A Fond Farewell to OxPrep 2021!

Students were awake and gathering as early as 5:30 this morning to say goodbye to each other and to board their buses. It’s been a great summer, everyone! Safe journey home! We miss you already!

Nathaniel’s safely at the airport and ready to board!

From all of us on the OxPrep Program, it was a pleasure to spend our summer with you! Best wishes for a great school year ahead! See you on another Oxbridge Program in the future!

Byyyyeee, everyone! A final farewell from the Pelican and Director Morgan. We hope that OxPrep and Corpus Christi will always have a place in your heart. We will miss you!

OxPrep Talent Show!

An amazing array of talent was on display on our last night — singing, dancing, and even molding noses in clay! It was a perfect way to wrap up the program! Below are pictures and video snippets of all the acts!

AD Gina and Dean Denise led two singalongs: “I Have a Dream” by Abba and “Love Story” by Taylor Swift:

Click on the videos below to catch parts of the great acts!

A ballet duo:

Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”:

A dramatic enactment of Clifford the Big Red Dog:

A magnificent piano performance:

A one-handed handstand:

Contemporary Dance:

Song, dance, rap, and laughter with a Pitch Perfect medley:

A version of Lewis Capaldi’s “Forever”:

The nose knows:

“Vienna” by Billy Joel:

Ridley, Shonaugh, and Gina sang “Jackie and Wilson” by Hozier:

And Zijian wowed everyone with the swingin’ “Kick in the Head”:

OxPrep Dinner Party

The festivities continued with a seated formal dinner in hall. The portrait of the college’s founder, Hugh Oldham, looked on in appreciation of the final night of a special summer experience.

Faculty were also honored at the center table. Seated below are those from Business, Engineering, Medicine, Literature, Creative Writing, and Photography.

Faculty members in this photo above taught Psychology and International Relations.

Below, Program Assistants Ridley and Maddie sat with a group of students and kept them in stitches!

And Director Morgan presided over the head table!

An Oxford Art Gallery

A picture is worth 1,000 words, they say. If so, these images represent the totality of the OxPrep experience well! Our two Photography Minors students kindly made their favorite images available to us to post as a gallery. Enjoy!

Juliana’s Favorites:

Mariam’s Favorites:

OxPrep Minors Presentations

“You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things.” — Nate Berkus

Students pursed their passions with their Minors at the OxPrep. These afternoon presentations began with a formal debate for all to see, and ended with a rotation so everyone could appreciate all the classes.

Speech and Debate/Law and Society

These two classes teamed up and put on a formal debate on the topic of Cancel Culture. While it was a little nerve wracking to present in front of the entire group, all of the students prepared and presented admirably!

Engineering Minor

The two Engineering Minor students presented their products, mechanical drawings, posters, and 3-D printed sample.

International Relations

International Relations hosted a Model United Nations with each student representing a country.

Creative Writing

CW held a poetry reading in their favorite room, the Junior Commons Room.

Psychology Minors

As with the Majors students, this class worked on case studies and diagnosis and presented their treatment plans. Additionally, they enacted a mock therapy session.


Photography Minors focused on seeing Oxford through the lens, to showcase unseen or small fragments that others might not appreciate. They played with pigment, cyanotype, color, and black and white photography.

A MAJOR Exhibition, OxPrep Style!

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

Students should be proud of themselves for an amazing day showcasing their learning over the last month! They are truly becoming the next generation’s leaders.

Today we were on a rotating schedule so that students could not only present to share their learning, but also attend others’ presentations to see what their friends were up to all month. Here are some highlights that only show a fraction of their amazing achievements!


Students in engineering showcased their new products with professional posters, mechanical drawings, prototypes of their work done on the 3-D printer, and even a website selling their designs. They all created useful inventions, including a handheld electric pencil sharpener, binoculars that use smart technology to tell the user what species they are seeing, and a “Smudge Stopper” to help lefties avoid smudging pen and pencil on paper.

Literature and the Fantastic

Fantastical worlds were on display in this class! Our writers shared their stories via slide shows and told about their favorite aspects of the class. Students wrote full narratives with multiple characters, conflicts, and unique fantasy elements to populate their worlds.

Business and Finance

Business and Finance Majors pulled out all the stops for their presentation of their Financial Company, DolFin Tech . They presented a slide show with a video, their website, financial analyses, and they even showed off their spiffy new sweatshirts with the company logo! Their savvy question-and-answer format made even their most complex graphics very understandable.


In Psychology, students were given one of three different case studies. They created plans for how they would diagnose the patient, what kind of treatment they would offer, and how they would be able to tell when patients were ready to move on from treatment. They showed impressive skills and empathy in their presentations.

Medical Science

“It’s a great day to save lives!” – Grey’s Anatomy

In Medical Science, students created stations where they showed off their new skills — CPR, taking blood pressure, putting in an IV, and suturing. They are our future doctors and researchers!

Singing’ to “Stayin’ Alive” to help keep the beat for CPR.

“I Walk the Line”

And here are some pictures to show classes moving within the quad from location to location. In all, a successful morning!