Staff and admin arrive in Paris.

Dear students and parents,

The staff and administration arrived two days ago in Paris at the Lycée Notre Dame de Sion to begin preparation for our month of Parisian adventures. The Program Heads, Deans, Activities Directors and Assistants are finalizing the many details to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the airport on July 3rd, and we are thrilled to welcome you to this enriching, exciting, and amazing cultural experience! A bientôt!

L’Académie de Paris.


Guest speaker Darin Strauss

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Best-selling author Darin Strauss addressed the students on Thursday, July 16. Strauss, author of Half A Life, won the National Book Critics Circle Award. His books have been translated into fourteen languages and published in 19 countries. Strauss is a Clinical Associate Professor at New York University’s Clinical Writing Program. He was the guest of Creative Writing teacher Heather Hartley.

In the steps of Victor Hugo’s Jean Valjean

Diego B. Ingles de Souza, the teacher of Architecture and Urban Planning, accompanied students to the underbelly of Paris in the égouts, or sewers, of Paris on Tuesday the 15th. The sewer system was first begun in 1370 and substantially enlarged during the reigns of Louis XIV and Napoleon III. Today, the sewers total over 2,000 kilometers of tunnels.

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