Out with a bang!

Today saw the second session of CamPrep 2019 come to an end with a spectacular showcase of our students’ talent. We had real-time psychological experiments, presentations on some challenging topics, business pitches, interactive readings, art displays, robot car races… the list goes on!

Please enjoy this insight into the amazing things on show this afternoon and evening!

Terrorism and Modern Politics

The terrorism class made and delivered presentations exploring potential options when responding to terrorist attacks, considering the impact on the public and weighing up the ethics of each option. For example, in response to a theatre hostage situation, students decided whether they would deploy armed officers, or place the city under martial law; all the way to the use of drone strikes to target ISIS leaders. They had to argue their perspective on the morality of potential civilian casualties in order to target high profile individuals.


Social Psychology

Social Psych ran a real-time psychology experiment, determining the effects of external stimuli on an individual’s ability to endure discomfort.

Global Politics

This class created profiles of political figures, collating facts and quotes and displaying them on a poster. They presented their work and responded to questions and started discussions with the audience.

Molecular Biology

Our biologists showcased one of the experiments that they had done in class, and after demonstrating the procedure, the audience were allowed to have a go at recreating their results! The experiment involved extracting the DNA of strawberries – what better place to be studying the nature of DNA and its importance to life than the city where its double helix structure was discovered.


Medical Sciences

The medics showed the skills they had learnt over the course of the session by taking people’s vitals. Everybody got a free medical check up today! They also showed their CPR skills.


The spies delivered a presentation showing what they got up to over the course of their classes, including their introduction to the work of intelligence and their field trips to Duxford and Scotland Yard.



The engineers raced their robot cars – programmed with Arduinos to take input from the sensors in order to steer around the track – and competed with each other to see whose car was the fastest.


Criminology put together an interactive quiz for everybody to take part in, highlighting some misconceptions and shocking statistics which surround the world of crime.


Creative Writing

The creative writing café hosted the “Ferocious Caterpillars” who delivered an interactive reading session, where audience members contributed to make up their own stories.


The programmers have spent their class time developing their own games in Python, and they were all on display for others to try! The games ranged from interactive mazes to old school space shooter games – some very impressive work from the students.


Global Business

The entrepreneurs have spent their time creating start-ups, and delivered business pitches to audience members. Each person was allowed to invest in one of the businesses, so their pitches had to stand out in order to win the capital from the fleet of investors!

Studio Art

The studio art exhibition showcased the students’ diverse collection of work which has grown throughout the session, ranging from portraits to sketches of museum exhibits.



To relax after an overwhelming display of intellectual talent, students enjoyed watching Grease at CamPrep’s very own outdoor cinema!

We hope you enjoyed seeing what our students have been up to, and the fantastic display of the culmination of their work at our final showcase. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, as there is even more to come tomorrow night!

Have a lovely evening,

CamPrep Admin Team xo