Night at the Museum

Tonight at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, our students had the opportunity to experience one of the most famous collections of art in the world. Ranging from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and cutting edge contemporary paintings, students were able to peruse the hallowed halls of the museum together to find something that could please everyone!


NYCE 2018 – Final Directors Update

The Final Banquet and the Awards Ceremony for Oxbridge NYCE are over, and the final dance was a blast. Pizza and movies followed the dance as students  bid each other farewell. Tears of goodbye have been shed, as students sayid adieu to new friends from the four corners of the world.

The Thursday night coffeehouse, with its public speakers, human rights advocates, and poetry readers; the Friday afternoon class exhibitions of CPR demonstrations, business pitches in a “Shark Tank” fashion, and the engineering disasters presented by the Math and Engineering students (among many other final projects); as well as the Fashion Show, the Film Screening, and the Musical Theater Showcase – these were all impressive examples of what these students have accomplished in their four short weeks here in New York City. They are an exceptionally talented group of young men and women, and the faculty and staff have been honored to be able to get to know them.

Thank you for sharing the summer with us. I hope that each and every student of NYCE 2018 brings the same energy that they felt here to their respective schools at home, as well as further afield. It was refreshing and inspiring for me, as an educator, to spend a month learning alongside them. I am sure that the friendships and connections formed this summer will have a memorable, lasting impact on all the students, as they will have on all of us here.

With warm regards,

Kevin B. Held
NYCE Director

NYCE Hits Broadway

Throughout the program, we’ve seen 9 musicals, and we can honestly say that none were so charming, heartwarming, and fun as the Musical Theater Showcase tonight. The major class wowed an enthusiastic audience with renditions of songs from Hairspray, Fame, Guys & Dolls, and many more, including crowd favorite: Chicago’s Cell Block Tango. The students had been preparing solos, duets, and group numbers all month, drawing inspiration from multiple trips down to Broadway to study their craft. It sure paid off!

Fantastic Final Presentations!

Over the past two days, we have been blown away by the quality of the presentations of our NYCE students. On Thursday night, Oxbridge hosted a Coffee House, featuring the our Creative Writing students, Human Rights students, Speech and Debate students, and Journalism students reading selections from the work they produced over the last month in classes. The space additionally was opened to any students wanting to share work. Students snacked on pastries and drank coffee

Then, on Friday we had the Final Exhibitions for many of our classes. Students traversed the Diana Center, from the Art Gallery to view fantastic Studio creations, to the Oval to watch their Sharks present business pitches. We saw Criminology discuss what justice meant to them, Computer Science walk eager participants through their self-made apps, and Math and Engineering give humor-filled presentations on the pitfalls of flawed designs.


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After a busy day of admiring the hard work and fine accomplishments of our students, we are even more excited to see what they accomplish in their future endeavors. Go Oxbridge!

Fashion and Film Extravaganza!

Our first round of exhibitions was tonight and our students did not disappoint! The fashion students displayed their era-inspired creations in collaborative and exciting runway show, before pairing up with their models to receive feedback from the judges. See the action unfold for yourself!

Our film students followed with presentations of their three film projects, in three vastly different genres: silent picture, narrative, and documentary. Our students were transported by the filming, editing, and acting talent that they saw on the big screen!



Class field trips!

This past week, many of our students have been exploring New York in their major and minor classes, taking advantage of the learning opportunities the city has to offer!

The Fashion major visited The Museum at FIT to view 100 years of fashion presented by a fashion curator, while the Art History minor visited the Met’s textile conservatory.

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The Economics class visited the Federal Reserve of New York and the Math and Engineering students broadened their horizons with a trip to the MoMA!


The Genetics minor explored the depth of diversity at the Museum of Natural History!