Saturday on the Seminar

Today the Business Major had a trade debate and discussed the financial crisis before heading out for a celebratory pizza. The Psychology class followed suit with tea at the Rose tearoom.IMG_2501 (1).JPG

This afternoon students played football in Christ Church Meadows while others enjoyed a tour of Christ Church College. We also saw our first ever OxSem Karaoke in the Corpus Christi auditorium, as students showcased their talents with enthusiastic performances.

This evening our students donned their best clothes for a reception in the college cloisters and Fellows Garden, ahead of a formal dinner in the hall. Teachers gave out awards to to their top students and recognised the excellence of all students this week.

Following the dinner it was party time, with the auditorium decked out in disco finery. The photobooth once again gave the opportunity for lasting mementos, as did our ‘Wall of Memories’, where students left notes for each other in envelopes to take home. A suitable ending to a wonderful week!

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Friday at the Summer Seminar

Alas, the penultimate day of the Oxford Summer Seminar has arrived! Today the Business class visited the impressive Saïd Business School, while the Psychology listened to guest speaker Will Jefferson talk on the psychology of empathy.




Some of our students went for a walk around idyllic Christ Church Meadows before a visit to the Alice in Wonderland themed Alice’s Shop and a traditional English tea, while touch rugby and the opportunity to mess about on muddy fields proved wildly popular once again.

This evening students and staff alike went to see Macbeth performed at the Oxford Castle – an atmospheric setting for an electric show.IMG_0173.JPG

‘Messing About in Boats’

This morning the weather was glorious, just in time for our punting expedition.

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Our ‘Deep Oxford’ trip for Double Majors started at the Bodleian Library, the main research library of Oxford University. Students were also toured round the Weston library, and the Divinity School, a medieval building purpose-built in the 13th century for lectures and oral exams, specifically on theology.

Tonight students discussed college applications with members of our faculty and administrative team.  A BBQ was served in the Fellow’s Garden to capture some of the summer spirit, before a sunset river walk, and the promise of a British Film Night.



‘A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine’

Majors got off to a great start today as the Economics and Psychology classes had a lively joint lesson on behavioural economics, discussing market failures, and collaborative vs individualist societies. Students rose to the challenge of discussing their differing viewpoints to create a highly successful lesson. The Medicine major visited the John Radcliffe Hospital for this week’s major students to have a turn suturing a lamb’s heart!

The Medicine minor continued this hands on approach with a lesson involving CPR practice in the auditorium.DSCN5896

In typical English fashion, the summer weather resembled a rainy autumnal day. In consideration of this we elected to punt in tomorrow’s predicted sunshine, so instead students were treated to a tour of the Ashmolean Museum, the University’s museum of art and archaeology. Founded in 1683, it houses an extraordinarily diverse collection.


DSCN6182DSCN6179Ferris Bueller’s Day off was screened in the auditorium for those who preferred to hide from the weather.

This evening students attended a talk with Luka Katic in Corpus Christi Auditorium – ‘Empathy: Good or Bad?’. We’re looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow!

Tuesday on the Summer Seminar

Today while others enjoyed their Minors, our Double Majors visited St Mary’s Church in another ‘Deep Oxford’ session, and climbed the famous tower!

Cricket this afternoon proved resoundingly popular once again, and the weather held out to see our students display some outstanding sportsmanship.

Others who felt like a somewhat more leisurely activity went on a visit to Blackwell’s, Oxford’s finest bookshop. The shops boasts a total stock of 160,000 books on over three miles of bookshelves! Several students then continued on to join others for tea at the Grand Café.

This evening marked the event of our second Trivia Night, as the PA-ADs rose to the challenge of coming up with new questions with which to test our resilient students.

The evening also saw another visit to Exeter College Chapel for an evening of ‘Early Music by Candlelight’ for our music lovers.

Roll on Wednesday!DSCN5568.JPG