Major Exhibition

Today we gathered as a group for the final major exhibition, where each class presented on what they had learned during their time here! Each professor selected a student in their class who stood out whether for their engagement, participation, helping others, or various other reasons, to reward them with a book or small gift. Each professor noted how hard it was to choose – everyone did such a great job! All of the presentations were impressive – we are so proud of all that our students have accomplished in the past two weeks, and amazed by the different fields they have been working so hard in.

Our government and politics students read letters they have written to politicians on current issues.

Our Computer Science student showed off his programming!

Our Medicine students presented on multiple sclerosis and demonstrated how to check patient’s vitals.

Neuropsych students, the Stroop Test, & Professor Benji!

Our International Law students talked to us about the laws of the sea, the dilemma about who is responsible for cleaning up debris in space, and more.

The Economics class presented on the hard and soft anatomy of Gap as a company, as well as organizational culture.

Congratulations to all of our students for this month of hard work and dedication! We are excited to celebrate at our final festivities tonight.



Guest Speaker – Suzanne Lynch

We had an incredibly fascinating guest speaker come and visit today, Suzanne Lynch, the Washington correspondent for the Irish Times. Ms. Lynch spoke to us about her work as a journalist, and the role of the media in American politics especially in the current political climate. Her talk was very interesting for our students interested in international relations, journalism, and government and politics.

Statehouse Visit and Taste of Cambridge!

Today the International Law class visited one of the Massachusetts courthouses and spoke with Judge Cordy about government and law. They learned a lot about the history of the courthouse and proceedings in MA, and got to spend time exploring one of the most historic courthouses in the USA. In the evening, the program went to famed food festival ‘Taste of Cambridge,’ where the students were able to sample the best cuisines from around the Cambridge area!