Better late than never: 7/24, a final day of outings- Silverlake and Melrose, pt. 2

With only two days left in our program, so many things are drawing to a close here at Oxbridge at UCLA. We only have one full day of classes remaining and today was our last full afternoon of trips around Los Angeles, so the end of our month together feels very near indeed. Our acting majors gave their wonderful teachers, LJ and Amanda, miniature Oscar statuettes to celebrate their last day all together. It’s such a sweet example of the strong relationship between all our students and faculty at this point in the program.

After class in the morning, we split into two groups to visit two of Los Angeles’ hippest shopping areas: Silverlake and Melrose! Both feature so many coffee shops, vintage clothing stores, brand name merchandise, and delicious food.


It was our second trip to Melrose, but we went back due to overwhelming popular demand! Our students especially loved the Glossier store, Urban Outfitters, Golf, and another round of food at Sweet Chick.

The sky has been gorgeous lately – even if the sun is a little too hot for our liking, we still appreciate the blue backdrop nonetheless.

Our Silverlake group visited a farmers’ market and thrift stores, and had a delicious lunch of Thai food at Night+Market Soong.

A much smaller group at Silverlake – but that just makes it easier to sit together at one table!

This evening, our students are continuing to write each other’s farewell notes.