team, but it all looks very cool).

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The last day for the students is tomorrow, where they will have their final dance and closing ceremony at the historic Sheldonian theatre. We’ve been so amazed to see what our students have done over the last month and we hope that when they make their way back home they will share their stories with you too!

Until tomorrow…

The Winner Takes It All

Warning: the following is not for the faint of heart!

Our Medical Science Major class were shown a demonstration of how to take blood today. Then, the students were able to try it out themselves.

Disclaimer: no dummies were hurt in the making of these photos.

Elsewhere, our students spent today preparing to present their final projects in their major and minor classes.

This afternoon, some of our students did some cupcake decoration. Look at how delicious they are!


Recently, we held our very own talent show. So many of our students joined up to showcase their skills and they brought the house down! They sung their hearts out and serenaded us with a variety of instruments.

Our Oxpreppers definitely have talent!

5 days left…

Today represented a more typical British weather, with drizzles of rain. Corpus Christi, the college where we are staying, hosted graduation ceremonies for its Oxford students, so we got to watch students chat with graduates at this lovely college!

After our drizzles we were honored to have our Activities Director Matt Bradley, give us a talk about Philosophy! Oxprep2019mattbradleytalk2Oxprep2019mattbradleytalk

And to end this final Saturday, we had another silent disco! The students never wanted it to end, and thanks to our amazing Activities Directors for the magical night!


Stay tuned to see how our Fourth and final week will begin!


These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

The Studio Art minor class took on a very original project today by painting a pair of sneakers! We saw some absolutely fantastic designs: a fiery gradient, a colourful rainbow, and an homage to Squidward Tentacles.

The Psychology students presented to their colleagues today on a variety of psychological disorders and then went on to interview more people in the town centre.

In the afternoon, our intrepid Oxpreppers let loose their energy and enjoyed some Sumo wrestling and gladiator jousting. Sibling rivalries were inflamed and awesome victories were witnessed!


Roll on the weekend!


Our students went on a heavily anticipated trip to London today. It was the hottest day of the year but our OxPreppers remained in high spirits throughout the day.

Our Literature & The Fantastic and Creative Writing majors went on a trip to the British Library (the largest national library in the world) and then went on the Book Barge – an eclectic bookshop floating on the River Thames.

Business & Finance majors visited the Bank of England museum before going boating on the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park!

Law and Society majors went on a tour of the Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey – which deals with criminal cases from across Greater London. Our students even had the opportunity to observe actual criminal proceedings!

Medical Science and Psychology majors visited the Wellcome Collection. In particular, they visited the ‘Psychology of Magic’ and ‘Medicine Man’ exhibitions which blew their minds!

Architecture majors went on a trip to visit the Tate Modern art gallery to examine, in specific, the Turbine Hall which is the largest closed exhibition space in the world.

The weather may have been record-breaking today but our students managed marvellously. They kept hydrated and made sure to cool off when necessary. All in all, this has been a day to remember!

8 days left…

Today was another beautifully sweltering day in Oxford, and our Oxpreppers took full advantage of it! They’re gearing up for the very exciting trips to London tomorrow.

In our extra curricular activities, we accessed our inner zen with the help of a wonderful tai-chi instructor. Here are some photos of the students harmonising on our lawns.

taichi 3

Spirits also ran high in another round of football in the University Parks, with teams getting fiercely competitive. More photos to follow!
The Psychology class majors this morning are preparing their own research projects. We also got wind that the Engineering majors might be **SPOILER ALERT** building Robots for a Battle Royale against the Oxford Tradition Engineering majors at the end of the course.

psych 1
psych 2

Meanwhile, the Business and Finance majors took a trip to St Hughs.hughs trip
All our students have been reminded about the need for water and sunscreen tomorrow as we take part in an exciting piece of history- tomorrow will be the hottest recorded day for England ever!

Until tomorrow…