The Third Excursion

Hoy fuimos al Montserrat. Es un monasterio muy bonito en la montaña, y el tiempo era perfecto. Mi amigo y yo fuimos a un café y después, caminamos por los alrededores. Vimos muchas estatuas y monumentes. Al mediodía, entramos en el monestario. La arquitectura es maravillosa. Las ventanas son muy lindas y coloridas. Después, fuimos a una playa de Sitges. Mis amigos y yo comimos en un restaurante mexicano y  después nadamos. El agua estaba a una temperatura muy agradable. A las cinco, volvimos a La Residencia.

Today we went to Montserrat. It is a very beautiful  monastery on the top of the mountain, and the weather was perfect. My friend and I went to a cafe and then we walked around. We saw many statues and monuments. At noon, we enter the monastery. The architecture is wonderful. The windows are very pretty and colorful. Afterwards, we went to a beach in Sitges. My friends and I ate in a Mexican restaurant and then we swam. The water was at a very pleasant temperature. At five, we returned to the Residence.


Entry by Alejandro J. Rangel

Trip to Sagrada Familia

Hi, my name is Anya and I´m from Connecticut. Me and a few other students had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Sagrada Familia yesterday. First we visited the outside of Hospital San Pau and took a group picture there, and we got some free time to go around the neighborhood surrounding the beautiful church, where they have a lot of cafes and small family restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops. Me and a group of friends walked around and got some churros and enjoyed the good weather, it was really nice. When the free time ended we all met up at the entrance and were about to go into the church, when about half the girls realized that they wouldn’t be allowed in without covering their shoulders, so we all ran to a nearby store and bought some ¨ I heart Barcelona¨ tee shirts, which made us all look like tourists. Now that our attire was ¨formal¨ enough to enter, we waited in line. In order to enter the church you have to go through security and have your bags scanned, and when you go through that they give you a headset and you get to listen to a tour of the church. When I first walked in I was so shocked because of how big it really looks like from the inside, and how intricate the stained glass reflected on the stone walls.

Hola, mi nombre es Anya y soy de Connecticut. Ayer, junto con otros estudiantes, tuvimos la maravillosa oportunidad de visitar la Sagrada Familia. Primero visitamos el exterior del Hospital Sant Pau y, donde tomamos una foto de grupo, y tuvimos tiempo libre para recorrer el vecindario que rodea la hermosa iglesia, donde tienen muchos cafés y pequeños restaurantes familiares, boutiques y tiendas de recuerdos. Un grupo de amigos y yo caminamos alrededor, compramos churros y disfrutamos del buen clima, fue muy agradable. Cuando el tiempo libre terminó, todos nos reunimos en la entrada y estábamos a punto de entrar a la iglesia, cuando casi la mitad de las chicas se dieron cuenta de que no se les permitiría entrar sin cubrirse los hombros, así que corrimos a una tienda cercana y compramos algunas camisetas de ¨ I heart Barcelona¨, que nos hicieron parecer turistas. Ahora que nuestro atuendo era lo suficientemente formal para entrar, esperamos en línea. Para ingresar a la iglesia, debes pasar por seguridad y hacer que te revisen las maletas, y cuando lo haces, te dan unos auriculares y puedes escuchar un recorrido por la iglesia. La primera vez que entré me sorprendió mucho por el tamaño que tenía realmente desde el interior, y lo intrincado que se reflejaban los vitrales en las paredes de piedra.

Resultado de imagen de sagrada familia

There are countless large pillars that rise so high and support the weight of the huge structure. There are very intricate carvings on the outside that portray various bible stories. The church is very old, its been in construction for over 100 years, but the architects hope to be finished by 2026. If I ever get a chance to come back to Barcelona I will definitely revisit this beautiful church.

Hay innumerables pilares grandes que se elevan tan alto y soportan el peso de la enorme estructura. Hay tallas muy intrincadas en el exterior que retratan varias historias bíblicas. La iglesia es muy antigua, ha estado en construcción por más de 100 años, pero los arquitectos esperan terminarla en 2026. Si alguna vez tengo la oportunidad de volver a Barcelona, definitivamente volveré a visitar esta hermosa iglesia.

Fashion and Design excursion to Jardines de Joan Maragall. By Carly Bellotti

My name is Carly, and I am from Sydney, Australia. On Saturday the 20th of July, my fashion and design major class went to the Jardines de Joan Maragall. We went in the morning during our class time and we left at 12:30 pm. To get there, we got the metro and then a bus up the mountain to Montjuic. Although we had already been to this area before with Oxbridge, it was nice to see it again and explore different parts of the area that we had not seen before. After the bus reached the top of he hill we got off and walked towards the gardens. As we walked through the gates we got an amazing view of the city where we stropped and took some photos.

We walked around exploring the gardens for a while until we chose a spot to take some pictures for our final project. Our final project is a fashion editorial so we needed to find a good location to shoot our final group photo. We spent about an hour taking multiple photos from different angles until we got some we all liked. After this we continued to explore the gardens and saw lots of beautiful water fountains and flowers. At different locations around the garden we stopped to take some more photos for our editorial. After about an hour and a half, we began to walk back down the mountain to get to the road. Our teacher showed us a nice place to look for restaurants as we made our way back to the metro. Overall, it was a very fun excursion and I would highly recommend visiting the gardens.

Mi nombre es Carly, y soy de Sydney, Australia. El sábado 20 de julio, mi clase principal de moda y diseño fue a los Jardines de Joan Maragall. Fuimos por la mañana durante nuestro tiempo de clase y marchamos a las 12:30 pm. Para llegar allí, tomamos el metro y luego un autobús subiendo la montaña hasta Montjuïc. Aunque ya habíamos estado antes en esta área con Oxbridge, fue agradable volver a verla y explorar diferentes partes de la zona que no habíamos visto antes. Cuando el autobús llegó a la cima de la colina, nos bajamos y caminamos hacia los jardines. Mientras caminábamos por las puertas, obtuvimos una vista increíble de la ciudad donde nos detuvimos y tomamos algunas fotos.

Caminamos explorando los jardines por un tiempo hasta que elegimos un lugar para tomar algunas fotos para nuestro proyecto final. Nuestro proyecto final es un editorial de moda, por lo que necesitamos encontrar un buen lugar para tomar nuestra foto de grupo final. Pasamos aproximadamente una hora tomando varias fotos desde diferentes ángulos hasta que obtuvimos algunas que nos gustaron a todos. Después de esto, continuamos explorando los jardines y vimos muchas hermosas fuentes de agua y flores. En diferentes lugares alrededor del jardín paramos para tomar algunas fotos más para nuestra editorial. Después de aproximadamente una hora y media, comenzamos a caminar de regreso por la montaña para llegar a la carretera. Nuestra maestra nos mostró un buen lugar para buscar restaurantes mientras regresábamos al metro. En general, fue una excursión muy divertida y recomendaría visitar los jardines.

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Visita en el estadio de Espanyol- Marcelo Garza

Hi my name is Marcelo Garza and I am from Laredo, Texas. Today was a really fun day, in my major course, sports business, we went on a trip to RCD Espanyol´s stadium and had a tour of the whole thing. We went inside the locker rooms, VIP boxes, and warm up facilities. We also got to get on the field which I really enjoyed. Sports business has been a really fun class, there are just 5 students in the class which made us 5 get very close and we are good friends now. All of us have very different backgrounds and that is what makes us close. But besides the friendship, the class has been very interesting and the field trips are fun. In my minor, architecture, we are nearly finished with a model of a building that we are making. It has been pretty fun making the building, it´s hard, but we will be able to do it. Barcelona a great place to be and I am very glad I chose to come here considering the people I met and since it is a beautiful city.

IMG_2833 (1).jpg

Hola my nombre es Marcelo Garza y soy de Laredo, Tejas. Hoy fue una dia super divertido, en mi curso mayor, negocio deportivo, fuimos al estadio de RCD Espanyol y nos dieron un excursion de todo. Fuimos a los vestidores, cajas de VIP, y donde los jugadores se calientan. Tambien nos dieron la oportunidad de bajar al campo. Negocio deportivo a estado super divertido, nadamas tenemos 5 estudiantes en la clase y por eso nos hicimos amigos. Todos tenemos diferentes acedentes y eso es lo que nos hizo amigos buenos. Pero ademas de la amistad, la clase a estado muy interesante y las excursiones son muy divertidos. En mi curso menor, arquitectura, ya mero acabamos con un modelo de un edificio que estamos construyendo. A estado divertido construyendo el edificio, esta dificil, pero si lo podemos hacer. Barcelona es un lugar super bien y estoy muy contento que escogi esta ciudad considerando las personas que conoci y por que la ciudad es hermosa.

Spanish Minor Class

Hi, my name is Sofia Roman and I´m from Laredo, Texas. A few days ago in my minor Spanish class, we had the opportunity of going to my professor´s house to meet a young athletic woman from Spain named Ingrid Pino. When talking to Ingrid as a group, we learned about her story of how she fell in love with running from the very start, and what sacrifices she had to make to get where she is now. I found our conversations very interesting and took in as much information as I could. She gave us healthy lifestyle tips on how to eat, exercise on a daily basis, focus on school, and dream big big dreams. From our long conversation, what shocked me the most was when she told us how her lifestyle was when she was in college. She told us that she would usually run in the mornings, go to school and study, and then train again afterwards. In between of all of this, she would squeeze in her homework, take small breaks, and eat. By the end of the day she was always exhausted but that never stopped her. She continued to wake up early and follow her dreams. Now she currently works and still trains hoping to one day reach the Olympics and make her community proud. She is a true person to look up to and it was a pleasure to meet her.


Un viaje al mercado (By M Sims)

El dia nueve de julio, fui al Mercat de Sant Antoni con todas las clases de español.

On the ninth of July, I went to the Mercat de Sant Antoni with all the Spanish classes.

Hay un mercado muy famoso en Barcelona que se llama La Boquería pero mi maestro me dijo que nosotros ibamos a un mercado donde no hay muchos turistas.

En el mercado había mucha gente, especialmente gente mayor. En mi clase de español nosotros tuvimos una tarea para hablar con la gente en el mercado solamente en español. Cuando yo estaba en el mercado tenía mucha hambre y yo quise almorzar.

There is a very famous market in Barcelona called La Boqueria but my teacher told me that we were going to a market where there are not many tourists.

There were many people in the market, especially older people. In my Spanish class we had a task to talk to people in the market only in Spanish. When I was in the market I was very hungry and I wanted to have lunch.

Había mucho comida allá y fue un poco abrumador pero yo estaba muy feliz porque el “Mercat de Sant Antoni” fue el primero mercado que yo visité en Barcelona.

Había una tienda que tenía mucha comida española por ejemplo paella, fideuà, caracoles, y más. Yo le pregunté a una mujer cuál era su comida favorita y ella me dijo que las alitas de pollo con pimientos son muy deliciosos.

Yo las compré y ella tenía razón. Después de que compré el pollo, compré un jugo de manzana, menta, piña, y mango y era delicioso. Yo tuve una día muy divertido. 

There was a lot of food there and it was a bit overwhelming but I was very happy because the “Mercat de Sant Antoni” was the first market I visited in Barcelona.

There was a store that had a lot of Spanish food such as paella, fideuà, snails, and more. I asked a woman what her favorite food was and she told me that the chicken wings with peppers are very delicious.

I bought them and she was right. After I bought the chicken, I bought an apple, mint, pineapple, and mango juice and it was delicious. I had a very fun day there and


The “Classroom” of Oxbridge (by BB)

As I was applying to Oxbridge I was expecting it to be like regular school, in a classroom writing down what the teacher said.

However as I am nearing the end of my program I am realizing that the experience I had here was a new approach to teaching, a new take on how the people of the future should be educated. In my architecture class here we walk around all day walking almost 10 km every day exploring the rich variety of architectural assets of Barcelona and Catalunya  which include the masterpieces of  Antonio Gaudi.

For example when we studying the Catalan Gothic architecture we visited Santa Maria Del Mar which has elements of classic and flamboyant Catalan Gothic architecture. I feel that learning outside were we where able to see the elements first hand made the information more retainable also make the experience more fun. I have realized that my architecture class is not in Barcelona, it is BarceIMG-0077lona.

A Trip to Costa Coffee – By Janssen Rhea

As an International Business major, it is not everyday that we get out of the classroom and get to explore the city, but when we do, it is always a productive experience. Today we visited a multinational coffee chain named Costa Coffee. You may be asking how visiting a coffee shop is productive, but I assure you it was not for nothing.


The company, started in London circa 1971, has been a competitor to businesses like Starbucks and other recognized coffee chains. Costa Coffee is a company that sets themselves apart from other coffee chains based on the quality of their products along with their exceptional service and turn around time. Our trip today was home to a plethora of great ideas from even greater minds. 

In international business we have been tasked with creating a company with a strong business model and a set of steps to successfully take our company to new heights. Costa Coffee was home to major developments in each sector of our businesses. Our teacher, Tugba, asked us to generate a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and ) along with a P.E.S.T.E.L. (Political, Economic, Social, ) analysis of our companies. This task gave us a chance to critically think about where our businesses lacked and where they stood out compared to our competitors. As a result, our companies were positively affected, and we can move forward.

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The days here at Oxbridge have been informative, productive, and most importantly fun! It´s a time all of us will never forget!