NYCE Director’s Final Update

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Parents and Guardians,

The Final Banquet and the Awards Ceremony are now over. The final dance is now underway. Pizza and movies will follow the dance as students continue to bid each other farewell. The first tears of goodbye have been shed, as students say adieu to new friends from the four corners of the world.

The Wednesday night coffeehouse, with its public speakers, human rights advocates, and poetry readers; the Thursday afternoon class exhibitions of CPR demonstrations, business pitches in a “Shark Tank” fashion, and the stadium projects that combined the creative engineering of the Math and Engineering students with the sports knowledge of the Sports business class (among many other final projects); and then the musical theater and motion picture extravaganza – these were all impressive examples of what these students have accomplished in their four short weeks here in New York City. They are an exceptionally talented group of young men and women, and the faculty and staff have been honored to be able to get to know them.

Thank you for sharing the summer with us. I hope that each and every student of NYCE 2015 brings the same energy that they felt here to their respective schools at home, as well as further afield. It was refreshing and inspiring for me, as an educator, to spend a month learning alongside them. I am sure that the friendships and connections formed this summer will have a memorable, lasting impact on all the students, as they will have on all of us here.

With warm regards,

Kevin B. Held
NYCE Director

Final Exhibits 2015!

The month coming to a close, students continue to display their hard work in the form of presentations open to a crowd of peers and family. Art galleries, psychology experiments, finance and investment specifications, mock trials, moot court, business pitches, health info sessions with cpr and blood pressure instructions, advertising publications, scientific proposals based on the development of technology, a sports arena engineering and financial proposals, short films showcase, and also a musical theater performance! The New York College Experience Final Exhibition was an amazing experience where students showcased not only what they have learned but also the fun that they’ve had on the journey!

Don’t forget, NYCE Final Exhibitions at the Diana Center tomorrow!



NYCE  Exhibitions2015

Family and friends are invited to attend tomorrow, July 23rd, 2015. 

Advertising & Design
1:30-2:15 pm in Room 501

The students will be showcasing their print and interactive spec work via digital portfolios in an open house format. Guests are invited to browse their creations and speak with students one-on-one about their ideational processes.

Art History/Photography/Fine Arts

WANDERLUST – The work of the Fine Arts and Photography students will be on display from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm in the McCagg Gallery. The Art History Major class composed wall text for the works to be hung by the fine arts students in their final exhibition, referencing masterpieces they studied to help the viewer see the budding artist’s work in the larger comparative art history context. There will be refreshments for all served at the Art Gallery lobby from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

3:45-4:00 pm in the Student Dining Room

What are the root causes of crime? How does criminal justice enforcement work? Come hear the students’ final project that emphasized both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

3:30-3:45 pm in the Student Dining Room

After an in-depth study of genetics and genethics, the genetics students explored how genetics are portrayed in popular movies. Come hear their opinions and a critical review, exploring the accuracy of the depiction of genetics, ethical issues and the potential effects on the general public of these genetic issues. How does genetics affect our health, our life, and our world?

International Relations
3:45-4:15 pm in the Oval

Do states have the right to intervene in other states to prevent genocide, ethnic cleansing or mass murder? Should the United States use military force to address the conflicts in Syria and South Sudan? Hear representatives from the US State Department, Congress and academic community debate and formulate US policy on military intervention for humanitarian purposes.

2:40-3:30 pm in the Oval

Moot Court – simulated court proceedings with oral argument component – Come watch the criminal trial of Dustin Lieber. Burglar or Innocent? The Court of New Oxbridge will decide!

Medical Science
2:15-2:35 pm in the Oval

Watch these future physicians demonstrate CPR and other skills they learned over the course of the summer. You might even learn how to save a life! Free blood pressure tests available for program participants!

Math and Engineering/Sports Business
4:20-4:40 in the Student Dining Room

With the Sports Business students as their clients, come see the innovative designs for a revenue producing sports facility designed by the Math and Engineering students.

International Business/Finance
1:30-2:10 and 4:45-5:30 pm in the Oval

Step into the Shark Tank! Come watch aspiring entrepreneurs from the Finance class and the International Business class seek investments for the growth of their business models or product line from the tycoon investor sharks.  Experience the drama of pitch meetings! Welcome to the Tank! Watch the feeding frenzy!

Science and the Future
4:30-4:45 in the Main Lobby

Check out the poster displays of current scientific advancement and predictions for the future trends of technology. Explore a wide range of revolutionary ideas in science and technology –  everything from genetically modified organisms to smart electronics, nanotechnology, sustainable energy, artificial intelligence, robotics and much, much more! Explore the magic in science world. 


Musical Theater and Filmmaking
7:30 in the Oval

Come attend The Musical Theater and Motion Picture Extravaganza for a wonderful collection, true to the New York Experience, of musical performances and short films on the big screen!


Photos and more will be posted!

NYCE 2015 Coffee House

As the program nears the end, students begin showcasing the projects they’ve worked on over their time here in New York. The Coffeehouse is an informal showcase followed by an open mic session. This year’s event was not only very impressive but also made very dramatic as a thunderstorm raged on in the background, perfect for setting up poetry, speeches, films, and robot wars.

Human Rights shared speeches touching on important topics dear to their h!

Creative Writing read selections of poetry and short stories from a printed booklet of original works, mixed with artwork and graphics from Fine Arts and pictures from Photography.

Public Speaking displayed true vocal prowess & courage performing speeches, some original, other informational, and many famous and inspirational.

The night then opened up for any student to perform their speeches and play songs on the piano!


Founder Professor James G. Basker: Guest Lecture & Ice Cream Social!

Founder of Oxbridge Academic Programs, Professor James Basker visited the students today for a guest lecture as well as a fun ice cream social!

The Richard Gilder Professor of Literary History at Barnard College, Columbia University, Professor Basker studied at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar where he completed his doctorate in English literature, and at Cambridge where he earned his MA.

Professor Basker gave a lecture on a topic he is quite passionate about, How Poetry Helped End Slavery. After the lecture, and answering off topic general questions about studying in various great institutions, he invited the students to an ice cream social which in this mid summer heat was a huge hit!

Guest Speaker Series: Rachel Kroll – Negotiation Excercise

A little about the workshop:

Leaders in any field must be able to manage differences, build relationships, and negotiate effectively. In this highly interactive workshop, students will have the opportunity to practice these skills in a low risk environment through lecture, a “real life” negotiation, and group discussions. Together, we will explore the most effective ways to assert interests, understand others’ perspectives, and solve problems creatively. My approach to negotiation is broad and the goal of the workshop is to teach skills that will be applicable immediately–in negotiations with friends, teachers, coworkers and parents–as well as future careers.

A little more about our guest:

Rachel M. Krol is an attorney, educator and consultant based in Philadelphia. She teaches Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and has co-facilitated courses at Harvard Law School, Penn Law School, and Vienna University. Through her company, Connect More, Rachel conducts negotiation and leadership workshops for high school students and works with teachers to incorporate these skills in their classrooms. In addition, she continues to practice law and serves as a junior board member of the Gesu school in North Philadelphia.

Rachel received her J.D. from Harvard Law School and her B.A. in History from Columbia University. Previously, she was an associate attorney in the corporate and securities group at Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP, and in the more distant past, a teacher at the International Montessori School of Prague. 


NYCE 2015 Talent Night

The young men & women of the New York College Experience came to the city that never sleeps and found themselves kings & queens of the hill! Some sang songs over guitar, others danced in a K-Pop routine and an Irish jig, a musical comedy duo hit the stage, and one of our quietest students tore the stage with a thrilling singing performance! For the finale, the entire crowd joined in dance to celebrate how fantastic the talent on the program is. It was a magnificent New York night.

NYCE Director’s Update: Week 3

Parents and Guardians,

Three weeks have flown by here at the New York College Experience. Students have had the opportunity to visit Columbia University, NYU, Yale, Princeton, Brown and UPenn. At each school, they encountered current students and explored the campus. This third week was filled with fun events, from the Plaza Hotel tour to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center that is), gazing out over Central Park as the sun was setting. Students also had the chance to explore Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday evening; Saturday afternoon a contingent of students ventured to MoMA’s satellite museum PS1 where established and emerging musicians from Germany, France, and the UK were giving an outdoor concert. Some of our students even caught a glimpse of President Obama in Central Park this afternoon. After tonight’s outer space-themed dance, I am sure that many people will sleep late on Sunday morning.

Major and Minor classes continue to delve into their subjects using NYC as their classroom. The Law and Speech and Debate students attended a criminal trial. The Medical Science students went to Liberty Science Center and watched an open heart surgical procedure performed in real time. The Advertising and Design students took in an exhibit of the visual impact of posters over the course of the past 100 years at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum while the musical theater students toured Lincoln Center. All of the students have had the opportunity to experience New York with their teachers as mentors.


This final week together is full of special events to celebrate the students’ accomplishments during the summer. A Talent Show on Sunday evening and an open-mic coffee house on Wednesday will showcase student performances, where creative writers, public speakers, and others will share their work. On Thursday afternoon, the Art Gallery in the Diana Center will feature the creations that our Fine Arts students have produced over the course of the month, and each floor will feature class presentations where students will have the opportunity to share their knowledge with their peers. Student performances continue on Thursday evening with the Musical Theater and Motion Picture Extravaganza. The Final Banquet, Awards Ceremony, and Dance will take place on Friday night, and, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the first buses will depart Barnard College, and the tearful goodbyes will commence.

By this time next Saturday, all students will be on their way home to all four corners of the world. However, we still have one last week to share the magical experience that is NYCE 2015.

Kevin B. Held NYCE Director

Guest Speakers Series: Chris Fell – Assistant District Attorney

An Assistant District Attorney for Queens’ county of New York City visited the program. Originally from Brooklyn, he did his undergrad at Boston College after which he taught in the South Bronx as part of Teach for America for three years. In his quest to help the youth struggling with poverty, he pursued a career in education. After realizing that perhaps there was more he could do on the issue, he focused on addressing crime in New York City. Fell went to Fordham Law School hoping for a legal career in criminal prosecution and/or government, and found himself working at the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

Chris Fell spoke to students about Criminal rights and the differences between violations, misdemeanors, and felonies. They also discussed recent trials in the news before speaking on Law school admissions process and what to expect when working in the field of Law.

NYCE Director’s Update: Week 2

Parents and Guardians,

We have reached the halfway point in our summer program; students have successfully completed two full weeks of classes. Budding filmmakers shot footage on location in Central Park; the International Business class toured the Security Council Chamber of the United Nations Building; and the Art History students toured The Cloisters, the branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to Medieval European Art.  

To celebrate this two-week midpoint milestone, all students were able to swap Major and Minor classes for today only. The purpose of ‘Swap Day’ is to allow students to get a taste of the other subjects and meet some of the other teachers of the NYCE.  It was a great chance for friends to see what their peers were studying. Photography students had the chance to explore how a camera works; Genetics students learned the basic shapes and structure of DNA; and many students had the chance to explore the eternal philosophical questions through the lenses of International Relations, Human Rights, and Law. Swap Day is fun for both the faculty and entire student body.

The activities directors have done well in finding unusual offerings only possible here in the Big Apple. Monday night a group of students enjoyed the classic film The Poseidon Adventure in Bryant Park. Other groups visited Dylan’s Candy Bar or dined at Smorgasburg – a Brooklyn favorite! From visiting the top of Rockefeller Center on Friday at sunset to viewing the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the New York Botanical Gardens today, students have had the chance to experience New York. Next week holds even more in store. Interested students can take a guided architectural tour of the Plaza Hotel, listen to a New York District Attorney talk about his caseload, visit the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) or take in the National September 11th  Memorial.

As mentioned in last week’s missive, all students attended admissions information sessions and tours at Brown, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, or UPenn on Thursday.  Many students have been sporting new apparel from those schools around campus. Next week, they will be boarding buses again to tour another hallowed hall of Ivy. Some students have also chosen to stay right here to attend the Columbia University College Fair on Thursday, with representatives from over 100 undergraduate institutions across the United States. In addition to the college tours away from New York, we have arranged to give interested students a tour of Fordham University and Pratt Institute.

Students are enjoying their “college experience” here in New York. These next two weeks will fly by quickly!

Kevin B. Held
NYCE Director