NYCS 2019: Final Wrap up from the Director

Dear Oxbridge Families, 

 It’s official, the College Seminar in New York 2019 has come to an end! The last student is on their way to the airport for their flights home (after some hiccups with the weather!).  

 The mixture of heartfelt tears, hugs, and kind words upon departure showed that the students formed solid bonds and strong friendships in only one short week. Importantly, they also were engaged in fascinating classes and had fun discovering this wonderful city. I hope that this experience was transformational, I know we witnessed some amazing growth and increased confidence. We will be adding a couple final posts on the blog, so please check back.  

All further communication, including grade reports, will come directly from the New York office. Please reach out to them with any questions. 

 On behalf of the entire staff and the Oxbridge Academic Programs, we hope that your students will never forget their experience with us this summer, we know we will never forget them. We know they have a bright future ahead! 

Best wishes,  

Sarah Westerberg 

Program Director