The Oxford Tradition 2017 Awards Ceremony

After enjoying a formal at Corpus Christi and Pembroke Colleges, our students headed over to the Sheldonian Theatre for the Closing Ceremony. After being reminded by the theatre’s staff that the building is *very* old and to *please try not to break anything*, they settled down to hear speeches from Professor Jim Basker, Director Michael McKinley, and faculty.

Each teacher gave a short speech before awarding their class Book Prize. You could tell that The Oxford Tradition had been a success, as every teacher enthused about the intelligence, development, and all round enthusiasm of their students. There were even threats of violence between Christina Floe and Caroline Batten, of Neuropsychology and Literature and the Fantastic, over whose class was the best.

To round off the evening, Mia Huber serenaded us with an original song about the friendship she has found at The Oxford Tradition. She was received so well that she couldn’t have escaped from giving an encore without widespread restlessness. After a sing-a-long, Mia gave a bow, and the students started to head over to Pembroke College for the mysterious final event.

Congratulations to our Prize winners!

  • Program Directors, Michael McKinley and Larry Klein, awarded the Directors’ Prize to Selise Bourla.
  • The Deans of Corpus Christi College awarded their Deans Prize to Natalia Shirley.
  • The Deans of Pembroke College awarded their Deans Prize to Andrew Pierce.
  • Ethan Clock and Paisley McKenzie won the Activities Prize.
  • Luca Wyatt for Archaeology (major)
  • Anastasia Kallionati and Ian Leff for Archaeology (minor).
  • Victoria Klein for Art History.
  • Jonah Tauber for British History.
  • Michael Gharib for Business Management.
  • Colette Macarios and Sebastian Munoz-Walmsley for CSI.
  • Paisley McKenzie for Classical Civilisation.
  • Mikhaila Archer for Creative Writing.
  • Kate Margiotta for Critical Thinking.
  • Kai Millar and Nicholas Hamilton for Development Economics.
  • Maya Dahlbacka for Drama.
  • Veronica Copello for English Literature.
  • Christina Chan for Entrepreneurship.
  • Faith Bolden for Filmmaking.
  • Elena Christenfeld for Human Rights.
  • Samantha Andritsch for Immunology.
  • Alexandra Bjornstad for International Business.
  • Naomi Davy for International Law.
  • Hannah Bowden for International Relations.
  • Vivek Parthasarathy for Journalism.
  • Priscilla Ehrgood for Latin.
  • Jackson Weihe for Law and Society.
  • Paisley McKenzie for Literature and the Fantastic.
  • Alan Cooper for Engineering.
  • Natalie Kalitsi for Markets.
  • Brynlee Turner and Jacqueline Niles for Medical Science.
  • Isaiah Kazunga for Molecular Medicine.
  • Kirsten Mettler for Neuropsychology.
  • William Bigio for Philosophy.
  • Bailey Wu for Photography.
  • Hugh Notman for Politics and Economics.
  • Charlie Ciporin for Pop Culture as Knowledge.
  • Diya Mehta for Psychology and Literature.
  • John Eggemeyer for Robotics.
  • Luca Wyatt for Screenwriting.
  • Valentina Obes for Skills for Success.
  • Jacob Kaufman-Shalett for Social Psychology.
  • Ananya Joshi for Speech and Debate.
  • Anita Shanker and Georgia Ivy for Studio Art.
  • Jack Bound for War in World History.

The Final Night!

After some emotional goodbyes, Cam Prep 2015 has come to an end. As I type this, the final, small group of students has just left Peterhouse, and the college grounds are noticeably quiet. Last night saw the culmination of our month’s work with students, teachers and staff alike enjoying a final banquet in the candlelit surrounds of the Peterhouse Dining Hall and Combination Room. This was followed by an Awards Ceremony, at which a prize was given by each teacher to their chosen student. The admiration and appreciation of the students for their teachers was evident, as the entire study body rose as one in a spontaneous standing ovation, which was reciprocated by Faculty and staff during the ceremony. It was a night for celebrating all the finest points of CamPrep – the dedication to learning, the talent of teachers and students, the power of friendship, and the rewards possible for hard work. The evening was capped off with a final dance in the Nightingale Room, organised by our almost-never-tiring Activities Directors.


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