A Student’s Perspective, Day Twenty-Two: Zeynep Oncu

The end is close, but we keep having amazing experiences. Last night, we went to a cemetery to watch an old movie. I know it sounds creepy, but apparently it is a thing here. We went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery about an hour early, but there still were many people in the line, waiting to go inside. We sat on the grass and watched other people while waiting for the doors. When the doors were finally open, we “speed-walked” to get ourselves a good place to sit. We passed the headstones and came to an open area which was dazzling with people. We laid our blankets and gathered to eat. We had so many snacks: lots of cheese, salami, olives, three loads of bread, and berries…. It was one of the best and most fun meals I’ve had so far. We fought over olives and saw some of our true faces (about food). In the end, we shared everything while watching the sunset. Around 9 o’clock, we were done with the food and waiting for the movie, but when the popcorn-lady came, we couldn’t stop ourselves from getting popcorn and chocolate candies. We mixed the chocolate chips and the popcorn; it was my first time doing it, and I LOVED IT. We settled in and the movie started. It was an old coming of age movie called Stand by Me which was filmed in 1986. It was about four boys going on an adventure to find a dead body. The movie itself was so adorable and funny, but the reactions of the man sitting behind me made it even funnier. When the movie ended, we ran through the cemetery because we did not want to get caught by the crowd. I was one of the first five who made it to the end, so I was lucky because we got the first Uber on our way back. We enjoyed our car ride with Mia’s playlist. It was an unforgettable night.

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