OxPrep Takes London!

Like the main theme song from “The Lego Movie” – Everything Was Awesome!  when we were in London today. From quick drive in our coaches from Oxford to Marble Arch to the amazing sights we saw, London was an awesome day for everyone!

The variety of sights that our students visited were plentiful and diverse.

  • International Relations went to the Imperial War Museum
  • Medical Science headed to the Science Museum and then did some paddle boating in Hyde Park.
  • Law and Society attended a public court case hearing.
  • Psychology visited the Freud Museum and the Welcome Trust Centre
  • Creative Writing went to the Tate Modern, along with Literature and the Fantastic, Journalism, and Studio Art, additionally enjoying a feast of a picnic from Borough Market and taking in classic sites like the Globe Theatre as they walked along the Thames
  • Business and Finance also did some paddle boating in Hyde Park after their visit to the Bank of England Museum
  • Biotech took in the Natural History Museum, the V&A, and the British Museum.
  • Speech and Debate went to Westminster, Westminster Abby, Big Ben (under reconstruction), Buckingham Palace, the Queens Gallery and saw treasures collected from the Subcontinent during the 18th & 19th Century, Piccadilly Circus, and topped it all off with a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe London.

More pictures to come as we receive them!

London – here we come!

Today is our trip to London! All the Preppers are very excited for this day and all the amazing things their teachers have planned for them.

When we return tonight, we will have a massive posting of events from not only today but the last two days, as we have been a little radio silent.

The buses (and London) are calling!

The OxPrep Team

Chess & Presentations – Wednesday

It was a day of presentations here at Oriel on the Prep.

CSI – Oxford majors enjoyed a guest speaker, Adam Allen, member of NYPD undercover subway crew, and the minors presented on various current law enforcement topics.

Drama minors are prepping for their production next week.

In the afternoon, Oxford alumni Max Lau, Ph.D., presented a talk entitled “Does History Repeat Itself? The Byzantine Empire to Trump” to the Preppers at Corpus Christi College.

Wednesday rounded out with some chess lessons with resident Renaissance man, David Benedictus.

Major Mixer & Medieval Weapons – Tuesday

On Tuesday, the Preppers experienced major class with another teacher. Indicating their preferences earlier in the week, each student could choose from among any other course offerings, such as CSI, Psychology, Philosophy, Speech & Debate, Computer Science, Drama, Creative Writing and International Relations (among others). It was an exciting morning of new material.

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After lunch, everyone enjoyed hearing from a visiting faculty member in creative writing, David Benedictus, who has had a long and illustrious career with both OxBridge Academic Programs and in his “day jobs.”

Tuesday was rounded out with a visit from Magnus, a medieval weapons expert who has advised filmmakers with his expertise. Students and staff both were intrigued. Interesting note: Magnus makes many of these weapons (and jokes) himself!

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A Cloudy (But Creative) Monday

Over the weekend, Literature and the Fantastic majors visited the grave of J.R.R. Tolkien in the nearby village of Wolvercote.

Speaking of fantastic, our third week got off to a fantastic start with a Monday full of arts, crafts and friendly competition.

Business & Finance Minor got entrepreneurial today by successfully creating their own business pitches for a mock ‘Shark Tank’ show. They presented with enthusiasm, confidence and flair. A particularly striking invention was a sports helmet that detects concussion, created by Emily and Ronac. Watch out Kevin O’Leary, these inventions could be on the market in no time!


Architecture Minor sketched the iconic Radcliffe Camera Library today, one of the most beautiful buildings in Oxford if not England.

Out in Third Quad, Computer Science minor continued learning to code, harmonising fresh air with technology!

Steph and Cam offered the kids a whole host of exciting activities this afternoon, from clay modelling and origami to yet MORE punting! The students got creative on the lawn, crafting some colourful animals and exercising their origami prowess.

Third quad also played host to an impromptu chest tournament today when David Benedictus threw down the gauntlet and promised a monetary prize to anyone who could beat him. Creative writing student Peter Zhang stepped up to the board and beat him valiantly, breaking David’s alleged three-year winning streak.


Tomorrow, the preppers will experience an exciting major mixer. Stay tuned!

Slow Down Sunday – a focus on Law and Society in Photos

Sundays are pretty relaxed; sleep-ins, brunches, heading to church services, chilling out on the lawn, and heading out on #adventuresunday.

Students enjoyed watching Wimbledon and the World Cup Finals, cheering emphatically with each goal. They also honed their gaming skills, both with traditional games like chess and some more modern cooperative card games.


Law and Society so kindly shared a number of photos that their teacher, Tsvetelina, took of their class in action.  She reports “A week full of debates, presentations and moot courts for Law and Society, with topics from the prohibition of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment through the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion to the legality of lethal autonomous weapons under Public International Law.”

Saturday Night Fever!

What a super Saturday here at the OxPrep! The sun continues to shine (though thankfully, not quite as hot as before) on our program and the students are all beaming with smile as well!

Here are some highlights from today:

  • Creative Writing was graced with a special lesson from Mr. David Benedictus, who is a former Prep teacher, author of the Winnie the Pooh sequel among many other books, a playwright, director, and member of the BBC.
  • Engineering continued to make adjustments to their glider planes and test them.
  • Studio Art and Journalism joined together to enjoy a presentation from a guest artist, Agata Warecken, who shared with them several impressive pieces from her portfolio.
  • Business and Finance received a lesson regarding currencies and economies – followed by a football match in the park.
  • Speech and Debate paired up with Law and Society for a debate.

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    After major, we had our bi-weekly, Saturday assembly, to give some shout outs, smiles, reminders, and of course, celebrate birthdays! The afternoon was a chance for our Preppers to relax, hangout, enjoy some strawberries and cream while watching tennis, and to challenge Mr. Benedictus to some chess!

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    In the evening, the OxPrep crew had their first dance – a Neon Bop! The Third Quad was transformed into a staging area as the Preppers painted their faces, arms, legs, and hands with black light sensitive paint. Sporting their tie-dyed shirts from last week and a variety of other bright and white clothing, they headed to the venue for their dance party. Activities Directors Cam and Steph had prepared a fantastic set-up for the Preppers to dance the evening away to – lights, music, balloons, glow sticks – what more could one need at a neon bop?! It was a great event, and the students were left excited for the next time that they get to have another dance!

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