OxTrad Photography Competition Entries

They’ve had a month to marinate in the beauty and culture of Oxford, absorb the mix of historic and modern aesthetics… and these influences and contrasts show in the diversity of entries to the OxTrad Photography Competition.

They’ve submitted flora, fauna, and a mysterious gentleman in stockings. You can see skylines, horizons, and sunsets – and proof of our students having a lot of fun!

Categories were Best Portrait, Oxford Scene, and Activities. The winners of the OxTrad Photography Competition will be announced this evening at the Closing Ceremony. Good luck to all involved!

OxTrad Arts Exhibition!

The OxTrad Talent Show was a glorious demonstration of our students’ creative abilities, but it could only ever show off a small cross-section. Tonight at the OxTrad Arts Exhibition, we all got to see the breadth of talent that exists in our Photography, Studio Art, Architecture, and Robotics classes.

A success all round!

Worth One Thousand Words

Our students signed up to a photo walk led by Vikram Kushwah, with the assignment of ‘Self Portraiture and the Cityscape’. In other words, each student was expected to take self portraits but their primary subject was the cityscape or urban landscape.

They had to capture life in a city (streets, cafes, buildings) while including themselves in the pictures in the form of reflections on windows, mirrors, water or any other reflective surfaces – no selfie sticks or self timers of course.

This session was inspired by the works of posthumously famous American photographer Vivian Maier, who spent decades capturing very interesting urban scenes in America and Europe. The peculiar thing about her work was that she had a ghost like presence in a lot of them.

She is often compared to the magical Mary Poppins!

Ellie Grefenstette

Ellie Grefenstette

Ellie Grefenstette

Amelia Stacey

Anastasia Bleu

Anastasia Bleu

Anastasia Bleu

Osbert Ichabod

Pedro Larrea Ochoa

Christina Chan

Christina Chan

Samuel Barrett

Defne Demirdelen

Creative Writing and Photography Team Up!

Humans of oxford
The Creative Writing and Photography majors paired up on Monday for a Humans of Oxford assignment. In pairs–one student from photography and one student from creative writing–they went into Oxford city center to learn more about some of the strangers around them. Their conversations resulted in beautiful first person accounts of the human experience, coupled with stunning portraits of beautiful strangers.
To see their interactions, check out the collection on the Creative Writers’ website:

A Study Of Bourdin

This week, the photography major studied the works of one of the most ground breaking fashion photographers of the 20th century, French photographer and artist Guy Bourdin.

Bourdin broke all norms and traditions which the other masters followed. He was almost a rebel in his own right. His fashion spreads and advertising campaigns were evocative, provocative, sexually charged, highly mysterious, and almost sinister; without any obvious signs of horror or sex. The students studied his works and read texts about his style and process.

After this, they were given an assignment wherein they had to create one image each based on his style. The brief given to them was ‘Legs and Colour’. They couldn’t use more than 3 colours in their frames and couldn’t photograph any body part other than legs. The images are meant for an upmarket, glossy fashion/style magazine.

Here are some of the final images handed in. We are really proud of them for creating these unusual and captivating images!

Madeleine Helesic

Leila Shea

Elizabeth Goldhagen

Karina Garza

Charles Ciporin

Sophia Valentino

Bailey Wu

Elena Bauer

Elisa Peroglio Carus

Elli Dark


OxTrad In Wonderland

This week Vikram Kushwah, teacher of the Photography course, taught his students a lesson on styling in photography and film alongside guest speaker Karishma Harjani, who works in London as a stylist for television, film, music videos, and photography.

The students were divided into groups, with each group given a different style of an Alice in Wonderland book edition. The assignment was to advertise the product for Alice’s Shop, a beautiful Alice in Wonderland themed shop in Oxford, through photography. Key to the challenge was the styling of the product.

The students produced professional and original work, and we are certainly looking forward to seeing more from them.


The Oxford Tradition Goes To Broughton Castle!

When most people think of England they think of telephone boxes, The Queen, and historic buildings. While telephone boxes are be restricted to London, and The Queen flits between the capital, Windsor, and Scotland, our students are certainly in the right place for historic buildings. They’re living in two of them! If the walls of Pembroke and Corpus Christi colleges could talk…

This Saturday morning, a number of classes visited Broughton Castle in North Oxfordshire, to experience a site drenched in political intrigue and warfare. The original section of the site was built in 1306, and was a historical building by the time Corpus Christi was founded in 1517!

Additional features were built in later years, with many of the buildings seen today built in the mid-1500’s. Incredibly, Broughton Castle has been in the possession of the same family since 1447, and is currently occupied by the 21st Lord and Lady Saye & Sele. Their ancestors landed in a sticky situation when they opposed Charles I in the 17th century English Civil War, the castle being attacked and damaged by Royalist troops in 1642, in a successful effort to remove the Parliamentarian sympathisers defending it.

The photos below were taken by the students (and teacher) of the Photography major – not that you’d know they were anything but professional!

Taken by Sophia Valentino

Taken by Anna Sura

Taken by Bailey Wu

Taken by Charles Ciporin

Taken by Elena Bauer

Taken by Elisa Carus

Taken by Elizabeth Goldhagen

Taken by Elli Dark

Taken by Madeleine Helesi

Taken by Vikram Kushwah