Final Exhibitions, Musical Theater, and “28 Days”

Before we left, students were spent the final days of the program showing off the magnificent works they completed throughout the course of the month. Every class had something amazing to show!

Social and contemporary issues were raised, scientific research was presented, and business strategies were pitched. Our Advertising and Media students discussed advertising concepts that interested them. Computer Science showcased their new programs and apps. Criminology, Physics, and Genetics students presented research projects while Psychology students discussed their scientific findings from their observational studies. Our Finance and Business and International Business classes pitched business ideas to shark tank style investors while our Sports Business class gave elevator pitches. International Relations held a model UN simulation. And Medical Science answered our most common medical questions.

You can click here to view the Musical Theater performance in full.

Both the Fashion Major and Minor classes held fashion shows and showed that anyone could showed off their message, even through the clothes that the where.


Fine Arts and Photography students held a gallery show entitled “28 Days.” Below are the works showcased at the exhibition.


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It was both entertaining and educational to witness all that the students could accomplish during their summer with us and we continue to wish them all the best as they pursue higher learning in their academic lives.

Director’s Update: Final Week

Parents and Guardians,

The Final Banquet and the Awards Ceremony are now over, as is the final dance party. Pizza was delivered at midnight and movies will continue until dawn as students continue to bid each other farewell. The first tears of goodbye have been shed, as students say adieu to new friends from the four corners of the world.

The Tuesday night coffeehouse, with its public speakers, and poetry readers; the Thursday afternoon class exhibitions of CPR demonstrations, business pitches in a “Shark Tank” fashion, and the genetics projects; and then the fashion and film show followed by the musical theater final performance – these were all impressive examples of what these students have accomplished in their four short weeks here in New York City. They are an exceptionally talented group of young men and women, and the faculty and staff have been honored to be able to get to know them.

Thank you for sharing the summer with us. I hope that each and every student of NYCE 2017 brings the same energy that they felt here to their respective schools at home, as well as further afield. It was refreshing and inspiring for me, as an educator, to spend a month learning alongside them. I am sure that the friendships and connections formed this summer will have a memorable, lasting impact on all the students, as they will have on all of us here.

With warm regards,

Kevin B. Held
NYCE Director

NYCE Cruise Tour

As the days approach the end of the program, many student wanted to experience New York City in it’s most beautiful state. That is why we decided to book a cruise tour for our students as our last activity for the month! We walked aboard a cruise that would bring us around the Hudson River and tour through many historical landmarks along the way, such as the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and even the Statue of Liberty. Some students left with gorgeous pictures while others decided to even have their portraits taken upon the cruise before watching the sunset.

We hope all of our students were able to see the variety of way New York can be a wonderful place to be. Whether shopping on the streets, eating at some of the best restaurants, watching Broadway musicals, playing sports in the park, visiting prestigious universities, or touring along the Hudson River, there are always fun activities happening around the city that never sleeps!

Thank you to everyone who signed up and participated in the activities we planned for you this month.

– Activities Directors

NYCE 2017 Coffee House

Yesterday, NYCE students from the Journalism, Creative Writing, and Speech and Debate classes presented samples from their projects to the Oxbridge community.

The Journalism students presented examples of their reporting, which they worked on throughout the month in places such as Greenwich Village. A portfolio of their works can be found on their website:


The Speech and Debate students shared personal narratives while the Creative Writing majors showcased poems, short stories, and non-fiction they worked on diligently.

After these presentations, there was an open mic session during which the audience was invited to share original works. Everyone enjoyed a large array of pastries and coffee, capping off a night of impressive original works.

NYCE Got Talent

On Sunday evening, we learned how much some of our Oxbridge students have been holding back—their talents!!! From original compositions performed on the Ukulele to an impromptu performance out of the Hannah Montana classic Hoedown Throwdown. A squad of dancers showed off the moves they’ve been learning in weekly hip-hop sessions with our activities director Jocelyn, and several musical theater students shared previews of the renditions we’ll be enjoying later this week at their final performance. The audience was shocked and amazed at the level of talent displayed by our Oxbridge students this evening. From break dancing to opera —our panel of judges was left chanting encore!

Director’s Update Week 3

Parents and Guardians,

Three weeks have flown by here at the New York College Experience. Students have had the opportunity to visit Columbia University, NYU, Vassar, Yale, Princeton, Brown and UPenn. At each school, they encountered current students and explored the campus. This third week was filled with fun-filled events, from the Tuesday afternoon at Coney Island to the Friday evening exploration of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. After last night’s excursion to see the Mets game, I am sure that many people will be sleeping late on Sunday morning.

Major and Minor classes continue to delve into their subjects using NYC as their classroom. The Medical Science students went to Jersey College School of Nursing for some practical experience. The Art History students were guided through the American Wing of the Met by an expert curator. The Fashion majors strolled Fifth Avenue discussion the latest trends in the window displays.  The musical theater students attended an improv musical and the latest Canadian import to Broadway COME FROM AWAY. All of the students have had the opportunity to experience New York with their teachers as mentors.

This upcoming final week together is full of special events to celebrate the students’ accomplishments during the summer. A Talent Show on Sunday evening and an open-mic coffee house on Tuesday will showcase student performances, where creative writers, public speakers, and others will share their work. On Thursday afternoon, the Art Gallery in the Diana Center will feature the creations that our Fine Arts students and budding photographers have produced over the course of the month, and each floor of the Diana Center and the Altschul Atrium will feature class presentations where students will have the opportunity to share their knowledge with their peers. Student performances continue on Thursday evening with the Filmmaking and Fashion classes showcasing what they learned. The Musical Theater Performance, the Final Banquet, Awards Ceremony, and Dance will take place on Friday night, and, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the first buses will depart Barnard College, and the tearful goodbyes will commence.

By this time next Saturday, all students will be on their way home to all four corners of the world.  We have been in contact with you if there were any questions about departure flights or details, but if there is a change of plan, please contact the program office. Please be sure to alert us if you paid the airline fee for your child to travel as an unaccompanied minor so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

We still have one last week to share the magical experience that is NYCE 2017. I know everyone will make the most of it.

Kevin B. Held

NYCE Director


Take Me Out To The Ball Game


Saturday night, over a hundred of our students went to Citi Field to witness the Mets defeat the Colorado Rockies in a dominating score of 9-3. Section 305 was amazing for seeing back to back home runs and was conveniently next to some great food — like hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream! When it was all over, the students sat back and soaked in the spectacular fireworks show that lit up the sky.


A Rainy Day Won’t Stop NYCE

It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of our third week at Oxbridge. Classes are moving as quickly as ever as students work toward completing their final projects and preparing for presentations–and we hope to see many of the students’ more hidden talents showcased at the annual talent show to be held this weekend.

Film majors shooting footage for their final projects!

The weather may have kept us indoors for the day, but after sweltering heat during college tours yesterday, the rain has been a welcome reprieve–cooling off the city as students ventured to the Met to learn about American Art from a museum expert, fulfilled every tourist’s dream at Madame Tussaud’s gallery of famous wax figures, and bundled up for a late-night showing of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Students have much to look forward to this weekend–from an ice cream festival to a Mets baseball game–and we hope they took advantage of the rainy day by spending some quality time with friends on campus.


College Tours and Ice Cream Social

Today, our students went on their second day of college tours! They got to explore beautiful ivy league schools and liberal arts colleges like Yale, UPenn, Princeton, Columbia, NYU or Vassar College. They got a first-hand look at the universities by going on informative tours and information sessions.

When students got back to campus, we had an ice cream social, where they could indulge their sweet tooth. Unlimited ice cream and toppings can only be justified with a hip-hop dance class led by our Activities Director, Jocelyn. Other students went to see our guest speaker Robert Gerhardt, a black and white film photographer based in New York City who specializes in photoessays and has worked on multiple collections such as “Muslim/American, American/Muslim” and “The Karen of Burma.” It was an educational and ice cream filled day!