CGT: CamPrep’s Got Talent!!

Good morning/evening wherever you are in the world! We hope you’re having a lovely summery Sunday, and not a rainy one like ours in Cambridge.

We started off the day in recovery mode after yesterday’s wonderful celebrations by making pancakes and having a lovely brunch together. One group even decided to start an impromptu frisbee game.


As usual, and in typical Cambridge tradition, we had a little spot of punting.


In celebration of the newest release, we took a little cinema trip to watch the newest Lion King movie. We laughed, we cried and we sang – it was a wonderful time for all and we loved it! Can you feel the love tonight, we sure can!


We ended this fun Sunday with our favourite activity, the talent show!! Students sang and danced, some even said sentences backwards! Our top winners were a dynamic pair of dancers who lit up the stage with their lively dance moves.


Onto the next week! See you tomorrow for Monday’s post!


The CamPrep Admin Team xo