Greg’s £5 Challenge

This afternoon the student clans were given a challenge: Take £5 and get materials to make a model of your favorite St Andrews landmark. The competition was fierce, but the final products (the West Sands beach, the Old Course, and, of course, the local Domino’s) were a true mark of creativity and engineering!


The Warsaw Concerto

Tonight the students were treated to a concert at The Byre Theatre in St Andrews, by famous international pianists, Worbey and Farrell. Worbey and Farrell are famous for their musical acrobatics, turning much loved orchestral pieces into duets for two hands on one piano. The students were treated to arrangements of Bohemian Rhapsody, excerpts from Saint-Saëns’ ‘Carnival of The Animals’, and the world premiere of their special arrangement of ‘The Warsaw Concerto’.  After the performance, the duo were keen to talk to the students, and share stories about performing all over the world. IMG_1770IMG_4050IMG_4056

A Visit to The Observatory

Last night students visited the James Gregory Telescope, the largest telescope in Scotland and one of the most important telescopes in the UK. There they were met by Aleks Scholz who gave them a talk about Astronomy at St Andrews and the UK as well as the history of the telescope. Due to it being summer in St Andrews and dark skies being nearly non-existent, no star-gazing took place. However, the students were treated to a demonstration of the telescope, and were shown images that it had helped to capture.

Dundee and Pittenweem and Anstruster, Oh My!

Students had the option on Sunday to visit some local towns close by to St Andrews. Students could chose to visit Dundee, the nearest city to St Andrews or the small villages of Pittenweem and Anstruther to experience the charm of small fishing villages. In Dundee, students had access to a variety of shops, restaurants, and museums, and it was a nice change of pace to St Andrews. Those who journeyed to Pittenweem enjoyed treats at the Cocoa Tree Chocolate Shop and fish and chips in Anstruther (they’re well known for their fish and chips!).  Students will have the opportunity to travel again to these locations in two weeks time.

The St Andrews Quest!

On Monday afternoon, students got to know the town of St Andrews through an engaging scavenger hunt. The St Andrews Quest had students running about town completing tasks in teams of 5-6 students, answering questions about the town’s history and pop culture and locating some of the town’s lesser known hidden gems. Students were also faced with “photo challenges” and had specials tasks including writing a poem about the historic coastal town and re-enact the most famous scene from Chariots of Fire in the same location it was filmed. Check out some of their submissions below:

“Cathedrals, castles all in one.

But a shame that haggis ain’t that fun.

Then out of nowhere, a voice yells, “FOUR!”

Students duck as golf balls soar.” — The Putting Kilts (Kaileigh, Kenneth, Izzy, Angela, and Julian)

“There’s North, Market, South…

The streets make me drop my mouth…

So low to the bumpy ground…

Traveling in Scotland, here we go!” — Haggis Eaters (Stephen, Kyle, Emilie, Jennah, Marta, Dominique)