Award Winning Journalist visits Oxbridge

Award winning journalist, Chitra Ramaswamy, visited Oxbridge this afternoon to deliver a talk to our students about journalism and non-fictional narratives. Chitra, who worked for a number of national publications including The Scotsman and The Big Issue, now writes regularly for The Guardian Newspaper. In today’s talk, Chitra discussed her book ‘Expecting: The Inner Life of Pregnancy’, and demonstrated the power of using narratives to tell personal journeys. Chitra’s talk provided lots of food for thought for our students, and all were excited to hear about her career working in the media.

First Day of Classes

Today marks the first day of classes for the students which began with meeting our wonderful faculty this morning! After all the introductions, students split off into their individual major classes and spent the morning finding out more about their chosen subject. Once major classes had finished for the day, students had a short break to take in the sunshine as they made their way to their minor classes. We are off and running!

West Port Murders come alive in History!


In preparation for the Edinburgh trip this afternoon and the play Hare we’re seeing this evening, British History teacher Rafael planned a lesson that examined primary source documents surrounding the murders. William Burke and William Hare were two Irish immigrants who murdered 17 victims in Edinburgh over the years 1827 and 1829. What became known as the ‘West Port Murders’ made them the most famous body snatchers Scotland has ever seen. In class, students learned about the medical history and forensic information available at the time of the murders. They also played a game in which they had to figure out the illness based on the forensic documents. What a wonderful and engaging lesson!

Today at a Glance: Security & Terrorism and Macbeth

In the Terrorism and Security minor on Monday, two guest speakers shared their knowledge and experience. Andrew Ferguson, a former St Andrews M.Litt student in Terrorism Studies, primarily focused upon the role of social media within terrorist organisations. He now works on infrastructure protection projects and is based in Washington. Upile Mtitimila, a graduating St Andrews IR student who based his dissertation on the relationship between the media and terrorism spoke about racism and Islamophobia. The students then presented about language in the media describing terrorist attacks.


And in the Macbeth major, Oxbridge student Katrina Claflin presented on the theme of power in the play.