Classic English Weather

The rain has finally signalled the end of this dreadful heatwave, and whilst we complained through it all, we’ve already had enough of these showers. Thankfully, instead of complaining for the next 200 or so words, we’ve decided to resume normal classes this Saturday.

Today in highlights, we had the Criminology , Terrorism and Global Politics join their classes to have a very vibrant discussion the British justice system and how it deals with violent crimes.



This afternoon after class, students were also treated to an impressive game of football/soccer between Cambridge United and Ipswich Town. Students cheered and yelled in support of their teams yet alas the match resulted in a draw of 0-0.




As usual, we had our weekly bop with this week’s theme being A Night At the Movies! Students interpreted this in many different ways, with most sticking to Hollywood themed outfits, with others deciding that since they normally go to the cinema in hoodies, this would be their party attire for the evening.


Hope you’ve all had a lovely Saturday!
Camprep Admin Team love xo