Dear Parents,

As you read this email, all the students from Cam Prep 2013 have left Peterhouse and are in mid-flight or are engaged in the next leg of their summer experience in Paris or elsewhere. During the final week here, we were treated to an impressive array of culminating projects (Exhibitions, Drama Productions, Debate Performances) that were exemplary of the various areas of the intellectual and creative inquiry undertaken at Cam Prep this summer.  I was impressed with the work of all the students and teachers.  As the students arrive home, it is my sincere hope that you are likewise being treated to a sample of these projects as well as myriad of stories and pictures from the month here in Cambridge.

I hope that each and every student engaged in and experienced a personal journey as well as established relationships with peers and teachers that changed them in some small way that will transcend this place.  It has been an absolutely wonderful summer here at Peterhouse and thank you again for your continued support.

All my best wishes,

Rachel Powers

Director, The Cambridge Prep Experience


The Grand Finale!

The final night of Cam Prep 2013 has arrived! We had a fantastic awards ceremony earlier this evening, at which each Major (and some Minor) teachers presented class awards and the founder of Oxbridge Academic Programs, Jim Basker, spoke along our Director Rachel. A small selection of award presentations is shown below. It was a great time of celebration and memories were captured in the video which was revealed at the close of the ceremony. The link is provided here so that everyone can enjoy it multiple times upon their return from Cambridge:

Students are currently enjoying the masquerade dance (see below) having enjoyed a banquet in Peterhouse dining hall and rooms.

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Last night was not without excitement either; Speech and Debate Major students impressed us all with their various debates held at the prestigious Cambridge Union. Founded in 1815 and providing a platform for speakers including Churchill, Reagan, and the Dalai Lama, the Union debates serve to engage and to challenge the presumptions and prejudices of a wide range of ideas, opinions and beliefs through the use of rational argument and credible intellectual exchange. Our students debated on subjects from American foreign policy to abolishing boys.



As everyone is now packed and ready to go, we are sad to see our Cam Prep students prepare to leave, but for now, it is time to celebrate the time we have spent together!

Logic in the Learning

This morning, Criminology students traced a case (fake bones included) whilst Drama students were punting on the Cam in celebration of their successful performances last night! Furthermore, Science of the Future students presented their posters that were displayed yesterday at the Cam Prep Symposium. The subjects ranged from Quantum Mechanics to Energy Sources. In the Medical Science Major class, students were engaged in dissections and some were more comfortable with the process than others!

Showcases and Theatre

This afternoon Cam Prep students exhibited some of their best work done in their Major Classes and invited their peers, faculty, and administration to view their posters, presentations, artwork, photographs, and games.

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This evening we were treated to a wonderful rendition of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, put on by the Drama class. We also saw a short film and a marvelous slideshow of student photographs from the Photojournalism class, and heard poetry read by members of Creative Writing. It was all wonderfully inspiring, and entertaining at the same time!

Such Talent!

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What a great night here at Cam Prep! Our students wowed us with their musical talents and dancing abilities. We heard solo and duet vocal performances, guitar and banjo playing, piano pieces, and saw some really neat dances. So much talent on display and so much fun to witness!

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Make sure to have a look at the video link below of the Major Class competition results being announced:


Duxford, Tie Dying, and the Dance

As we draw towards the end of the Program, everyone is busy finalising projects but also finding plenty of time to pack in activities that are unique to Cambridge. Today, a small group of students visited the Duxford Imperial War Museum, which was a World War II air base. This Sunday the 28th was a special day at the museum, with ‘Spitfires, Merlins, and Motors’ to see. IWM Duxford is forever linked with the Spitfire; it entered RAF service here on 4th August 1938 and was integral in the Battle of Britain in 1940. Alongside the Hawker Hurricane, the Spitfire was the mainstay of Fighter Command operations and remained in RAF service until 1954.


Yesterday afternoon, there was tie dying in the Deer Park and materials ranged from socks to laundry bags! Most of the best results were achieved through mere experimentation and luckily enough, the rain stayed away for the duration.



Last night, we held the third Program dance, themed ‘Jungle Explorers’. There were fantastic efforts made on costumes and our student DJs did a great job as always. A certain home made parrot costume won the best dressed prize! Spot it in the slideshow below…


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Staircase fun!

Every staircase group at Peterhouse had a party this week, with activities ranging from tie dying to crafts. Some students living in the William Stone Building were given the chance to reflect on and write about their time here in Cambridge. The photos below show a small selection of the staircase fun!

Creative Writing – in and around Cambridge

This morning, Creative Writing Major students have gone to the Fitzwilliam Museum as part of their projects. Taking inspiration from The Wizard of Oz, each student has been set the task of finding an ornament which could represent them. They will use their creative findings to write a piece for their project later on.

Furthermore, below you can read a “poet laureate” poem which was written as a group in honour of the royal baby, and below that is a series of haikus written by Kathleen on our symposium and field day.

Pull the ropes, raise the flag of the U.K.,
The royal baby was born yesterday.
The bells ring out, and confetti was thrown,
Because Kate’s belly will no longer grow.
So long overdue was the little queen
For a fortnight she refused to leave Kate.
Yet when it was born, a girl was not seen,
Finally! The little king was so late!
A country that erupts in endless joy –
Alas, to their dismay, you are a boy.
They dreamt of a girl, sweet as a flower,
But it is you who shall rise to power.
Everyone wanted a girl to be born
So tradition could be broken for all.
Now many people are sad and forlorn –
In a while the patriarchy will fall.
One of the last monarchies on earth
Will be ruled by men! I think it is time to
Change the gender roles, as this baby’s birth
Has so delayed women’s power breakthrough.
Yesterday was a day of British joy,
For the news of the royal baby came.
Kate gave birth to an eight pounds, six ounce boy,

But now the world is awaiting his name…

International Espionage: Spy Game

Today the International Espionage Major and Minor classes participated in a role play spy game for the 3 hour Major slot.  The scenario took place upon a yacht in the middle of the Atlantic.  Each student was given a specific assignment, many as double or triple agents from various countries around the globe.  Some were charged with changing the boat’s course while others sought to discover secrets aboard ship. The students are now clamoring for yet another spy game before the end of the program! 

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Tea with the Master and Poker Night

Yesterday afternoon, the Medical Sciences classes were treated to Tea with the Peterhouse Master, Dr. Adrian Dixon.  Dr. Dixon spoke to the students about the illustrious history of sciences at Peterhouse as well as his career in radiology.  The students also enjoyed a tour around the gardens as part of their visit.

In the evening, some students took part in a novice poker tournament.  The card playing was all in good sport and the students had a fun time!

Poker Night Poker 3 photo 3