Tie Dye

CamTrad’s Activities Directors are ready for everything – including English weather! Though our Sunday walk had to be cancelled due to rainy weather, students had a fun Sunday in college getting creative with tie dye! In case it rains again in Cambridge, at least we’ll have CamTraders wearing their new colorful T-shirts to brighten the day!

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B-Ball Time

It was time to take on the rain…indoors.  And we had a good turnout for the classic activity of a good, friendly game of Basketball.  We have some real ballers here at CamTrad and it was good fun to see all their skills and teamwork come together in a few fun and nail-bitingly close games.

These are some of the iconic shots from the last game, each team battling their hearts out…

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Art history: Manet and perspective

Our very own CamTrad Director Greg, a historian and an art aficionado, walked us through some breakthrough points of art history on Wednesday night. His entertaining and insightful talk, focused on Manet’s painting, the role of perspective, and the paradigm shift from academism to modern art, had us wondering about the moods of the era, imagining ourselves as being part of the canvass, and twisting our heads while trying to decipher from which angle the painter intended us to look.

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To this end, students were asked to reconstruct the scene depicted by Édouard Manet’s ‘Un bar aux Folies Bergère’ in space: the tree volunteers staged the positions between the waitress, her reflection in the mirror, and the customer, whose perspective the artist has lent to us spectators. Did they get it right?

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Practicing a Careful Procedure!!

Today in Medical Science the students had to learn quick because a fake person was in dire need of  a needle injection!!  They performed (practiced) an incision with a needle on the blood vessels of a fake arm and had to explore blood from veins (cephalic, basilic, and median cubital vein).

No fake persons were harmed in the process thankfully…download (7)downloaddownload (1)download (2)


Behavioral Economics Contest Winners!


Behavioral Economics last session had a competition to be featured on our blog… Here are the two winning articles on the subjects of Nudging and Brands!

The first piece is entitled “Defying the Default” and was written by Ell and Lynn : Defying the Default

The second piece is on the subject of Coca-Cola and was written by Deacon and Oliver : Coca-Cola




Cambridge Voices – concert

Yesterday evening, the college dining hall resonated with Cambridge Voices, one of Europe’s premier choirs which is closely linked to this town and university. Founded by Ian de Massini, a former music student who was also a King’s College Chapel Choir scholar, Cambridge Voices have been performing for 33 years throughout Europe, including in St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome (in the presence of the Pope!), in the Notre Dame in Paris or in the Westminster Abbey in London. 

In a private concert for the Cambridge Tradition, the choir presented a sequence titled “600 years of vocal music”.