Studying, more studying, packing, and… surprise dance party!

This morning, students departed early for their last major class field trips of the session. Both photography and speech and debate students visited the gourmet French pastry shop, Bottega Louie, in Downtown LA. While photography students took photos of the beautiful latte art made by the baristas, the speech and debate students walked over to The Last Bookstore, an absolutely iconic destination for all book lovers. Meanwhile, creative writing students explored the vast script library at the Writer’s Guild of America, psychology students visited the thought-provoking Museum of Tolerance, and game design students took a tour of the mega-famous AR design studio, Trigger Global.

When students arrived back on campus, they took a quick lunch before continuing to add finishing touches on their final projects before their exhibitions tomorrow. We are getting so excited to see what they’ve put together — and we’ll make sure to share it with you, too!

We then spent the rest of our afternoon doing laundry, packing up our suitcases, cleaning our rooms, and ultimately getting ready to leave. It made every single one of us sad to finally have to think about our departures either tomorrow night or Saturday — we’ve come to think of each other as family, and our dorms as home. It is going to be so hard to leave!

During dinner, the kids showed us how close they’ve gotten with each other by playing pranks on one another and cracking up together. It made us smile to see them act like true brothers and sisters. Make sure to check out the photos below for more details! 😉

After dinner, we walked everybody down the street to the Hammer Art Museum for a surprise outdoor concert and dance party! After a week of hard work — and three weeks’ worth of jam-packed adventure — everybody was so happy to fully relax, let go, and dance their little hearts out. If you’re thinking to yourself, “my kid would never dance in public!” think again! Everybody had an absolute blast moving to the music, and were truly the stars of the show! Throughout the night, many circles opened up to let our students show off their dance moves and have fun with each other. When it was time to leave, many even begged to stay longer. We are so happy to have this incredible night as one of our final memories with each other. I don’t think we’ll ever forget it!!!