CamTrad’s Got (an abundance of) Talent!

Last night CamTrad held its very own talent show to find out just how amazingly talented our cohort are this year. The judging panel were not let down with a wide range of acts … from poetry to piano, from dance to Ed Sheeran, from musical theatre to Green Day, from guitar to acapella.

Although all the acts were amazing, there could only be one winner, one second place, and one third place;

This year they were: 1st: Jennifer Yakabek. 2nd: Jennifer Frangieh. 3rd: Marina Massaroni 

Well done to all the students involved… Jose Zobaran, Maria Kuran, Sarah Lawlor, Veronika Pudlova, Aditeya Shukla, Maria Hernandez, Izzy Hardy & Rafaela Torigoe, Ezu Tan & Irene Shanchez-Casas & Claire Begg. 

Below are some photos of the acts from last night, including photos of the winners…