Culminating Evening Amazingness

It was an amazing last day at the Seminar with final projects and class celebrations. There were final debates, “war games”, recitals, poster presentations, and more!

The afternoon was filled with activities galore – punting, a trip to the Bodleian and to the Pitt Rivers Museum.

The evening saw our Seminar Students getting dressed in their best and enjoying a lovely formal dinner at hall followed by award ceremonies.

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The following students were our award winners:

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After formal dinner all students headed to the dance!!!


Super Supreme Saturday

As our English Literature class discussed, poetry can be found in a variety of mediums and serves a variety of purposes. Our classes were poetry in motion as the majors were beginning to wrap up and finalise their projects and presentations. Medicine was dissecting lungs today, International Relations continued their United Nations conference, Law created their own sets of laws, and Business worked on their plans.

Minors continued in full force and the classes took to the gardens to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunshine.

The afternoon was filled with a talk by our founder and director, Professor James Basker, about poetry and the abolition movement. This was followed by a Fete in the gardens, complete with “splat the rat”, limbo, and jousting. The seminar students were treated to a cookout, ice creams, strawberries, popcorn and slushies. The fete was followed by an open mic session where the students showed off some of their talents.

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Tomorrow we look forward to the closing ceremonies, final projects, and our Best of Britain Bop!

Heart Stopping Friday

Today on the Seminar the Medical Science class followed their hearts and passions through a great lesson – dissection and suturing sheep hearts. The students also learned how to take blood pressure readings.

The English Lit class had an adventure around town visiting some of Oxford’s most historic and popular locations.

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In the afternoon, the Students were treated to two excellent talks: one about college life and admissions from various Oxford students, and the second about social media and historical sites by Luke Berryman. Additionally, several students took a trip to Oxford Castle to see how it has transformed from a Norman Castle to a 20th century prison, to a boutique hotel!

Overall it was a glorious day in Oxford and the students’ smiles were as bright as the sun!

Throw Dice Thursday

The die has been cast! Students enjoyed British boards games this evening including but not limited to Oxford-themed Monopoly and also relished the chance of a sunny change in weather for a very British field trip to Bleinheim Palace. The Duke of Marlborough sends his regards…

Classes continue to progress swimmingly: students in Genetics dissected mice (N.B. no mice were hurt in this demonstration as they all were already dead), investigated texting as a form of free verse in English literature, and even reenacted a United Nations summit. As for afternoon electives, Professor Basker dazzled students with his prestidigitation of Oxford trivia on a walking tour through the city’s most magical sites. Students were also treated to a glimpse of Rhodes House by another Rhodes Scholar and Seminar instructor. Those who wanted to give improv a chance also had the opportunity to find their voice on stage to improve their public speaking.

We cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds for our students, and hope for the good fortune of more good weather.


“A Merry Tune” and a Splendid Afternoon

If music be the food of love, students had their fill at Wadham College where they saw Love’s Labour’s Lost performed by the Oxford Shakespeare Company. Students will be sure to remember the 70s rendition of this timeless classic as well as the rain spells that marked the evening’s standout performances.

Earlier in the morning, students attended a lecture by Professor Basker about the major texts and contexts of Shakespeare. Among themes discussed, students wrestled with the idea of Shakespeare’s impermanence and how he manages to escape the confines of a single character. That lack of authorial voice was quite present in the range of talents the students saw at Wadham’s gardens.

Students, of course, also undertook a full day of majors and minors with equal vigour and curiosity. Notably, students enrolled in Genetics played the role of detective as they determined the extent to which DNA could vindicate a party in a legal case. In economics, the class grappled with game theory in a memorable activity.

The Oxford Seminar also enjoyed a lecture from Cllr. David Pope of Abingdon-on-Thames about the UK college process. Mr. Pope is an alumnus of New College, University of Oxford and coordinator of college admissions at the Abingdon School, one of the oldest independent schools in England. Many students asked him about how the interview process at Oxford and Cambridge works as well as how Oxbridge admissions compares to admissions for the Ivy League.

As sung by the cast at the end of Love’s Labour’s Lost, students enjoyed today’s “merry tune” and look forward to another lovely (although, hopefully, less wet) day tomorrow.

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Fabulous first day at Oxford Seminar!

What a great first day on the Oxford Seminar! We began with the assembly where Professor Basker gave a short introduction to the history of Corpus Christi College and introduced our amazing faculty. The students got to know their major teachers better during their first class and enjoyed their first round of minor classes in the afternoon. You can see the photos taken by our Program Assistant, Nikki below.

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After their minor classes students were divided into groups and sent out on the Oxford Quest to explore the most iconic and quirky places in Oxford. All groups did a great job orienting themselves around town as you can see from the photos!

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In the evening our Activities Directors – Jared and Alice – prepared a packed schedule. Some students joined Professor Basker for a guided tour around Oxford, others went to see a play, Emma, and the music lovers enjoyed the piano recital in the Sheldonian Theatre and music by candlelight in the Exeter College chapel.

The Oxford Seminar Begins

Welcome to the Oxford Seminar!

Students arrived from all corners of the world to our campus, Corpus Christi, eager and excited to start the program. Upon arrival to college, they were greeted by the staff, settled into their rooms, and then taken on tours about town.

Though it was a fairly relaxed day, the students are quickly settling in the routines – coming to dinner in the hall, checking in, hanging out in the Junior Common Room. They are quickly making friends and getting to know the campus. Students had an assembly with the live-in faculty to get a 24-hour “survival guide” before checking and tucking into bed for the night.

Tomorrow students are hitting the ground running with first majors, minors, and their “Discover Oxford” scavenger hunt!