International Relations at the Summer Seminar

On Tuesday we were privileged to host Dr Tristen Naylor, Fellow in International Relations at the London School of Economics. Dr Naylor gave an energetic and thought-provoking introduction to contemporary international politics and discussed the future of our current world order. Trump TalkOur students were highly engaged, asking lots of questions and continuing to discuss the talk throughout the day! The Oxford Summer Seminar gathers together the brightest and best from all over the world and it was great to see our global community of young people engaging with the issues that face our world and will affect their future.

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Oxford in Bloom

The Oxbridge Summer Seminar had a brilliant trip to the Oxford Botanic Gardens this week. The oldest botanic garden in Great Britain, it dates back to 1621 and boasts a remarkable collection of rare and exotic plants. After a tour through the greenhouses, the students were allowed to explore the gardens themselves in beautiful sunshine.

Photo_gardens 1

We especially enjoyed looking at the carnivorous plants in the greenhouses – though some of the students didn’t want to get too close to the Venus Fly Traps!

Photo_gardens 2

We enjoyed looking at the collection of plants which have changed the world, from the rubber tree to the Cacao tree. There was something to interest everyone across the spectrum of subjects being studied.

Photo_gardens 3

After our tour, the students spent the rest of the afternoon exploring and happily reading in the beautiful gardens.

Shakespeare at the Castle


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The weather cooled quickly in the shade of Oxford Castle and a few rain drops fell during Act II, but our group was laughing at all the right parts for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Thanks to a brilliant lecture by English professor Kathrina Herold just a few hours before the play, Oxbridge students were familiar with plot, characters, and themes.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them,” says the Bard. Our hope is that the exposure to great minds through Oxbridge will engender our students’ own great contributions to their families and communities.