A Canterbury Tale

Today we embarked on our second field trip of the program to historic Canterbury. After an initial pilgrimage via coach across the south of England, we arrived to glorious and sunny Canterbury around 11:30 in the morning. We ate a lovely packed lunch outside, then went into Canterbury Cathedral in small groups of 11 to 12 students. Each group had their own tour guide, who helped us gain insights into the history of the Cathedral and its important figures.

We learnt about the construction, maintenance and restoration of the Cathedral over the years (parts of the Cathedral dating back to the 1100s are still standing!) and learnt about the difference between Norman and Gothic architectural styles.

The guides also helped the stories embedded in the beautiful stained glass come to life – explaining the significance of Queen Bertha of Kent, Thomas Beckett and Henry the VIII to the history of Canterbury Cathedral and the Anglican Church.

After our tours, the students had a few hours to explore Canterbury, and we arrived back in Cambridge for dinner.

In the evening, we set up a telescope in the garden for some star and planet gazing – this has been in high demand, so fingers crossed for a clear night tomorrow so we can do stargazing again and catch the lunar eclipse!


The Cam Prep team 🙂

A wonderful Wednesday!

With just over a week to go until the end of the program, classes have begun to work towards their final projects.

Our film students have started to shoot their final films, with the major class producing two different short films – one silent movie and one with dialogue.

Behind the scenes of the film shoot!


Science and the Future went to a local Cambridge cafe to work on their final showcase project.


The Engineers trialled the cars they’ve been working on for the last couple of classes today.

In the afternoon, our Cambridge staff gave a talk about life at Oxbridge, admissions, the college system, tips and tricks – and the students were treated to Fitzbillies’ famous chelsea buns.


Hannah and James before the talk!

Here is the link we gave the students on international student admissions if you would like to find out more https://www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/international-students

In the evening, the Disney Quiz was a hit.

Others chose to soak up the beautiful weather in the Deer Park and around college.

Tomorrow we’re visiting historic Canterbury, so are taking the evening to rest up for our field trip!

The CamPrep admin 🙂


An exciting and Scorching Tuesday

Today saw several different minors and majors taking full advantage of class time by doing a whole range of exciting activities…

Film-making today were challenged with finishing off the first of their two movies with our Activities Director Hannah and Programme Assistant James stepping in as their actors. By the looks of it the finished product will definitely be a must-see, so stay tuned!

Medical Science today were practising Phlebotomy on a very willing and realistic volunteer- it was definitely not for the faint hearted!


Engineering today were constructing cars and utilising computer software to control their behaviour. It looked far too complicated for us, but our students are very much getting to grips with it!


We also caught up with some students enjoying lunch in the market!

In terms of Activities today our team organised a busy and exciting day. We returned to Kettle’s Yard to view the art exhibits once more for the students who weren’t able to attend the first trip- the newly refurbished museum has some very interesting pieces!

Students were also able to visit the Museum of Zoology to view the science-based exhibits, ranging from human development to the development of multitude of species on earth- it looked very interesting and engaging.

The day was rounded off by a scenic trip Canoeing on the River Cam and taking full advantage of the wonderful evening sun. As far as we can tell, our students were all fully competent and fortunately no-one ended up in the river!

All the best and looking forward to tomorrow!

The Cam Prep Team 🙂


Monday’s Model UN!

It was a very busy morning here at Cam Prep as many of the students took a break from their usual major classes to participate in a Model United Nations.

Paz, who teaches our Law major class, kindly set up and ran a three-hour negotiation simulation, which most classes participated in. The theme of the conference was Data Use and Digital Privacy – hugely topical at the moment in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and US election interference, and an issue that the students could really relate to! Working in teams of two, students represented major countries or companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, to find a framework and solution to these pressing issues that all participants and stakeholders could benefit from. Each delegation gave opening speeches laying out their positions, before engaging in moderated and unmoderated caucuses. All the students really got into their roles and proved their negotiating skills!


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In the afternoon Molecular Biology, Criminology and Espionage combined to do a crime scene investigation exercise!


Meanwhile, the Studio Art minor class headed to the nearby village of Grantchester along with Program Director Doug to draw inspiration from the landscape.

IMG_1934.JPGIMG_1943.JPGIMG_1944.JPGIMG_1929.JPGIMG_1928 (1).JPG

After classes, our activities directors ran yoga, board games and more punting!


Another Sunny Sunday

It might be a lesson-free day, but aside from a well-deserved lie in, today has still been action packed!

The day kicked off with a plentiful brunch in the Deer Park provided by our Activities Directors, which set everyone up well for the activities ahead.

Early in the afternoon, some of the students took a scenic walk through the Cambridge countryside. They visited the village of Grantchester, famous for its Orchard Tea Rooms, where students sampled the great British tradition of scones, jam, and clotted cream!

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Later in the afternoon, we hosted another salsa dancing class – the activity proved so popular the first time around that our Activities Directors couldn’t wait to repeat it!

Finally, we finished off the day letting off some steam with a hilarious karaoke session in the Nightingale Room – some excellent (and not so excellent) singing abilities were being shown off!

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Students are looking forward to next week, where we have lots of exciting things planned, including a trip to the historic city of Canterbury!

The CamPrep Team 🙂

Super Saturday

Today was another full and fun day, packed with activities around Peterhouse.

In the morning, Molecular Biology went on an expedition to collect water samples from the River Cam. They took a punt ride with their sample bottles and collected all kinds of algae, water plants, larvae, and weird micro-organisms! Everyone tried their hands at punting too. The class finished off by looking at their samples under the microscope and learning how to prepare microscope samples.

Molecular Biology in and out of the classroom. 

After major classes, there was a big turnout for Bill’s juggling session in the Peterhouse Deer Park (back by popular demand!)

For those less inclined towards juggling, there was a badminton tournament at the Deer Park at the same time. Later in the afternoon, some students got involved with nail art, and another group went to watch a football match at Cambridge Football Club.

In the evening, the students had the option to go for ice cream at Jacks and Aromi (two of Cambridge’s best ice cream spots!) and finally, the night ended with our “Into the Jungle” themed dance.

We’re looking forward to a much needed day of rest and relaxation tomorrow!

Cambridge Prep Team 🙂


A fantastic friday!

In this morning’s major classes Molecular Biology studied how electrical impulses travel down a neuron, using a giant nerve, and starbursts and chocolates to model the movement of charged particles!


Science and the Future were practising their public speaking skills by doing roundtable presentations and later visited the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

In the afternoon we had three activities running: glass painting and pancake-making , a trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum and a poker night (*but with no money exchanged and soft drinks only!*).