Trip to Ely and Duxford

As sad as we were to say goodbye to our departing First Seshers this Friday, life here on the CamTrad goes on – this Saturday, while Second Seshers have been familiarizing themselves with their new home for the coming two weeks, Lifers went out on a day trip to Ely and Duxford.

Ely is a picturesque little English town, most famous for its magnificent cathedral. As our informative tour guides pointed out, the cathedral is so big that it is completely disproportionate to the town surrounding it: indeed, the building is longer than Ely’s main street which runs parallel to it!

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During the tour, we  not only marvelled at the cathedral’s colorful stained glass windows, elaborate painted ceilings, and majestic Romanesque and Gothic arches, but we also learned about the building’s eventful journey through history, which has resulted in the cathedral being an amalgamate of diverse architectural styles and a relic of the turbulent developments throughout European history.

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In the afternoon, the group headed to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. There, students walked through the very same hangars that had served the Royal Air Force, took a very close look at over hundreds of aircraft on display, and even watched aircraft take to the skies from the airfield that Spitfires first flew.

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While the Imperial War Museum is a great place to learn about how Britain’s air defences developed and protected its skies during key historical battles, the American Air Museum located in one of the hangars rang closer to home for the American students among our cohort. This fascinating video depicts air traffic coming in and out of the USA on a regular day:

The Janus Festival!!!

Yesterday the Lifers took on a special task of showing the Second Seshers the ropes of how CamTrad works as well as the city of Cambridge.  So individual staircases took to the streets touring around new comers as well as getting creative by trying to capture the essence of Cambridge, Jesus College, and CamTrad all in one photo; incentive being their generosity and openness towards inclusion…as well as points going towards their court in the competition to come…

Library III at first place with this very imaginative take on the telephone boxes!!!

download (3)

And the runner ups….!

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Then after the tours, a special event was held at Jesus College to unite the different housing courts (Library, North, and Chapel) in glorious competition!!  Lifers and Second Seshers combined their talents and determination to come together and participate in the activities of football, giant jenga, egg-spoon race, the human knot, the spelling bee, the geography quiz, relay races, and the pitch perfect riff off.  It was a time of coming together and just having some plain good ole fun…as well as winning the grand prize of a pizza party with CamTrad Director Greg Gonzalez!

And the winner is…Library Court!!!

But it’s not all about winning…


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Human Knot:

IMG_9263 (1)IMG_9270IMG_9268 (1)



Pitch Perfect Riff Off:



We were all sad to see some of our students leave us as session 1 drew to a close, but we said goodbye in style with a fun-packed garden party for all the students!

A BBQ, Ceilidh band, magicians, caricature artist, huge ball-pit, waffle stand, sweet stand and ice cream stand provided hours of entertainment and fun!

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What a magical day!!

Class awards!

To mark the end of session one we held an award ceremony before the ‘Midsummer Magic’ festivities began. Despite the high calibre of the students more broadly, prizes were awarded by each teacher to one or two students who particularly shone through.


Genetics: Andreana Petrou



Engineering: Alexandros Varnavides



Architecture: Acer Van Dis




Medicine & The Brain: Sophie Kempf and Francesca Dimisa

med brain


Law: Ella Andrews



Espionage: Adelaide Young



Aerospace Engineering: Alexander Casalanguida



Criminology: Cozette Chilton



Creative Writing: Vera Kelly



Advertising: Talia Kainz




Photography: Maya Rickman



Psychology: Ava Heppner and Samantha Skenderein



For Behavioural Economics: Xuquing Vicky Wan


Global Business: Jack O’Connor and Carly BarryIMG_1138


Computer science: Junzhe Yang



Other winners who received class awards but were either absent or received them during their class were:

Future of War – Hayes Orr

Economics – Sydney Crothers

Medical Science – John Mercado


Meanwhile the Speech & Debate, Big Data, International Relations and Finance teachers struggled to single out an individual from their amazing classes, and awarded a prize to everyone.


Well done to everyone!

Schools out for Session 1

Thursday marked the end of a session 1 and the culmination of two weeks’ hard work and intense learning. The classes ended with presentations of students work, whereby students could go round to different classes and enjoy their peers work.

We were certainly very impressed with how far the students had progressed and the wide variety of talent on show! Here are some snippets of some of the classes…


The Psychology class wrapped up their session today with student presentations on their final topics – their own psychological experiment. Topics ranged from how fashion affects the way people make friendships, to differences in people’s memories.



The International Relations class were debating whether or not to intervene in a humanitarian crisis in Syria, roleplaying as different government representatives.




The Law Class took took part in a moot, involving a complicated sleepwalking murder/manslaughter case. It was very impressive!



The Criminology class also mimicked a courtroom set up and had the prosecution and defence argue their cases.



The Behavioural Economics class presenting on water conservation:



The Espionage and Future of War classes collaborated to act out a simulation of a diplomatic crisis:



The Creative Writing class and Law students were broken into teams with the task of writing a sonnet about their home towns.


The Big Data class had a variety of presentations from crime prevention to calculating insurance rates.

Big Data final presentations (1)


Meanwhile the Photography and Architecture classes combined to present a stunning exhibition of all their work to their peers…







What a great contribution to knowledge the students have made!


Camtrad 2019 Class Photo!

The class photos for the 1st Camtrad 2019 session are now live! Please see the link below.

The password is: ‘camtrad’ all in lower case.

Once you click on an image you will see a little arrow, which is the download button. Postage prices are quite high so we would recommend downloading the image and printing it out yourself.


War Games Descend Upon Jesus College

The Future of War class recently joined forces with the Espionage class to simulate a global war game that concluded with war in Europe! Students played roles that included President Donald Trump (Max), President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid (Maddy), and President Vladimir Putin (Haya). After a brief look at the press briefings it is easy to see why everything ended with war, and not with a peace deal being brokered!

CamTrad 2019 War Game Press Briefings


Tensions have been steadily rising in the Baltic states as ongoing exercises in Russia’s Western Military District have been taking places. Concerns that this exercise would be used as a cover to undertake grey zone activity in the region have proved true. As of 09h00 this morning, reports have been coming in of masked, unmarked soldiers on the ground of Estonia. These armed men have been spotted in the North Eastern region of the country, in the countryside outside of Narva, near the border to Russia. Despite carrying modern military equipment, these soldiers have no distinguishing insignias on their uniform. Russia has denied any affiliation to them, but the Estonian government remains fearful that a hybrid warfare operation is taking place given the similar events that took place in Ukraine in 2014. The only statement Russia has come out and made is that ethnic Russian minorities in Estonia are not being protected by the Estonian government, and that Russia feels compelled to protect all its people, whether they live in Russia or not.