The Countdown Is On!

Hello OxPreppers!

Welcome to the first of what will be many blog postings over the week leading up to and during your time in Oxford at The Prep!
In the next few days there will be several posts to provide you with information regarding what to bring, what to expect, what to look forward to, as well as some introductions to the admin team and the teaching faculty.

During your stay, the OxPrep Blog will be a place for you and your parents to see some of the highlights that are captured each day; and we will be inviting you OxPreppers to share some of your thoughts, experiences, and photos for the blog as well.

The admin team has been gathering over the last couple of days in preparation for your arrival on July 1st. Setting up the office, preparing welcome packs, and planning out activities are just a few of the things that we’ve been up to in the last 24 hours.

We invite you to browse through the OxPrep’s blog from past summers to gather an idea of things you can expect to see and do while you are here – we hope that it increases your excitement about coming!

For Sunday night, thanks for checking us out, we’ll be seeing you soon,

The OxPrep Blog Squad

Third Quad of Oriel – Soon to be the centre of your OxPrep activities!


Thank You and Good Night

Hello OxPreppers! Most of you have arrived back home by now, back to the lives that you temporarily put on hold to come to OxPrep and just for a little while experience what life could be like as an Oxford student. Experience something that is unique and hopefully life changing. Perhaps you had never before had to do your own laundry, or make so many choices about where to eat lunch. Maybe you never had the chance to see so many historical places in one place before, or get to experience seeing Shakespeare or do improv comedy. But, hopefully, and most importantly, this experience helped you forge new friendships with people from all around the world, creating bonds that will last for many years to come, and hopefully inspire you to learn more about the people and world around you.

The office is being packed up,  activities stored, posters taken down, the JCR put back in order. Though we may not physically be in Oriel or at Oxprep now, the spirit of what was created here will always live on as long as you allow it to. Happy and Safe summer to you all.

Love, your OxPrep Team

Chen, Robert, Gus, Will, Michalina, Dan, Deans Van, Cook, and Morgan, and Poppa P.


Awards Night, Dinner and Dance

The final day has reared its face, and like Poppa P warned, it is the toughest day. There were a few remaining presentations to show – most notably, Business and Communications, who made their pitches to an eager audience.


After assembly, students headed to their rooms for packing, and were rewarded for swift tidying with a trio of chocolate fountains!

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The evening came, and saw our Preppers transform into glamorous gents and gals for our closing ceremonies. After a lovely sit down dinner, we headed to St. Mary’s Church for our awards presentations.

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All our students were fabulous and put forth their best. There were a few who shone just a little bit more in a variety of unique ways. Here are our award winners


Studio Art – Christine L.


Architecture – Mercy G.


Biotechnology – Faith S.


Business and Finance – Samuel R.


Business Communication – Sheel D.


Computer Science Tomas G.


Creative Writing – Emma D.


CSI Oxford – Theodore L.


Drama – Olivia M.


Empires – Evelina K.


Engineering – Andrew M.


Genetics – Xin Yue L.


International Relations – Julia L.


Latin – Francesca T.


Law and Society – Chelli S.


Literature and the Fantastic – Alyssa L-K.


Medical Science – Lana G


Philosophy – Olivia O.


Photography – Kat S


Psychology – Sophia C.


Robotics – Sheel D.


Speech and Debate – Alex M.


War in World History – William S.


Activities – Jack L.

After the awards were done, the Preppers headed to the beautiful Town Hall for our last dance complete with buffet-o-snacks and amazing Photobooth!

The Preppers then came back to Third Quad to hug it out and say some good byes… which continued into the early morn as students got up to see their friends off on the buses.

It’s been a wonderful program, and we are all sad to say our good-byes. There will be a few final posts as we find photos that we may have missed.


Tremendous Talents on Tap for Tuesday

This Tuesday saw many final projects being presented to groups large and larger!

Law and Society had their mock trial, seeing the defense protect their defendants.

Engineering tested their bridges.

Business and Finance presented their pitches.

The amazing events were the Arts and Science exhibition and the Drama’s production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

All the students were able to see the play and take in all the wonderful displays from photography, studio art, architecture, biotechnology, and Literature and the Fantastic.

We will be posting a link to the dramatic production on YouTube shortly.

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Master Chef Monday!

What a masterful Monday! Students were demonstrating their mastery of their majors as well as their minors, and showing off their magnificent culinary skills in a dessert-making contest.

Today’s photos feature our Studio Art major who are preparing for their show tomorrow. The Architecture class gave their final presentations and received feedback from their guest speaker and judge.

We also have photos from the Master Chef rounds, learn-to-crochet, and students relaxing in the Third Quad.

Tomorrow will feature our arts and sciences exhibition as well as some excerpts from the play.

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Talent Show!

Today was our last Sunday at OxPrep and the students took full advantage of their free time to explore the city and create some last memories with the amazing friends they’ve made over the course of the month.
In the evening we had our annual OxPrep Talent Show! We were graced with so many wonderful acts by the students where they showcased amazing and surprising abilities.

Below is a video of some of the performances!