We’ve come, to the end of the road…

It was quite the final day at the OxPrep. Several classes held conferences and presentations:  Medical Science and Biotech came together for a medical conference, where they discussed various case studies, while psychology presented their research projects. Meanwhile, many of the other classes had completed their final presentations yesterday, thus they celebrated their success by having picnics, playing creative games, and enjoying their last few hours together.

After an afternoon of tidying rooms and packing, our Preppers came down to the Third Quad dressed to the nines, ready for our final banquet, awards ceremony, and dance.

Our teachers were so impressed with our students, they all admitted to having a difficult time choosing their award winners! But, choose they did and what a talent group of students they are! And Aaric L was rewarded for all his participation and assistance with the activities with the Activities Award.

Class Student
Architecture (Minor) Elizabeth F
Biotechnology (Major) Catherine M
Business and Finance (Major) William Ma
Computer Science & App Design (Minor) Aria A
Creative Writing (Major) Peter Z
CSI Oxford (Major) Vanessa W
Drama (Minor) Grayson B
Engineering (Major) Visal S
Genetics (Minor) Rajshree U
International Relations (Major) Alex N
Journalism & Modern Media (Major) Katie J
Law and Society (Major) Maria G
Literature and the Fantastic (Major) Annabelle K
Medical Science (Major) Arhum N
Philosophy (Minor) Maddie C
Photography (Minor) Caroline L
Psychology (Major) Kate R
Speech & Debate (Major) Aanya A
Studio Art (Major) Sofia L

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Following the awards, our crew headed to town hall to dance the night away. Please visit our instagram feed @oxprep for more photos!

The dance was grand fun, but, the Prepper fun had to come to a close. They said their goodbyes, gave lots of hugs, and then tucked into bed to get a wee bit of sleep before their flights in the morning.

We’ve a busy day of departures tomorrow, until then!

Performance Tuesday

As program begins to wind down our classes culminate in a series of presentations and performances. Our highlights of today were our Engineering class demonstrating their glider during assembly, and then a full tour de force of several other classes creations.

In the Ruskin School of Art, Studio Art, Architecture, Photography, Literature and the Fantastic and Creative Writing displayed their creations from over the program.

In the Corpus Theatre and the Harris Seminar Room, Speech and Debate and Law and Society demonstrated their skills as interlocutors. While in the Rhodes Building, CSI designed a crime scene that students had to solve.

Throughout the quads, the Drama class performed a selection of scenes that focused upon the supernatural in Shakespeare.

All in all, they were tremendous sights to be seen!

Tomorrow is our final day of program and the students will be involved in their last major classes, cleaning up, but most certainly, the Preppers are looking forward to their final dance!

Lip Smackin’ Sunday

It was a quiet day around Oriel Campus as it was our #adventuresunday. Students were encouraged to head out into town and see something new.

In the afternoon, the main highlight of the day was our “Master Chef” desert decorating contest. The students were challenged with cupcake decorating for the first round. The creations were out of this world!

The second round was a create your own tart contest – there were many interpretations of what these tarts should be.

Everyone did an amazing job… and the best part was that everything tasted fantastic!

It is the last week and we have many fun presentations and wrap up activities planned for the students!!

OxPrep’s Got Talent!!!

‘OxPrep’s Got Talent’ generated laughter, cheers and heartfelt moments as students and staff were treated to a series of amazing performances.

The night kicked off with Cam’s daring aerial hoop display; he threw some incredible shapes and contorted his body in crazy directions to the beat of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA’. CompSci tutor Clara read out an emotive poem that she’d written, and the OxPrep admin staff performed an “outstanding” rendition of ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’.

But, unsurprisingly, it was the students who stole the show. Anna, Annabelle and Eva hit the high notes with their gorgeous singing, and Ella combined vocals with impressive piano playing during her beautiful cover of Kodaline’s ‘All I Want’, which brought a tear to the eyes of many. Jada and Grayson got us giggling with their stand-up comedy show and Emily took our breath away with her admirable and entertaining magic tricks.

The top three performances will be announced by Cam and Steph in our assembly this week, but it will be a close call as they were all fantastic. It was a glorious evening with a colourful array of talents; the performers should all feel very proud of themselves.

Skating through Saturday

Saturday may have started a little grey and rainy looking, but it certainly did not end up being so!

The Majors were doing some pretty awesome things this morning, from growing synthetic muscle and fat tissue in Biotech, to Business and Finance explaining their portfolio management! Literature and the Fantastic discussed animals and their role in fantastical literature, Creative Writing prepared their pieces for publication, Engineering built some new wings for their planes, Journalism critiqued each other’s stories, and Medical Science had a visiting lecturer.

After major and assemblies, about half the program headed to the Oxford Ice rink for some skating! This is one of the best activities as some of our Preppers have never seen an ice rink let alone skated. Everyone was supportive, helpful, and having a good laugh as they gained ice time.

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Several other Preppers headed off on the Salters Steamers Boat Cruise and had a scenic trip along the Isis. Afterwards, Jorge, our Engineering teacher brought in an excellent guest speaker who discussed Nuclear Fusion with the students.

Tomorrow, as it is Sunday, will be a relatively relaxed day with some activities in the evening! Until then!

More London fun… and the Day after!

Check out our CSI and Engineering Crew while in London, as well as the Law and Society group wandering through the sights.

The Preppers took their enthusiasm from the London trip and carried it into their major and minors today. Many classes are preparing themselves for presentations and final projects coming up next week on Tuesday.

The afternoon activities were on point – with the last round of punting and fencing.

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In the evening, some Preppers headed to see “Swallows and Amazons” in UniParks… and we had the summer’s first rain!

OxPrep Takes London!

Like the main theme song from “The Lego Movie” – Everything Was Awesome!  when we were in London today. From quick drive in our coaches from Oxford to Marble Arch to the amazing sights we saw, London was an awesome day for everyone!

The variety of sights that our students visited were plentiful and diverse.

  • International Relations went to the Imperial War Museum
  • Medical Science headed to the Science Museum and then did some paddle boating in Hyde Park.
  • Law and Society attended a public court case hearing.
  • Psychology visited the Freud Museum and the Welcome Trust Centre
  • Creative Writing went to the Tate Modern, along with Literature and the Fantastic, Journalism, and Studio Art, additionally enjoying a feast of a picnic from Borough Market and taking in classic sites like the Globe Theatre as they walked along the Thames
  • Business and Finance also did some paddle boating in Hyde Park after their visit to the Bank of England Museum
  • Biotech took in the Natural History Museum, the V&A, and the British Museum.
  • Speech and Debate went to Westminster, Westminster Abby, Big Ben (under reconstruction), Buckingham Palace, the Queens Gallery and saw treasures collected from the Subcontinent during the 18th & 19th Century, Piccadilly Circus, and topped it all off with a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe London.

More pictures to come as we receive them!