Awards Ceremony


On Friday Night following formal hall, CamTrad students and staff gathered in Wesley Church one last time for an evening of celebration and awards. As well as awards for each subject, the Director gave the prestigious GOSA (Generosity Of Spirit Award) to two highly deserving students. The ceremony was punctuated by a surprise student Miley Cyrus flash mob!

GOSA – Grant Vickery

GOSA – Ashley Kempf

Activities Prize – Holland Ferguson and Isabella Subramaniam

Activities Prize – Thomas Cleland

Advertising – Entire Class

Advertising – Entire Class

Aerospace Engineering – Riya Gujarathi

Architecture – Jason Kashefi

Asset Management – Nyle Abedin

Astronomy and Astrophysics – Adel Lee

Behavioral Economics – Entire Class

Computer Science – Orien Sun

Creative Writing – Zoe Wellik

Criminology – Kate Gale

Drama – Entire Class

Economics – Jason Kashefi

Economics – Entire Class

Engineering – Arabella Dill-Macky

English Literature – Tanvi Ajmera

Espionage – Entire Class

Finance – Clayton Watson

Genetics Major – Entire Class

Genetics Minor – Siena Stacey

Global Business – Entire Class

International Relations – Makenzie White

Law – Brandon Zho

Medical Science – Adele Pickering

Medicine and the Brain – Jiangyao Duan

Photography – Jianmin Kelly Fan

Psychology – Johanna De La Cruz Rothenfusser

Speech and Debate – Stephanie Mover

Sports Psychology – Griffin Wong

Studio Art – Miya Furukawa

Zoology – Anna Plewa

Swimming Prize – Yonael Debebe

Instagram Competition Winner – Aura Guha


Farewell from The Cambridge Tradition

Dear Families of the Cambridge Tradition:

Our last coach just departed for London Heathrow Airport. Jesus College has gone oddly silent. The happy shouts and cries of teenagers have been replaced by the soughing wind and the plaintive chimes of the chapel.
Heavy bags and heavy hearts began to depart through the breezeway of the Boatie Arch this morning at 3 am. Cool temperatures and a steady rain throughout the day seemed to mirror the mood of the day. After noon, however, the East Anglian sky turned blue and a bright sun reminded all of us of what a spectacular month it has been. In the last few days we have enjoyed several culminating projects and showcases, including a sleek and incredible performance of Hamlet, an art gallery,  a wonderful final formal banquet, closing ceremony and ball, and even a student Miley Cyrus flash mob.
The students have left, but the bright memories remain. Thank you for sending us such incredible scholars, intellects, and people. Please see our blog for our end-of-program slideshow; final celebrations. Coming soon. In the interim, please encourage your children to keep in touch; they created a fantastic Tradition.
Sincerely —
Greg Gonzalez
Cambridge Tradition
Jesus College Cambridge


End of Program Slideshow!

As the Cambridge Tradition draws to a close, reminisce on the gloaming in the sky, the cobblestones under our feet and the memories we’ll never leave behind. #laughcrysaygoodbye

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(Best watched while playing some cheesy music in the background, CamTrad Admin recommend Time of My Life, Seasons of Love, Breaking Free and Goodbye Song (from Smash)).

Who are the CamTrad Mafia?!

In the shade of a spooky tree and amidst the gathering darkness, students played the Mafia game, in which they had to work out which members of the ‘mafia’ had committed the ‘crimes’ around college. Accusations flew and controversies were aplenty, but eventually the mafia were rooted out and the towns people prevailed.



Mafia member Alan gets attacked by the civilians.