Saturday 21st July: Biology Presentations

To finish off the Microbiology Major class, each student presented a research proposal. Brining together what they had learned, the class heard about dolphin language, pheromones, depression and DNA coding. Very well done to Luiza, Sydney, Allie and Aina!

Shakespeare in the Park


The students await the performance


An outdoors theatre experience


I hope the grass wasn’t wet…


Suns out blankets out


Time for a costume change!


The music was a great inclusion


Smiles all round!

This evening students of the St. Andrews program were treated to a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the historic Hill of Tarvit.  The touring company, Three Inch Fools, developed a musical take on the Shakespearean classic; using on stage instruments to add to the performance.

Out and about with History

This week, the Major and Minor History class were joined by comics scholar and journalist Kelly Kanayama for an exploration of utopias and dystopias in British science fiction, from the space imperialism of Dan Dare, to the grim nuclear future of Judge Dredd’s Megacity One. After a discussion on the power of science fiction as an historical source, and its relevance as a tool for social commentary, the class created their own satirical comic characters to critique their modern world.

In addition, the Major class visited the Secret Cold War Bunker in the wilds of Fife. Exploring a secure location designed to govern Scotland in the event of nuclear apocalypse, the students delved into the paranoia of Cold War espionage culture, and the work of the ordinary men and women on the look-out for Armageddon.

Finally, with the help of the staff at Kinburn Bowling Club, the students enthusiastically attempted a sport once excoriated by King James I as “unlawful”, and fit only for “the meaner sort of people” – bowling. After some strenuous competition, they turned their attention to sport as an historical source, using cricket, ice-skating, tennis, and dog-fighting to explore the dynamics of class in the Victorian era, and the imposition of moral expectations on historical recreation!


Thursday 19th July: Final Field Trip with Medicine and Anatomy

This morning, the anatomy and medicine major courses set off to Dundee for their final field trip of the programme. The students visited the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID), which is part of the University of Dundee. On a tour of the department, led by Professor Tracey Wilkinson, principal anatomist of the university and head of CAHID, students visited the anatomy museum, explored the embalming facilities, and were given the chance to examine soft-fix Thiel-embalmed cadavers. These cadavers are life-like despite being preserved long term through a new and sophisticated method called Thiel embalming, and can be used for surgical training and dissecting activities alike. The student feedback on this experience was fantastic, and they found their tour very insightful and inspiring.

Wednesday 18th July: Yoga with Gianna

This afternoon, Gianna Sabatino took a yoga class on the lawn. Gianna enjoys yoga as a relaxing and strengthening activity, and shared her passion passion with fellow students. Some were cautious of getting involved but Gianna encouraged everyone to join, assuring them that yoga is for everyone. An excellent example of sharing your passion with others. Very well done, Gianna!

Biological Creative Writing

This morning the students of the Oxbridge St. Andrews Creative Writing and Molecular Biology Major classes had a joint class where they practiced their writing skills from Creative Writing with lessons and examples that they have learned in the Molecular Biology.  Students from each class were paired together and created a poem or story that they shared with their classmates, teachers and admin team members.

Tuesday 17th: Another Day in Medicine

Another skill mastered today in medicine class! The students were practising venepuncture on a manikin. Lots of successful blood collections!

Three more groups of students delivered presentations as part of their team work exercises. Well done, all!