Final Banquet and Party!

Last night we held the last hurrah of the program: a magnificent banquet and an all-night party!  After an emotional farewell assembly, we all celebrated with a spread of delicious food prepared by the chefs.  An all-night party followed before the students set off for the airport in the early hours of the morning.  This included karaoke, a disco and films, as well as a letter writing station, where students were able to write notes to one another to open later once they were home.  These celebrations were the perfect way to enjoy each-others’ company one last time, marking the end to a successful program.

As for the admin team, we have thoroughly enjoyed your company, enthusiasm and laughter over the last month and all that is left to say is a final au revoir and best of luck for the future!  You have been fab!

Final Presentations!

Major and minor classes have been busy preparing their spectacular vernissages across the campus!  Students have created beautiful displays showcasing the work they have done throughout the program.  Art students displayed their masterpieces, psychology students presented their colourful poster presentations and medical students demonstrated how to perform CPR.  The culture and cuisine class even had a selection of their delicious creations on offer to try!

Psychology Research and Ice Cream!

Today in psychology, three students conducted a qualitative research study on the effect of phone use on procrastination. The subjects were invited to reflect on their experience at Oxbridge and how phone use could have influenced their study time during the past month. The study offers great insight on the way these teenagers elaborated their meaning on phone use, the way they utilized their phone, and how phone use did not impact their study time. The day was finished off with students nominating The Brainy of the class whilst enjoying some Amorino ice-cream.