The Bodleian and the Brain

Last week, Maddi took her neuropsychology major class to the Bodleian Library, and this week both her major and minor classes visited the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity at Warneford Hospital.  Students had the opportunity to use a TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) to modulate the activity of some brain areas in order to change the behavior.  In particular, they modulated the activity of the primary motor cortex to produce a twitch in hand muscles!


Pop-up Theatre Performance

Tonight, students performed their pop-up plays which they had the spent nearly the entire day preparing for.  This included costumes, makeup, set design and memorizing lines.  Story themes included Monte Python, Harry Potter, James Bond, the Great British Bakeoff, the Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, Mary Poppins and the Adventures of Robin Hood.


Oxtrad Pop-Up Theatre

Part of the Annual Oxtrad Cup is the Oxtrad Pop-Up Theatre, an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and talent and win awesome prizes!

Earlier today, students were given a synopsis and a theme of a famous British sitcom or movie and given 6 hours to prepare a 10 minute pop-up play.   Story themes include a James Bond Parody, Harry Potter as performed by Zombies, Chronicles of Narnia as a Soap Opera, the Great British Bakeoff acted out with Superheroes, and Alice in Wonderland with a hip hop/rap style.  The pop-up plays will be performed tonight on the main quad in Pembroke College, and will be judged by certain criteria, including settings/props, theme, entertainment and characters.   


Robotics Blog Post #2

“In the Robotics Class, we started off with kits to build basic Robots that had the capabilities to drive forward, backward, left, and right. As a class, we wanted to push that capability beyond what the kits are intended for. We started this process by brainstorming what we wanted to do with the Robots. Our Idea: a Police Chase. We took our original Robot, Larry, and enhanced the Line Tracking Capabilities to be able to successfully follow a track we created using White and Black Tape. The Line Tracker Module was causing a lot of difficulty for the group, but in the end we were able to troubleshoot the problem to create a functioning Robot.”

– Felicity, Johnathan, and Fox


More photos from London!

Paddy and his journalism class visited the Telegraph and BBC headquarters.



Emily and her International Law class spent time at Buckingham Palace and the London Supreme Court.






Ashley and the Development Economics students visited the London School of Economics and Samuel Johnson’s House (author of the first English Dictionary 1755), Ye Old Cheshire Cheese Pub (where Mark Twain wrote), and up to St Paul’s Cathedral.

2018-07-17 14.09.37

2018-07-17 13.38.11

2018-07-17 13.35.32

2018-07-17 16.14.14

Kat’s Drama class saw a rehearsal for Shakespeare’s play Othello at the Globe Theatre, with Mark Rylance as Iago and André Holland as Othello (also a star in the movies Moonlight and Selma!).


Maddi and her neuropsychology class visited Convent Garden and the British Museum.