The “Classroom” of Oxbridge (by BB)

As I was applying to Oxbridge I was expecting it to be like regular school, in a classroom writing down what the teacher said.

However as I am nearing the end of my program I am realizing that the experience I had here was a new approach to teaching, a new take on how the people of the future should be educated. In my architecture class here we walk around all day walking almost 10 km every day exploring the rich variety of architectural assets of Barcelona and Catalunya  which include the masterpieces of  Antonio Gaudi.

For example when we studying the Catalan Gothic architecture we visited Santa Maria Del Mar which has elements of classic and flamboyant Catalan Gothic architecture. I feel that learning outside were we where able to see the elements first hand made the information more retainable also make the experience more fun. I have realized that my architecture class is not in Barcelona, it is BarceIMG-0077lona.

Salvador Dalí

Hi, I´m Gabrielle. I want to share my experience at the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres.

Hola, Soy Gabrielle. Quiero compartir mi experiencia en El Teatro-Museo Dalí en Figueres.

In my freshman year Spanish class we had to do a report about a piece of art by one of the many famous Spanish artists. I chose Salvador Dalí, and I looked for a while for a piece that I really liked and wanted to write about. Finally, I saw a piece called Galatea of the Spheres. It´s a painting depicting Dalí’s wife, Gala, but it´s not a normal painting. He creates her image from lots of spheres that seem to float above a seascape. To me, it´s a truly captivating piece that demonstrates a great deal of creativity.

En la clase de español en mi primer año de la escuela secundaria, tuvimos que hacer un reporte sobre una obra de arte hecha por uno de los muchos artistas famosos españoles. Elegí a Salvador Dalí, y estuve buscando un rato una obra que me gustó mucho y de que yo quería escribir. Por fin, vi una llamada Galatea de las esferas. Es una pintura que representa a la esposa de Dalí, Gala, pero no es una pintura normal porque el pintor crea su imagen de muchas esferas que parecen flotar sobre una vista marina. A mí, es una pintura realmente cautivadora que muestra muchísima creatividad.


When the program in Barcelona went to Figueres to visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum, I remembered that I had done a project about him and that piece. I asked someone who worked there if they had the piece, and they did! I was so happy to see it in person. Remembering back to my freshman year, I still wasn’t that good at Spanish, but I enjoyed it, so I kept taking it. Finally seeing Galatea of the Spheres gave me feelings that are hard to explain. The best way I can think to explain it right now is a mixed sense of achievement, nostalgia, and pride in myself for continuing to learn Spanish. It made me feel like six years of Spanish was worth it because it resulted in not only me getting to spend a month in Barcelona, but getting to see what I consider one of my favorite paintings.


Cuando el programa de Barcelona fue a Figueres para visitar El Teatro-Museo Dalí, recordé que había hecho un proyecto sobre él y esa pintura. Le pregunté a alguien que trabajaba allí si ellos tenían la obra, y ¡sí la tenían! Me sentí tan feliz de poder verla en persona. Al recordar mi primer año de escuela secundaria, todavía yo no hablaba bien el español, pero me gustó, y por eso seguí con ello. Finalmente ver Galatea de las esferas me dio sentimientos difíciles de explicar. La mejor manera que puedo explicarlo ahora es que fue una mezcla de logro, nostalgia, y orgullo en mí misma de haber continuado de aprender de español. Me hizo sentir que estudiar el español por seis años realmente valió la pena porque resultó en ambos la oportunidad de pasar un mes en Barcelona y de ver la obra que tomo en cuenta como una de mis pinturas favoritas.

Visit to Girona – Visita a Girona

Hoy LADEBA ha hecho la segunda excursión del año 2019. Pasamos la mañana en la ciudad medieval de Girona que se hizo famosa por la serie de televisión Game of Thrones. Esta ciudad tiene uno de los barrios judíos mejor conservados de toda Europa. Los estudiantes deambularon por las calles estrechas y exploraron esta ciudad encantadora. La clase de Sports Business visitó el estadio de FC Girona mientras la clase de Marine Biology hizo una visita a un centro de investigaciones afiliado con la Universidad de Girona. Por la tarde, visitamos una playa preciosa, Platja dAro. Allí, los estudiantes tuvieron la oportunidad de hacer varios deportes acuáticos como el Banana Boat.


Today, LADEBA took its second excursion of 2019. We spent the morning in the medieval city of Girona, made famous by the television show Game of Thrones. The students wandered the streets and explored this enchanting city. The Sports Business class visited the FC Girona stadium and the Marine Biology class took a trip to a research center associated with the University of Girona. In the afternoon, we visited a beautiful beach, Platja d´Aro. There, the students had the chance to participated in various aquatic activities like the Banana Boat.

A Trip to Costa Coffee – By Janssen Rhea

As an International Business major, it is not everyday that we get out of the classroom and get to explore the city, but when we do, it is always a productive experience. Today we visited a multinational coffee chain named Costa Coffee. You may be asking how visiting a coffee shop is productive, but I assure you it was not for nothing.


The company, started in London circa 1971, has been a competitor to businesses like Starbucks and other recognized coffee chains. Costa Coffee is a company that sets themselves apart from other coffee chains based on the quality of their products along with their exceptional service and turn around time. Our trip today was home to a plethora of great ideas from even greater minds. 

In international business we have been tasked with creating a company with a strong business model and a set of steps to successfully take our company to new heights. Costa Coffee was home to major developments in each sector of our businesses. Our teacher, Tugba, asked us to generate a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and ) along with a P.E.S.T.E.L. (Political, Economic, Social, ) analysis of our companies. This task gave us a chance to critically think about where our businesses lacked and where they stood out compared to our competitors. As a result, our companies were positively affected, and we can move forward.

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The days here at Oxbridge have been informative, productive, and most importantly fun! It´s a time all of us will never forget!

Making Seafood Paella – By Kian Shir

Today in my minor class of Culture and Cuisine, our class went to our kitchen at the mall across the street to prepare, and eat a Seafood Paella.

Due to this being our second time in the kitchen, everyone was divided into groups of 2 or 4, where we would tackle different aspects of the traditional Spanish dish.The other groups had tasks like making Gazpacho, grating tomatoes for a tomato paste for the paella, and making dessert.

I was assigned to the broth aspect of the Paella, where my partner and I diced onions, carrots, and other vegetables, before sauteing them in a pan with olive oil. The second aspect to the broth was using white fish, mini crabs, and a special type of shrimp and cooking that in a large pan with olive oil as well. Our professor told us that the fish, crabs, and shrimp would not be used in the Paella, but however would be used to make the broth more flavorful, and ´seafoody´.


After about 10 minuets of the fish and crustaceans cooking, we combined them with the previously diced sauteed vegetables, where we let it sit for a couple of minuets, before we used water to coat the pan they were previously in (in order to capture all the flavor) and poured that into the broth as well. After we added the rice to the broth, we waited around 20 minuets for the dish to finish cooking before adding shrimp and muscles to it.


It was a delicious, beautiful dish which the class enjoyed greatly, and even some brave souls learned how to suck a shrimp head to get what our professor calls ´The gold´.

Otro día fenomenal en Barcelona

Today was another great day in Barcelona, mainly because of the phenomenal views that we had the chance to experience and the excellent cuisine we got to eat. Today, we took long bus rides and then walked a considerable distance, climbing up a staggering amount of stairs to reach the top of an ancient Spanish castle. Although the hike was physically draining, it was certainly worth it because at the top I found a breathtaking view of the entire city of Barcelona. I took many videos and pictures, but at the same time I cherished the moment with all of the great people around me here at Oxbridge.

Once we got back, my friend and I both ventured across the city to a restaurant called Bivio. The food and service were incredible and the restaurant offered a great taste of authentic Spanish culture. Later, I went to a short meeting that discussed logistics for the upcoming week. Now, I am headed to find a gelatería and I can not wait for another great week at Oxbridge.

Hoy fue otro gran día en Barcelona, principalmente por las vistas fenomenales que tuvimos la oportunidad de experimentar y la excelente cocina que pudimos comer. Hoy, tomamos largos viajes en autobús y luego caminamos una distancia considerable, subiendo una asombrosa cantidad de escaleras para llegar a la cima de un antiguo castillo español. Aunque la caminata fue físicamente agotadora, sin duda valió la pena porque en la parte superior encontré una vista increíble de toda la ciudad de Barcelona. Tomé muchos videos y saqué muchas fotos.D5B87BE7-75B4-45FE-A99F-D62D91CFBCE4

Hoy in BARCA


Today was another amazing day in Barcelona. First, was an amazing trip to a castle in the mountains. It was fascinating and beautiful. Although it was a long hike it was well worth it because the views were amazing. After the hike we had a very tasty barcelona lunch. Then we hiked all the way to the top of the mountain and found out we couldn´t go in the pool because of lightning.

Although we were disappointed we ended the day with an amazing dinner in a beautiful city. Once again an amazing day.zjuly-13-wicked-wire-2


Hoy fue otro día increíble en Barcelona. En primer lugar, fue un viaje increíble a un castillo en las montañas. Fue fascinante y hermoso. Aunque fue una caminata larga, valió la pena porque las vistas eran increíbles. Después de la caminata tuvimos un almuerzo muy sabroso. Luego caminamos hasta la cima de la montaña y descubrimos que no podíamos ir a la piscina por relámpagos.

Aunque nos decepcionó, terminamos el día con una cena increíble en una hermosa ciudad. Una vez más un día increíble.

Castellers en Plaza de Osca



¿Cómo te sentirías escalando sin protección cuatro pisos de alto? ¿Estarías dispuesto a levantar tu mano incluso al riesgo de caer desde el tope? Esto es lo que  pequeños de 7 años hacen en un Casteller. La Academia de Barcelona fue a la Plaça de Osca para observar este fenómeno. Los Castellers son torres humanas. Están formadas por personas de todas las edades que se agrupan. Los más fuertes forman una pinya, la base. Luego otros empiezan a subir y trepar formando los diferentes pisos de la torre. La composición de tu cuerpo y tu fuerza determinan en qué lugar vas en el Casteller. El último es un chico pequeño que sube rápidamente y debe levantar su mano para que el Casteller sea considerado “coronado.”

How would you feel climbing with no protection four stories up? Would you be willing to raise your hands at the risk of falling at the very top? This is the feat that  7 year olds do in a Casteller. La Academia de Barcelona went to La Plaça d´Osca to watch this cultural phenomenon. Castellers are human towers. Comprised of people of all ages. The stronger ones come together to form a pinya, a base. Then the rest climb on top of each other building floors. Your body composition and strength determines where in the Casteller you can go. The last part is a young child who climbs quickly, and must raise his or her hand to consider the Casteller “crowned.”


Esperamos  en la plaza tomando refrescos y agua mientras veíamos a la gente ponerse una faja, una cinta de tela apretando su cintura. Había muchos equipos en la plaza que se diferenciaban por los colores de su uniforme. De pronto, la música empezó a tocar y mucha gente levantó las manos. La torre humana subió rápidamente mientras la música cambiaba. Aparentemente, la gente escucha el compás de la música para esperar su turno.


We stood in the plaza drinking soda and water watching people get their typical “faja” tightened around their waist. There were several teams in the plaza, differentiated by their colorful uniforms. Suddenly music started playing and there were a bunch of people raising their hands. The human tower climbed quickly as the music changed. Apparently, the people involved listen to the music to queue for their turn.



La parte más impresionante fue cuando los niños pequeños empezaron a subir a la cumbre y levantaron su mano. En dos de las construcciones de los Casteller se podía ver las caras rojas de los hombres que soportaban el peso abajo. Una vez, una de las torres se cayó y los tres niños cayeron sobre la gente abajo. Nadie parecía haberse hecho daño, pero todos estuvimos de acuerdo con que los niños eran muy valientes.

The most impressive part happened when the little kids swiftly went to the top and raised their hand. During  the construction of two of the towers you could see the red faces of the people holding below. Once the tower fell, with the three of the youngsters on top falling into the rest of the team below. No one seemed to be hurt, but everyone agreed those children were very brave. At the end we were all thankful to have watched this authentic Catalonian festival



Museo de Ciencia Barcelona y Maxstudio

Hi, my name is Miriam and I am from Monaco, a principality located in the South of France. My major is Spanish and my minor is culture and cuisine: today my group and I went to visit the natural sciences museum here in Barcelona. What struck me the most was how much open space there was and the multiple interactive workshops we could try out. This underground museum offers both children and adults the opportunity to discover more about the human body, how atoms react and the most famous scientific revolutions affecting our everyday lives. My favourite exposition included a video of the Big Bang and the changes which have occurred in the universe during the past 13 million years: I felt so small! Our visit ended with a group photo next to Darwin, Marie Curie and Einstein: check it out below if you don’t believe me!

Hola, mi nombre es Miriam y soy de Monaco, un principado en el sur de Francia. Mi major es perfeccionamento de la lengua española y mi minor es cultura y cocina: hoy fui con mi grupo al museo de ciencias aquí en Barcelona. Lo que más me sorprendió fue que había muchísimo espacio y múltiples talleres interactivos que podíamos probar. Este museo subterráneo les ofrece a niños y adultos la oportunidad de descubrir más sobre el cuerpo humano, cómo reaccionan los átomos y las revoluciones científicas más famosas que afectan nuestra vida cotidiana. Mi exposición favorita fue un video del Big Bang y las transformaciones que han ocurrido en el universo durante los últimos 13 millones de años: ¡Me sentí tan pequeña! Nuestra visita terminó con una foto de grupo junto a Darwin, Marie Curie y Einstein: ¡mirad abajo si no me creéis!


During the afternoon, I went to a photography studio, to learn the best tricks for taking  pictures of food to post on social network without a professional camera but simply by utilizing the hidden settings on our mobile phones. Although I must say that in one hour we only managed to take two photos (they were top notch however) and that I can’t imagine asking my family or friends to wait that long before eating when we go out for dinner, I must say that it was very interesting to know that proportions and lighting are the key to a high quality, eye-catching image. I learnt that it is possible to add a grid only visible to those taking a picture in order to know where to place objects for the most aesthetic results and that setting your phone to portrait mode is necessary to avoid blurred, distorted images. Perhaps the most important advice he gave us is to use natural sunlight because it gives the image a slight blue tint instead of the yellow colour we are used to seeing when illuminating with artificial light. Also, to remove shadows and make the make the image brighter, use white, black and silver cardboard to block light, increase light and make food shine. If any of you are interested in trying this out whenever you take a picture of your meals, the best apps for editing are VSCO, Snapseed and Instagram.

Durante la tarde, fui a un estudio de fotografía para aprender los mejores trucos para tomar fotos de alimentos y publicarlas en una red social sin una cámara profesional y simplemente utilizando las teclas ocultas de nuestros teléfonos móviles. Aunque tengo que decir que en una hora solo logramos sacar dos fotos (sin embargo, fueron maravillosas) y aunque no me puedo imaginar pedirle a mi familia o a mis amigos que se esperen tanto tiempo, el ejercicio fue muy interesante. Aprendí que las proporciones y la iluminación son la clave para que una imagen llame la atención y sea de alta calidad. Ahora sé que es posible añadir una cuadrícula solo visible a las personas que toman una foto como ayuda para colocar los objetos y obtener los mejores resultados estéticos: También es necesario configurar el teléfono en modalidad retrato para evitar imágenes desenfocadas y distorsionadas. Quizás el consejo más importante que nos dio fue de utilizar la luz solar natural porque le da a la imagen un ligero tinte azul en lugar del amarillo al cual nosotros estamos acostumbrados a ver cuándo iluminamos algo con luz artificial. Además, para eliminar las sombras y hacer que la imagen sea más brillante, podemos poner una cartulina blanca, negra o plateada al lado de los objetos para bloquear y aumentar la luz o hacer brillar los alimentos. Si vosotros sois interesados, cuándo tomáis una foto de vuestras comidas, las mejores aplicaciones para editarlas son VSCO, Snapseed y Instagram.


Figueres y Dalí

Hi my name is Marcelo Garza and I am from Laredo, Texas. This program has been really great and I am loving it. Today I did not go on any trip outside the residence with any classes, I stayed in class to discuss the subject and do as the teacher said. Yesterday, we took a really cool trip to Figueres which I really enjoyed, the beach was beautiful and it was a really cool place to be. I also saw the Salvador Dali museum and I thought it was very interesting, I really think Dali is a genius with his works. This program is not all about the places that we go to, but also the friends we make. I came with some friends from Laredo, but I have made many other friends which is really awesome. I hope these friends last forever since we are having such a great time together here and in the future when we are grown up we can see each other again. Barcelona is a great city to be in, there are many things to do here and it is a way different place than the United States, I feel like everything is a lot different like how buildings are built and the culture. It is really nice to be able to learn about the different culture here and see how other people live. La Boqueria is a really awesome place, I have never seen anything like it and it was a really awesome experience. I would love to stay here for as much time as possible and will miss everything about this place and my friends. Hopefully I can come back soon.


Hola mi nombre es Marcelo Garza y soy de Laredo, Tejas. Este programa ha estado muy bien y estoy encantado de estar aquí. Hoy no salí de la residencia con mis clases, me quedé dentro de la residencia con mis clases para discutir la materia y hacer lo que me dijeron los maestros. Ayer fuimos a Figueres y me gustó mucho, la playa estuvo bien bonita y es un lugar que está muy padre. Fui al museo de Salvador Dali y estuvo muy interesante, yo creo que Dali es un genio con sus trabajos. Lo bueno de este programa no es solamente los lugares a que vamos, sino también los amigos que hacemos. Vine con unos amigos de Laredo, pero he hecho muchos nuevos amigos y ha sido muy padre. Espero que estas amistates duren para siempre porque estamos pasando un buen rato juntos y en el futuro cuando ya seamos adultos quizas nos podremos ver otra vez. Barcelona es una gran ciudad. Hay muchas cosas que hacer y es muy diferente de los Estados Unidos, creo que todo es muy diferente como los edificios y la cultura. Es muy padre aprender como la cultura es aquí y ver como todas las personas de aquí viven. La Boquería es un lugar muy bueno, nunce he visto un lugar parecido y fue una experiencia muy buena visitarla. Me encantaría quedarme aquí todo lo tiempo posible y cuando vaya, voy a extrañar este lugar y a mis amigos. Espero regresar pronto.