A Final Goodbye

As the last post on this blog, we would like to share final communication from our Program Director Greg Gonzalez to CamTrad families.


Dear Families of the Cambridge Tradition –

The final coach for the airport has just departed ferrying away the final complement of our students back to their homes or next adventures.

Jesus College has gone oddly quiet.  The gently soughing wind and the plaintive chimes of the chapel bell on the hour have replaced the laughs and cries of happy teens.

All we did here seems  a dream…could it have been only one day ago  when we had our final classes a spectacular banquet in Hall, and an awards ceremony? Did our students really enjoy a ‘’May Ball’’-like celebration, complete with a dance, a photo booth, a mechanical bull, popcorn and candy floss machines? Did our faculty really perform a Les Miserables flash mob at midnight? The answer is yes; it all happened, and it all was amazing.

Last night completed a remarkable month here. Our last week was filled with student presentations, projects, and performances. The depth and sophistication of that work was evident throughout, from our Drama production of ‘’Variously Fatal’’ –  a student-written comedy,  to the talent show winners of a rock band called  ‘’Tenacious C’’  and all the way to a student literary journal or a collection of essays on themes in economics. In short, all of the students poured themselves into our program and wove themselves into a fabric now known as the Cambridge Tradition 2014.

Thank you for entrusting us with your children. We were honoured and privileged to live, work and learn with them for a month. They may arrive home exhausted and emotionally spent, but I am confident they will confirm the sentiments related here.

With all our very best from Jesus College, Cambridge –


Greg Gonzalez


Cambridge Tradition 2014