Major Class Swap Day

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Today students of the Oxbridge St. Andrews program had the opportunity to try out a different major class during Major Class Swap Day.  The Major Class teachers prepared great hands on lessons to give the students a taste of what is happening in the other Major Classes here at St. Andrews.

Letter from the Director, 16th July

July 16, 2018

Dear Parents of Oxbridge St Andrews Students,

It’s hard to believe that the final full week of our program has already arrived, and the mere mention of phrases like “Departure Day” and “end of the program” bring out a collective groan. Indeed, your children are having a most memorable time, and students, faculty, and administrators alike are taking advantage of every moment before our program draws to a close.

The third week of the program brought continued sunny weather, inspiring classes, entertaining activities, and historical jaunts. Among the many lessons I had the great pleasure of observing this week were a dissection of an animal’s lung and heart by our Anatomy and Medicine students, the building of a model internal combustion engine by our Maths and Engineering kids, and the impressive improvement of our golf minor students’ games on the links. I am continually in awe of both our teachers’ expertise and our students’ collective engagement in their lessons. It’s been a pleasure to see such thriving scholarship throughout the month.

Outside of class, students continued to make St Andrews and the surrounding areas their classroom. Many of the students headed back to Edinburgh yesterday for time to explore the sights and shopping of Scotland’s capital city. In addition to a variety of field trips, students locally visited the Preservation Trust Museum, learned about the British sport of Rounders, and engaged in various clan battles, from sandcastle building competitions to British trivia nights. All the activities on offer have made for another packed week.

In less academic affairs, students engaged in pick-up basketball, tennis, and frisbee and soccer games. They also joined in World Cup fever, donning face paint for the England-Croatia semi-final match last Wednesday and getting excited for the tournament’s thrilling finale yesterday. Along the same lines, the Clan Cup continues to race toward its own dramatic conclusion next weekend, and it’s anybody’s guess who will raise the trophy. McHamish continues to hold a slight edge, but Swilcan and Buchanan nip at their heels. It’s been great to see how your students have supported each other in all their endeavors.

As we wrap up the program this week, there’s no slowing down here. Final classes, speakers, and activities will be keeping us very busy up through our final days. Please do keep checking our blog at, and don’t be surprised if your son or daughter sleeps a lot when he or she returns home. There’s a lot on offer this week, and the kids are engaging in it all.

Finally, plans are in place for those two aforementioned words your children don’t want to hear: Departure Day. We have flight information for each of your children, but please do let us know if you would like to confirm what we have or if you have any questions in our final days.

We are looking forward to a wonderful last week of the program, and thank you again for sharing your children with us. We will all be remembering and reminiscing on this wonderful month for a long time to come.

All the best,

Greg Chalfin

Director, Oxbridge St Andrewsgregc

Sunday 15th July: Another Edinburgh Trip

A group of students took another, less educational trip to Edinburgh today. Some went to museums to look at the historical exhibits Edinburgh has to offer. Others hit the town and went shopping on Princes Street. Some even took part in a tour of the city, visiting famous landmarks used to inspire the Harry Potter books and film the movies. There was also a carnival in Edinburgh which students loved to see. A lot can be done in a day, and we made it home for dinner!

Saturday 14th July: Wimbledon

After class today, students were treated to some very British strawberries and cream while watching Wimbledon and sipping on some cool lemonade. It looks like everyone involved had a great time watching the game

Saturday 14th July: Aquarium Trip with our Biologists!

Our biology class (Luiza, Allie, Aina and Sydney) took a trip to the local aquarium today. They took some great photos of the exhibits and learned about the rich nature around us. I’m not sure if the carousel was part of the educational experience, though…

Saturday 14th July: Spirometry

Today in medicine, all the students measured their lung function by spirometry. Some good respiratory blows were demonstrated!