London’s Calling part 2

Good evening to all and our beloved fans,

It has been a scorcher of a day, but we are pleased to report that we are all healthy, happy albeit very, very hot. I am pleased to report that no one has been sunburnt and that water bottles were refilled an enormous number of times. More details to come tomorrow regarding specific class activities. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Peterhouse looking swell before we left for the magical capital this morning.



See you tomorrow!
Lots of love,

The CamPrep Admin Team xo

The Heatwave: Part 2

We have had yet another sweltering day in Cambridge, with temperatures soaring to 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit for our overseas readers) and our students have again taken this in their strides. Today has seen a multitude of different activities and classes being conducted outside of the classroom; taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings that we find ourselves in.

Our Terrorism Studies class again combined forces with Modern Politics to conduct study and debate in Peterhouse’s scholar’s garden; a stunning area within the college walls that allows our students to leave the classroom and to take in the environment whilst working.


What a fine day for studying

Outside of the planned lessons, our activities directors again made full use of the beautiful weather and had several fantastic activities available for our students to take part in.

A number of students today went to Fitzbillies for traditional Tea and Cakes; Fitzbillies is a Cambridge institution renowned for its storied history and its incredible edible goods. It appears everyone was fully immersed in the cultural experience and had a fantastic time trying out what was on offer!

As in accordance with Cambridge tradition, punting was once again on the agenda. With a city as beautiful as this that is accessible by water, it would be rude not to go punting as soon as the sun comes out!

Finally, in the evening we were treated to a very topical talk by Dr Joelle Grogan; Oxford Graduate and senior lecturer at Middlesex University London. The topics covered included the likes of the UK’s future in a post-brexit climate, the current state of Government and further political and legal implications that may arise from the Brexit process. Our students attended in large numbers and responded well to the complex topics.

We are now looking forward to our field trip to London tomorrow; with temperatures set to soar up to 38 celsius, we know we’re set for a busy and wonderful day in the capital.


All the best and admin love xo

Sunshine and Salsa!


Today, on this very summery and warm 23rd of July, img_1437.jpegwe soaked up the sun and chugged multiple bottles of water. As we sit here, writing another great blog post as the sun is setting on Peterhouse, we so wish you could all be here – and there’s a way you can! (Besides getting on a plane/train obviously) Follow our instagram account (@oxbridgeprograms) and have a look at our story from the day! There’s all sorts there, from the medical science class practising drawing blood and the coding class programming their games, you’ll feel like you’re getting a taster of all our classes! 

Before the sun even rose, students are still keeping up with lots of their training from home and are rising even before most of the admin!


One dedicated cyclist!

Our Science & The Future class decided to take a little field trip to the University Museum of Zoology to learn a little more about ancient skeletons and insects and to discuss their ideas more for their final project. Activities there also included lots of trivia quizzes and up close encounters with turtle skulls!


After we took our annual group photo (pics to come soon), we also had yet another amazing salsa class! Students were willing to shake their hips despite the rising temperatures, which just goes to show how much fun salsa can be!



In the evening students were treated to a multitude of hands-on activities like friendship bracelet making, tie-dye and perhaps most interestingly, a performance from Cambridge Voices, one of Britain’s premier chamber choirs and even watching a Shakespeare performance of Hamlet.






See you tomorrow for another successful day!

The CamPrep Admin Team xo

A sunny Monday in Cambridge

The sun came out today just in time for the activities we had on offer, including canoeing on the Cam and a walking ghost tour of the city!

Students spent the morning in class, getting stuck in to their courses and working towards the academic showcase at the end of next week. Some classes headed out into the city during their morning lessons – Global Politics and Social Psychology teamed up to explore the cultural sites in the city, ready for their guest speaker.

We had another busy day of activities: firstly, there was biscuit & cake decorating for those enthusiastic about the culinary arts, where students teamed up to show off their edible decorative skills.


We also had another canoeing session, which was timed perfectly with the gorgeous weather we’ve been blessed with today! There’s no better way to spend the evening in Cambridge than out on the river as the sun starts to come down.


Students were also treated to a ghost tour of the city, exploring all the back alleys and spooky corners of Cambridge – including the house where the Hangman used to live!

For those in a party mood, there was a karaoke in college this evening – lots of students came to join in the singing, and we were so impressed with how talented our students are!

It’s been a great day here in the sun, and we’re looking forward to what tomorrow holds!


Have a lovely evening,

CamPrep admin team xo

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

We can’t believe it’s been nearly three weeks in Cambridge for some of our students! After last night’s festivities, students recovered and joined us for a spot of brunch and pancake making!



Our most wholesome and exciting activity to date was what followed later in the day, which was our little field day in Grantchester Park. Situated just a 20 minute walk from Peterhouse, all students and staff gathered in this field for a fun couple of hours of scones, sun and soccer (or as we prefer to call it, football). Games also included some archery, Ultimate Frisbee and capture the flag – in which Director Doug came out always on top. Students were also given the opportunity to punt a little bit on the River Cam.


Pleased to report that no students fell in!



Wholesome good fun!


Discussing team tactics for a game of Ultimate Frisbee



Students and admin socialising

After a spot of roast dinner, our students spent most of their night either in our lovely deer park, or at boardgames and biscuits. Games included some blackjack, lots and lots of  puzzles and a riveting game of monopoly, all whilst munching on some classic British biscuits.





That’s all folks! Have a great week!

The CamPrep Admin Team xo

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

Happy Saturday! What an exciting Saturday it’s been!

We kicked things off with class. Today’s field trips included the Law class learning about the history of England while exploring the grounds of St John’s and King’s Colleges.





After a spot of lunch, it was activities galore! We began with a trip to the American Cemetery and Memorial. This is a World War II American military war grave cemetery, and students were treated to interesting war stories and an interactive tour of the grounds.





For those who were in need of a little stress reliever, we organised a little game of dodgeball at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre. The students showcased their impressive range of flips, throws and dodges and left the centre feeling refreshed and sweaty.






Finally, like every Saturday, we had ourselves a little bop! With the theme being jungle, you can guess everyone was monkeying around! Just have a look at all these fab pics:


Our most dedicated and stylish gang


A full house!


Director Doug dishes out the dough (we got pizza) 


That’s all for today! We have an exciting field day for all the children at Grantchester tomorrow so tune in!

A worn-out CamPrep Admin Team xo

Is it déjà-vu?

Good day to all! It’s very strange to be both re-starting and continuing the programme at the same time, but the students have all been superstars and are helping the new kids feel more at home. We all started in normal fashion, with a great opening ceremony from Director Doug. With the changing of the weather, a change of students and also teachers seems appropriate.




Director Doug kicking things off! 

The second two weeks means that full session students are now switching over to a new subject and it means that everyone gets to integrate. Molecular Biology, Politics and Terrorism took a little field trip on their first day to The Grafton Centre.



After lunch, our activities directors organised a scavenger hunt for all students to look for things around Cambridge. The kids shuffled through the rain weaving their way through the winding cobbled streets of the city centre in order to find their checkpoints, which included King’s College and classic Cambridge coffee shops.


The winning team! 

Following dinner, students were treated to a really exciting talk about the engineering and aerodynamics of Formula 1 engineering from Jenny Holt who is part of the Red Bull F1 Aerodynamics team. During her speech she talked about how the performance of a formula 1 car is designed, developed and tested.





See you all tomorrow for another exciting (and hopefully less rainy) day!

The CamPrep Admin Team