Until We Meet Again!

Today marks our very last day of CamPrep 2019 and we cannot believe a whole month has flown by! We wish you all the safest travels possible and hope you have enjoyed your time with us immensely. Part of the beauty of CamPrep and Oxbridge Programs is its ability to bring people from all over the world together, but sadly, this also means we must now say “au revoir” (literally translated as ‘to the seeing again’) which we think is a much more fitting way to express how we feel.

So, as our parting gift, here’s a little summary of our last few days together in glorious Cambridge.

On Tuesday, we had our final showcase which featured our moot court from this session’s law class. The question of the debate surrounded the topic of whether people who were environmentally affected by climate change could be considered refugees and therefore entitled to the protection granted by international refugee law. The teams were Australia and New Zealand who argued against their status as refugees and teams representing the Pacific Islands who supported this claim.

The moot court was of course judged by our esteemed panel pictured below in their fabulous white wigs.




Yesterday we of course ended our programme with an amazing Harry Potter-styled dinner in Peterhouse where everyone dressed to impress!



We ended the evening with our closing ceremony during which students were given the chance to talk about all the things they had done throughout the programme.

We also had our final dance featuring our popular silent disco and our activities directors went all out! The dance included an ice cream truck, a flower wall, a dance floor, a chocolate fountain, a photo booth and huge CamPrep letters!!



That’s all for this year! Keep in touch, we would love to hear from you – good luck with everything, and we wish you every success for the future.

All our love,

The CamPrep Admin Team xo