Medicine, Human Rights, and Business Majors

Medicine Major

Today in the Medicine major, students used stethoscopes to check the vital signs of their classmates. This included learning how to first use the stethoscope and ultimately checking the blood pressure.


Human Rights Major

Yesterday, the human rights major students went on a tour of the United Nations. While there, they learned about the basic rights given to all mankind.


Business Major

Yesterday in class, students continued working on their business plans and pitch decks in teams. While today, they had a trip to Wall Street to see the NYSE and the Bull.

Wall Street:


Business Plans:


Night at the Museum

Tonight at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, our students had the opportunity to experience one of the most famous collections of art in the world. Ranging from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and cutting edge contemporary paintings, students were able to peruse the hallowed halls of the museum together to find something that could please everyone!


Major Classes Field Trips Today

Today, several majors had class outside of the classroom. These trips included visiting the Museum of Jewish Heritage and the United Nation Headquarters.

Psychology – Museum of Jewish Heritage

Students visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage where they compared different artifacts in the museum to psychology. Specifically, they focused on the bystander effect, norms, and prejudice as it connects to psychology.


International Relations – United Nations Headquarters

Students visited the United Nations Headquarters to learn about the relationship between the United States and other nations.  Specifically, students met with a representative from the Bahá’í Faith department where they learned about the process of obtaining world peace through reform and advocacy.