Monday Classes

As we enter the final full week of the Program, there is no sign of things slowing down here at CamPrep!

In Engineering this morning, students presented their work on structural assessments of four famous bridges in Cambridge, including the Bridge of Sighs and the Mathematical Bridge at Queens’ College, before heading outside to make flow-rate calculations in the river. The students have fully embraced both the theoretical sides and practical sides of their Engineering major.

After that, it was time to let off some steam as both Espionage and Engineering major class students played some Gaelic football.


Meanwhile, the Film-making major students continue to put together their final film project, making great use of the various locations around Peterhouse. Students are really enjoying working with our experienced and knowledgeable film teacher, Jesse, and are flourishing as they direct their own films.


Two of our students celebrated birthdays today, and one even received a surprise cake from her Engineering major class made in the shape of the Bridge of Sighs!


Later this afternoon, students will have the chance to attend a Raptor Foundation demonstration at Jesus College, play some touch rugby, as well as take part in a lip-sync battle contest in college. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on these events!!

Another jam-packed day

Today has been a busy day of learning for our students with Major and Minor classes both taking place today. The Zoology major students were learning how to work with fruit flies, Drosophila melanogaster. These are the same flies that buzz around your fruit bowl if your bananas are getting a bit over-ripe. Fruit flies have been studied for over 100 years by scientists investigating genetics and developmental processes, and have revolutionised our understanding of these fields of science. Today the students learnt how to ‘wrangle’ flies, which involves handling the flies by anaesthetising them and gently moving them around with the end of a soft paint brush. Observing the flies under the microscope, they also identified differences between male and female fruit flies, essential knowledge for when they start crossing some mutant flies tomorrow!


We dropped in on Eyemen Kheir today as he was teaching his Molecular Biology Major class. They were working very hard, and were deep in discussion about the class topic. Here are some photos of the class:

We also had another two Cam Prep birthdays today, so Program Assistants Fergus and Anne decorated the students’ doors while they were in class and left tasty chocolate cakes for them to share with their friends.

-The CamPrep Team