London called and we came a runnin’

Welcome back! As promised, here’s a little taste of what we got up to on our London escapades.


The coding class began their day by jumping on a river boat from Westminster Pier down the Thames to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, a facility through which the Prime Meridian passes. They then watched the Time Ball on top of Flamsteed House drop at 1pm, a tradition since 1833. At the National Maritime Museum, the next destination, was an exhibit about the moon including not only literary and historical/astronomical references but also some history about the space race and the moon landings. The students ended their day with some inspiration and great ideas for their final showcase on Tuesday.




Creative Writing

Creative writing paid a little visit to the British museum to complete lots of engaging activities to stretch their creative potential. Students had to select an object and identify another spectator, then create a story imagining said person’s life. This encouraged the kids to not only look at artefacts but also to think about cross cultural perspectives. Following that, they visited St Dustan in the East, a public garden that was once a church, destroyed in WWII, which was the perfect backdrop in which to reflect and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The Criminology class took a trip to The Royal Courts of Justice and Supreme Court!


The engineering class set off for the best engineering and design museum in London to look at interesting designs and creations from some of the world’s leading inventors. They then moved onto Faraday Museum, an institution celebrating the achievements of Royal Institution members, including Michael Faraday’s preserved 1850s lab. They finished with a walk through Hyde Park. It’s safe to say that the kids left the day with tired feet and very fond memories.



Global Politics & Terrorism 

Global Politics and Terrorism teamed up together to head over to Scotland Yard. There they learnt about firearm response guns and response times. In addition, they looked at situations of knife conflicts and learnt how to disarm a potential attacker. Later in the day, they took a little trip to the Tower of London for some fun, bonding time!




Fun on the tube!


Molecular Biology, Science & The Future and Medical Science

These classes full of budding medics and scientists perused The Wellcome Collection which was filled to the brim with old medical techniques and a vast medical history. They looked at the importance of certain medicines and antibiotics, including the importance of anaesthesia and the alternative methods that were previously used in surgery and amputations in order to mitigate the procedure. In addition, students looked at the psychology of magicians and the scientific explanations behind popular magic tricks. Furthermore, this developed into a conversation about misdirection in social media, modern news and advertisement. It was an interesting and diverse day for all classes involved!



Espionage visited Scotland Yard and the Counterterrorism offices of London!


Sneaking a cheeky photo at Peterhouse!


Climbing all 193 steps at Covent Garden station might have been a terrible idea!


The Law Class visited the Natural History Museum as well as the Science Museum, both located in London’s South Kensington. They were doing research on climate change through history, investigating how the planet has coped with it in the past, and also how can this affect us in the future, as the moot court case they are to present next week deals with rising water levels and the emergence of environmental refugees in the South Pacific.


Exploring the history of Britain!


Social Psychology

This class visited the ever-popular Science Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The combination of both places meant that they were able to formulate engrossing and fascinating discussions about how identities are formed. Furthermore they could understand how we as a society can determine our sense of self from our physical bodies and the people around us.



Even the tube keeps people smiling!


Global Business 

This class visited a multitude of places including the British Museum, Canary Wharf, and The Museum of Docklands.


Phew! Regular blogposts to return as normal tomorrow. Sleep well, most loyal fans!

Lots of love,
The CamPrep Admin team xo