La noche de café y los proyectos finales

Last night, we celebrated a yearly Oxbridge tradition: our Noche de café or Coffee Night.  Although we did not actually drink coffee, it was an opportunity for students to show everything that they had learned.  They read poetry, showed us their paintings and photography, explained their projects in Marine Biology and their case studies in Psychology, presented a mock-news program, and they demonstrated the vast improvements that they have made in their acquisition of the Spanish Language.  We left the night awestruck.  It was an incredible and truly unforgettable experience.

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A buen hambre… no hay pan duro.

A buen hambre… no hay pan duro. (Translation: there is no hard bread for the hungry!) Major teachers got together with their classes last night and took them out to eat at various restaurants throughout the city.  Below are pictures of students with their major classes and teachers.