Spanish Minor Class

Hi, my name is Sofia Roman and I´m from Laredo, Texas. A few days ago in my minor Spanish class, we had the opportunity of going to my professor´s house to meet a young athletic woman from Spain named Ingrid Pino. When talking to Ingrid as a group, we learned about her story of how she fell in love with running from the very start, and what sacrifices she had to make to get where she is now. I found our conversations very interesting and took in as much information as I could. She gave us healthy lifestyle tips on how to eat, exercise on a daily basis, focus on school, and dream big big dreams. From our long conversation, what shocked me the most was when she told us how her lifestyle was when she was in college. She told us that she would usually run in the mornings, go to school and study, and then train again afterwards. In between of all of this, she would squeeze in her homework, take small breaks, and eat. By the end of the day she was always exhausted but that never stopped her. She continued to wake up early and follow her dreams. Now she currently works and still trains hoping to one day reach the Olympics and make her community proud. She is a true person to look up to and it was a pleasure to meet her.


Girona vs Bournemouth Soccer Game

My name is Isabelle Fouter, I am from Sydney, Australia. On the 20th of July I went to a watch a soccer game at the Olympic stadium, Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys, on Montjuic. We left the residence and got the metro to the bottom on Montjuic then caught the bus up the hill to the entrance of the stadium. Although we had already visited Montjuic, I really enjoyed returning to the area as there was a very beautiful view of Barcelona in the evening at the start of the sun set.

Mi nombre es Isabelle Fouter, soy de Sidney, Australia. El 20 de julio fui a ver un partido de fútbol en el Estadi Olimpic Lluís Companys, situado en Montjuic. Nos fuimos de la residencia, cogimos el metro y luego el autobús dirección a la entrada del estadio. Aunque ya habíamos visitado Montjuic, me gustó mucho volver a la zona, ya que había una vista preciosa de Barcelona por la tarde, cuando empezaba a atardecer. 


Once we arrived at the stadium we took our seats in the stands, very close to the field, which was quite cool. It was friendly game between Girona and Bournemouth, which was fun to watch because on Thursday we had visited Girona and it was interesting to see their soccer team. There was a fun atmosphere during the game as some Girona fans were leading cheers and chants for the whole stadium and everyone joined in. At halftime both the teams were tied and sadly I had to leave before the end of the game but I would have really liked to watch the last half as Girona won the game 2 – 1 and I would have enjoyed watching them score. 

Una vez llegamos al estadio, nos dirigimos a nuestros asientos que estaban muy cerca del campo, lo que fue muy guay. El partido era un amistoso entre el Girona y el Bournemouth y fue divertido de ver porque el jueves pasado habíamos visitado Girona y fue interesante ver jugar al equipo. Hubo una atmósfera de diversión durante el partido, ya que algunos fans del Girona estaban cantando y animando y todo el mundo se unió. En la media parte, el partido estaba empatado y tristemente tuve que irme antes de que acabara, pero me hubiera gustado estar en la segunda parte porque el Girona ganó 2-1 y hubiera disfrutado verles marcar.


As we returned we saw the sunset over Barcelona which was very pretty view. I really enjoyed going to the soccer and would recommend it as a fun experience as there was a good atmosphere and it was fun to watch the sport.

Mientras volvíamos, vimos la puesta de sol sobre Barcelona, lo que fue algo muy bonito de ver. Realmente disfruté ir al partido de fútbol y lo recomiendo por ser una experiencia divertida, ya que había una buena atmósfera y me lo pasé muy bien.



Un viaje al mercado (By M Sims)

El dia nueve de julio, fui al Mercat de Sant Antoni con todas las clases de español.

On the ninth of July, I went to the Mercat de Sant Antoni with all the Spanish classes.

Hay un mercado muy famoso en Barcelona que se llama La Boquería pero mi maestro me dijo que nosotros ibamos a un mercado donde no hay muchos turistas.

En el mercado había mucha gente, especialmente gente mayor. En mi clase de español nosotros tuvimos una tarea para hablar con la gente en el mercado solamente en español. Cuando yo estaba en el mercado tenía mucha hambre y yo quise almorzar.

There is a very famous market in Barcelona called La Boqueria but my teacher told me that we were going to a market where there are not many tourists.

There were many people in the market, especially older people. In my Spanish class we had a task to talk to people in the market only in Spanish. When I was in the market I was very hungry and I wanted to have lunch.

Había mucho comida allá y fue un poco abrumador pero yo estaba muy feliz porque el “Mercat de Sant Antoni” fue el primero mercado que yo visité en Barcelona.

Había una tienda que tenía mucha comida española por ejemplo paella, fideuà, caracoles, y más. Yo le pregunté a una mujer cuál era su comida favorita y ella me dijo que las alitas de pollo con pimientos son muy deliciosos.

Yo las compré y ella tenía razón. Después de que compré el pollo, compré un jugo de manzana, menta, piña, y mango y era delicioso. Yo tuve una día muy divertido. 

There was a lot of food there and it was a bit overwhelming but I was very happy because the “Mercat de Sant Antoni” was the first market I visited in Barcelona.

There was a store that had a lot of Spanish food such as paella, fideuà, snails, and more. I asked a woman what her favorite food was and she told me that the chicken wings with peppers are very delicious.

I bought them and she was right. After I bought the chicken, I bought an apple, mint, pineapple, and mango juice and it was delicious. I had a very fun day there and


The “Classroom” of Oxbridge (by BB)

As I was applying to Oxbridge I was expecting it to be like regular school, in a classroom writing down what the teacher said.

However as I am nearing the end of my program I am realizing that the experience I had here was a new approach to teaching, a new take on how the people of the future should be educated. In my architecture class here we walk around all day walking almost 10 km every day exploring the rich variety of architectural assets of Barcelona and Catalunya  which include the masterpieces of  Antonio Gaudi.

For example when we studying the Catalan Gothic architecture we visited Santa Maria Del Mar which has elements of classic and flamboyant Catalan Gothic architecture. I feel that learning outside were we where able to see the elements first hand made the information more retainable also make the experience more fun. I have realized that my architecture class is not in Barcelona, it is BarceIMG-0077lona.

Salvador Dalí

Hi, I´m Gabrielle. I want to share my experience at the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres.

Hola, Soy Gabrielle. Quiero compartir mi experiencia en El Teatro-Museo Dalí en Figueres.

In my freshman year Spanish class we had to do a report about a piece of art by one of the many famous Spanish artists. I chose Salvador Dalí, and I looked for a while for a piece that I really liked and wanted to write about. Finally, I saw a piece called Galatea of the Spheres. It´s a painting depicting Dalí’s wife, Gala, but it´s not a normal painting. He creates her image from lots of spheres that seem to float above a seascape. To me, it´s a truly captivating piece that demonstrates a great deal of creativity.

En la clase de español en mi primer año de la escuela secundaria, tuvimos que hacer un reporte sobre una obra de arte hecha por uno de los muchos artistas famosos españoles. Elegí a Salvador Dalí, y estuve buscando un rato una obra que me gustó mucho y de que yo quería escribir. Por fin, vi una llamada Galatea de las esferas. Es una pintura que representa a la esposa de Dalí, Gala, pero no es una pintura normal porque el pintor crea su imagen de muchas esferas que parecen flotar sobre una vista marina. A mí, es una pintura realmente cautivadora que muestra muchísima creatividad.


When the program in Barcelona went to Figueres to visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum, I remembered that I had done a project about him and that piece. I asked someone who worked there if they had the piece, and they did! I was so happy to see it in person. Remembering back to my freshman year, I still wasn’t that good at Spanish, but I enjoyed it, so I kept taking it. Finally seeing Galatea of the Spheres gave me feelings that are hard to explain. The best way I can think to explain it right now is a mixed sense of achievement, nostalgia, and pride in myself for continuing to learn Spanish. It made me feel like six years of Spanish was worth it because it resulted in not only me getting to spend a month in Barcelona, but getting to see what I consider one of my favorite paintings.


Cuando el programa de Barcelona fue a Figueres para visitar El Teatro-Museo Dalí, recordé que había hecho un proyecto sobre él y esa pintura. Le pregunté a alguien que trabajaba allí si ellos tenían la obra, y ¡sí la tenían! Me sentí tan feliz de poder verla en persona. Al recordar mi primer año de escuela secundaria, todavía yo no hablaba bien el español, pero me gustó, y por eso seguí con ello. Finalmente ver Galatea de las esferas me dio sentimientos difíciles de explicar. La mejor manera que puedo explicarlo ahora es que fue una mezcla de logro, nostalgia, y orgullo en mí misma de haber continuado de aprender de español. Me hizo sentir que estudiar el español por seis años realmente valió la pena porque resultó en ambos la oportunidad de pasar un mes en Barcelona y de ver la obra que tomo en cuenta como una de mis pinturas favoritas.

Visit to Girona – Visita a Girona

Hoy LADEBA ha hecho la segunda excursión del año 2019. Pasamos la mañana en la ciudad medieval de Girona que se hizo famosa por la serie de televisión Game of Thrones. Esta ciudad tiene uno de los barrios judíos mejor conservados de toda Europa. Los estudiantes deambularon por las calles estrechas y exploraron esta ciudad encantadora. La clase de Sports Business visitó el estadio de FC Girona mientras la clase de Marine Biology hizo una visita a un centro de investigaciones afiliado con la Universidad de Girona. Por la tarde, visitamos una playa preciosa, Platja dAro. Allí, los estudiantes tuvieron la oportunidad de hacer varios deportes acuáticos como el Banana Boat.


Today, LADEBA took its second excursion of 2019. We spent the morning in the medieval city of Girona, made famous by the television show Game of Thrones. The students wandered the streets and explored this enchanting city. The Sports Business class visited the FC Girona stadium and the Marine Biology class took a trip to a research center associated with the University of Girona. In the afternoon, we visited a beautiful beach, Platja d´Aro. There, the students had the chance to participated in various aquatic activities like the Banana Boat.

A Trip to Costa Coffee – By Janssen Rhea

As an International Business major, it is not everyday that we get out of the classroom and get to explore the city, but when we do, it is always a productive experience. Today we visited a multinational coffee chain named Costa Coffee. You may be asking how visiting a coffee shop is productive, but I assure you it was not for nothing.


The company, started in London circa 1971, has been a competitor to businesses like Starbucks and other recognized coffee chains. Costa Coffee is a company that sets themselves apart from other coffee chains based on the quality of their products along with their exceptional service and turn around time. Our trip today was home to a plethora of great ideas from even greater minds. 

In international business we have been tasked with creating a company with a strong business model and a set of steps to successfully take our company to new heights. Costa Coffee was home to major developments in each sector of our businesses. Our teacher, Tugba, asked us to generate a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and ) along with a P.E.S.T.E.L. (Political, Economic, Social, ) analysis of our companies. This task gave us a chance to critically think about where our businesses lacked and where they stood out compared to our competitors. As a result, our companies were positively affected, and we can move forward.

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The days here at Oxbridge have been informative, productive, and most importantly fun! It´s a time all of us will never forget!