A final farewell!

Dear Cambridge Tradition Families,

This morning we bid our students farewell. Soon our students are departing Jesus College after a wonderful day: we had our final classes, an elegant formal banquet in Hall, the awards ceremony, a dance, midnight pizza, a slideshow, and even a flash mob of faculty singing ‘One Night More’ adapted from Les Miserables.  (You can see highlights of the day and our final updates by clicking through to our blog at www.oxbridgeacademicprograms.wordpress.com 

In other words, it was a fairly typical day here at the Cambridge Tradition. In one hour we load our first coach bound for the airport; I suspect you’ll find your children on the other end much as they are now – exhausted and very happy. We know that they take home not only souvenirs and digital images but the very spirit that transformed a group of strangers from 40 countries into a Tradition.

We look forward to keeping in touch with all of our students in the coming year, and in the meantime we wish you all the very best.

Yours truly,

Greg Gonzalez
The Cambridge Tradition

The End!

An emotional awards ceremony and dinner was the highlight of the last day. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet all the students and enjoy what has been an amazing month. Thanks for making this a program we will never forget!


The Cambridge Tradition went to watch Cambridge United v Norwich City, in an East England derby. Despite lying many divisions below Norwich, Cambridge came out on top in a tight 1-0 affair after an early wonder-goal. Check out the pics!

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Talent Thursday!

Yesterday saw an exciting day of activities including tie-dye followed by the Arts Exhibition. The Exhibition displayed the work of students from various different classes including Photojournalism, Studio Art, Architecture, Medical Science and Zoology; it was an amazing display of talent! And the talent continued throughout the evening with the Drama class giving an incredible performance in Wesley Church, followed by The Camtrad X Factor Talent Show!

Open Mic Night

The Creative Writing Class hosted an Open Mic evening in Hall on Tuesday evening. The students displayed their many talents from singing, to acting, to reciting poetry as well as a wonderful joint rendition of the Little Mermaid led by some of the teachers.

Political Science Major Students Design Utopias and Dystopias

The idea of aspiring to a perfect society is as old as history itself. Political philosophers, social reformers, novelists and artists have all imagined worlds which escape the problems that seem to beset our own. Utopia, the book which defined the genre was written by the English Renaissance scholar, humanist and politician Thomas More in 1516. Its title is the name of an imaginary island with a political community seemingly superior to the world More knew. However many subsequent writers have suggested that the notion of creating a perfect world might in fact be creating a nightmare for others. One man’s utopia might be another man’s dystopia.

The students of the Political Science Major class, having studied More’s Utopia and excerpts from a number of dystopian novels, including Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World, attempted to design their own utopias and dystopias. The result is this book, ‘A Perfect World!’

Click here to see!! A Perfect World – Utopia Book

class photo