Arrivals info!

Dear Students and Parents,

We can’t wait to welcome you here at Peterhouse, here are a few pointers to help you out at the airport /on arrival day.

The flight…

Remember for international flights you are advised to arrive at least three hours before the plane is due to depart. On the flight you are advised to sleep, perhaps bring a travel pillow, eye mask or ear plugs just in case. When nearing the UK, the flight attendant will probably bring round a landing card for you to fill in, if not you will get one at customs. On the landing card, please list your UK contact address as ‘Oxbridge Academic Programs, Peterhouse, Cambridge,  CB2 1RD’.

Don’t forget that in the UK we have different sockets so remember an adapter! 🙂

At the airport…

After getting off the plane follow the route and the other passengers heading to ‘Arrivals’. At passport control there will be two lines: ‘UK/EU passports’ and ‘All other passports’, follow the correct sign and join the back of the line.

Once at the front you will be asked by the customs official why you are entering the UK and where you are staying. Don’t forget your passport control letter and your letter of consent to travel (if you are traveling alone), along with any other travel documents you may have. 

Baggage reclaim…

After passport control follow the signs to baggage reclaim. There will be a board telling you which carousel to get your bags from.

Arrivals lounge…

As you walk out into the arrivals lounge, Cam Prep staff will be waiting for you in red and blue T-shirts and holding Cam Prep signs (as modelled by Scarlett and Izzy below).

After that you will be taken to Cambridge by taxi/minibus along with other Camp Prep students arriving at similar times.

We can’t wait to see you & safe journeys! 😀


The Last Dance!

Hello parents!

Our last full day at CamPrep has come to an end, and we are not looking forward to seeing your children leave us tomorrow! For the final day of major classes, the students got up to lots of exciting things. Molecular Biology decorated cupcakes to look like microscopic organisms:

Law class had their final presentation day, with students representing two countries in a moot court discussing issues around the poaching of elephants for ivory. Judges included our Law teacher, Happy, the program director, Dorothy and program assistant Dan. All three judges were very impressed with the high standards of the lawyers.

Our Veterinary Science class operated on a teddy bear, spaying her in the same way that real vets would spay pets – although slightly less gory!

After the final three hours of a grand total of seventy-two hours of major classes, our students were finished! Following an afternoon of packing and getting ready for tomorrow, we all had a wonderful evening. Peterhouse treated us to a delicious banquet in the hall, for our final chance to dine in the oldest room in Europe still used for its original purpose.

We then had an awards ceremony and assembly to celebrate the amazing month we’ve had in Cambridge. Teachers selected an outstanding student from their class – although everyone involved should be very proud of themselves.

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The students were able to watch a video of their whole time here – an emotional experience for all involved!

The evening ended with our final dance, with our very own Global Politics teacher as the DJ. The chocolate fountain was a particular treat and everyone ended the program with an amazing night!

Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team

Final Days, Football and Friendships

Hello everyone,

The end of Cambridge Prep 2016 is sadly fast approaching; even so the penultimate day has been filled with fun activities and outings. The students’ day started with major classes after breakfast as usual and sadly this afternoon attended their final minor class. The Global Politics class held an insightful and  informed debate with the Director Dorothy, Dean Bill and  numerous students in attendance. The teaching faculty are all so pleased to see how much the students have enjoyed themselves and learned.

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The director and faculty hosted the final afternoon tea event with traditional scones, cakes, buns and a variety of tea on offer. The abundance of tasty English treats means this has always proven to be a popular event! Others took the afternoon to revisit their favourite spots in Cambridge or purchase last minute souvenirs and gifts.

Additionally, this afternoon Activities Director James, took an enthusiastic group to Cambridge Lakes Golf Course. There the group received a skills lesson and played a handful of holes before returning to Peterhouse.

In the evening a group of students and staff went to support the local Cambridge United Football Club in their pre-season friendly game against Aston Villa Football Club. Even though our local team were bested, all enjoyed attending the semi-professional local sporting event.

For those not wanting to watch the football, our ever dedicated activities team had a range of board games available to be enjoyed throughout the evening. With this our penultimate day at the programme came to a close. Tomorrow we will see the major classes finish, followed by an evening formal banquet, an award ceremony for the students, and our last dance.

Good night, all!

Fairies, Football and Felicitations

Good evening parents!

As we start the final week here at CamPrep, showcases of the students’ subjects have begun – and it’s been wonderful seeing the hard work that has gone into the past month! Sunday began with a brunch organised by our activities directors in the glorious  Deer Park.

Sunday morning proved the perfect opportunity for a selection of sports. We visited Parker’s Piece for games of football (the British version!), frisbee and American football. Taking advantage of the continued heat, others went swimming once again – a very rare opportunity for a normal British summer!

Following this, CamPrep was able to visit a jazz concert at Jesus Green, located next to our older neighbours at CamTrad. This kick-started a very creative evening, as after dinner we watched the drama students’ brilliant production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Having already watched a production of it earlier this week in King’s College Fellows’ Gardens, it is safe to say that our students matched up to the professional standards.

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The play was followed by a delicious ice-cream party hosted by Oxbridge Academic Programs’ founder, Jim Basker. In the Deer Park once again, it was the perfect location to celebrate the Thespian skills demonstrated in the performance.

Finally, we’d like to wish a happy 21st birthday to one of our activities directors, James! He had a marvellous day, made all the better by the cards, cake and gifts given by the students and the team at CamPrep! IMG_2954

Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team

Bathing, Betting and Boats!

Evening, Parents!

We’ve had the UK’s hottest day of the year here at CamPrep so our students had to teach a lot of our British admin team how to deal with the heat! In the beautiful sunshine, teachers continued to take their classes outside for lessons today. Entrepreneurship and Global Business joined forces to learn about crowdfunding and the role of investment banks in taking a company public. Meanwhile, the Veterinary Science class took a field trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park, seeing animals such as tigers, red pandas and capybaras.

20160719_115131 (1)

Taking shelter from the sunshine, some students came to the second of our ‘Afternoon Tea’ sessions. They took advantage of a very British tradition, enjoying scones, iced buns and tea in Peterhouse’s beautiful Upper Hall.

Meanwhile, others visited the oldest swimming pool still in use. Emmanuel College’s pool dates back to the seventeenth century, and so students enjoyed the opportunity to cool off in this historic site. DSC_000001 (5)The evening also allowed students to go and see the ‘Bumps.’ A Cambridge rowing tradition that evolved during the 1820s, it is a  continuous form of racing where the finishing order of the crews for one set of races forms the starting order for the next. It was a perfect evening for sitting by the river and cheering the boats on. DSC_000001 (8)Others took part in a poker night with two of our deans, John and Bill, here in college and really gave each other a run for their money!

Here’s hoping the beautiful weather continues!

Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team

Dancing, Debating and Punting

Dear Parents,

We’ve had another beautiful day packed full of activities here at Peterhouse. Taking advantage of the sun, the Entrepreneurship class ventured out into town to look at the various marketing strategies of local businesses. Meanwhile, in Law class, students had a debate focusing on the arguments surrounding abortion:

In the afternoon (and into the evening!) our activities directors organised a grand total of three punting trips for the students. A quintessentially Cambridge activity, punting allows the students to see into the colleges that back onto the River Cam, with sights such as the Bridge of Sighs, King’s College and the Mathematical Bridge.

The afternoon also saw the first of our Afternoon Tea sessions. We have three of these across the programme and they give students the opportunity to have a very British experience, having tea and cake with members of the teaching faculty and the admin team. There were lots of delicious treats on offer – there wasn’t much food left at the end!

In the evening our multi-talented Maths and Nature teacher Angel ran a salsa class for us, and it proved very popular with the students.

There was some relaxation in the common room afterwards as the students prepare for our first day-trip away from Cambridge tomorrow to historic Norwich.

Good night!

The CamPrep Team

Classics, Churchill and Choral Music


Dear Parents,

As the weather cleared up, teachers took the chance to take their students out of the classrooms. The Architecture majors had an exciting day, with a site visit to the Cast Gallery in the Faculty of Classics, as well as an excursion to see the Heong Gallery in Downing College. Meanwhile, the Espionage minors were out and about in Cambridge, busily developing their enigmatic skill set, on a reconnaissance mission.

In the afternoon, we had the pleasure of introducing Dr Christopher Catherwood, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, who gave an enlightening talk entitled Why Churchill Was Right. Dr Catherwood was a veritable fountain of knowledge, providing an in-depth survey of the former prime minister’s career, that led to a stimulating Q&A session afterwards.
On top of that, in the evening we had a highly entertaining performance from the Cambridge Voices, one of Britain’s premier chamber choirs, who had hits from across history as part of their interactive set.
Good night!
~ The CamPrep Team, 2016

The Icing on the Cake: Cupcakes and Talent Shows!

Hello, Parents!

We’ve had another busy day here at Peterhouse – despite the rain continuing, spirits remain high! Lessons were very practical today; in Engineering the students were challenged to make a balloon-powered vehicle from a very limited range of materials and see how far it travelled:

Meanwhile in Science and the Future classes, the students attempted to make robots that could travel in a straight line:

This afternoon there were plenty more activities to get involved in. Following on from the popularity of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ here in the UK, the Activities Directors put on a cake decorating session. There were plenty of wonderful decorations and very impressive icing skills.

This evening we had a hilarious time due to the lip-syncing contest in the theatre. Groups of students chose songs to perform in front of a packed audience, with tunes ranging from Beyoncé tracks to a very impressive rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team



Sports day!

Hello parents!

As summer continues in Cambridge we had a very busy day here at Peterhouse. Instead of usual classes, this morning we had our annual ‘Cambridge Prep Symposium’, which gave the students the opportunity to hear about some of the amazing research and work that their teachers are completing away from the classroom. The morning started with our very own dean, Bill Hudgins, and Speech and Debate teacher Gavin Ayliffe taking the students through the college admissions process in the US and at Oxford and Cambridge, before moving on to the panel talks. The students selected two out of the four panels:

The Power of Self-Expression

How to Win Friends and Influence People

To Infinity and Beyond!

Supporting the World (Figuratively and Literally)

Topics within these ranged from how humanity has adapted and evolved, to authority’s control over the populace, to the relationship between memory and photography.

Then in the afternoon we had a lot of fun at our sports day. Our activities directors had organised a wonderful series of challenges and activities, made complete by the addition of an ice cream van that provided some delicious flavours. In teams made up of their major classes they travelled around different stations, including an assault course, hockey, Ultimate Frisbee and softball. Congratulations to the winners, the Speech and Debate and Social Psychology classes – but, as always, remember that it’s the taking part that counts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day finished with a barbecue and a film night in the theatre – all very tired out from the sports! For some, the adventures continued later into the night as they ventured on a ghost tour around Cambridge and heard about some of the haunted history of this very old city.

Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team



A Nobel laureate among us!

Hello everyone!

It was another productive day here at Peterhouse, with lessons continuing in earnest. Our Medical Science majors were treated to a fascinating presentation from their teacher, Dr Vesely, on the cutting edge biomedical research that he has been conducting.


The Molecular Biology majors had an exciting morning, taking an excursion to see the Cavendish Laboratory and The Eagle, the pub renowned for being the location where Watson and Crick announced their monumental discovery of the structure of DNA.



In the afternoon, we were incredibly privileged to have British developmental biologist Professor Sir John Gurdon, awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his pioneering research in nuclear transfer and cloning, come to speak to us today. His fascinating talk, entitled How to Avoid a Bad Start to a Career, described not only his research interests, but also his family background and unorthodox start to his path in the field of biology.


Later in the evening, we were also lucky enough to have Sir Christopher Hum, Former UK Ambassador to China and Master of Gonville and Caius College, give a talk on Leading the British Embassy in China. Both talks were very well received and saw the students ask a number of insightful questions.


Along with a viewing of the second Euro semi-final, we had some Hama Bead making in the evening, with lots of fun, creative designs on display.



Best wishes,

~ The CamPrep Team, 2016