Who are the CamTrad Mafia?!

In the shade of a spooky tree and amidst the gathering darkness, students played the Mafia game, in which they had to work out which members of the ‘mafia’ had committed the ‘crimes’ around college. Accusations flew and controversies were aplenty, but eventually the mafia were rooted out and the towns people prevailed.



Mafia member Alan gets attacked by the civilians.

All Things Bright and BeaUVtiful

For one night and one night only the Forum was transformed into a luminescent glow in the dark get down. The crowd was warmed up nicely with sets by up and coming DJs such as DJ Hedgehog and DJ Streeter (#wemissDJames). With the energy levels raised and the crowd pumped it was finally time for the famed DJ Manny to make his entrance, escorted by his security guard due to the recent flood of fans and paparazzi. With chants of DJ Manny heard from miles around the crowd was certainly not disappointed, singing and dancing along to all the favourites.

CamTrad unites for Cambridge United 2.0

Yesterday afternoon a group of CamTradders painted their faces in black and gold and trooped down to the CambsGlass stadium to cheer on Cambridge United football team as they played their rivals, Southend United, in a charity match. Despite a fighting performance, Cambridge Utd lost 0-2. However, with chips, hugs from the mascot and autographs from players, the CamTrad students were still in very high spirits.

Fancy a Chilly Dip?

Every Wednesday and Friday at the crack of dawn, Director Greg Gonzalez has been leading keen students down to Jesus Green Lido for an early morning swim. The lido is Europe’s longest pool and just steps away from Jesus College. Although most of us at CamTrad prefer our swims at a warmer and more sociable hour, it is an undeniably excellent way to wake yourself up before a busy day of lessons and activities.


Three daring students


The 100 yard pool


A brisk water temperature of 18 degrees Celsius

Epic 2017 CamTrad Olympics

On a tempestuous Friday afternoon, CamTrad’s bravest and strongest battled it out for the CamTrad Olympics trophy. Taking on events such as 100m sprint, egg and spoon race, three-legged race and water balloon catch, it ultimately came to a show-down between two. This was quickly narrowed down to a single winner by a classic water balloon duel- congratulations to Patrick, winner of the decacentennial CamTrad Olympic Games.

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